10 Points to consider before you buy Inverter (ups)

luminousThe important things we have to consider before we go for inverter (ups) purchase are listed below.

1. Search for Best dealer in your city. Don’t go for any bundled offers from big electronic shops. In most cases these Big shops won’t take any responsibility after sales, they simply point their fingers towards the manufacturer. So, choose only authorized dealers of Branded inverter UPS companies. Usually these dealers own only small sized shops, but these guys are very responsible and quick in service. Particularly, in maintaining the batteries and inverter, we need these dealers help.

2. If price really matters to you, just choose branded inverters with lower capacity (i.e., 400 VA to 600 VA). Never go for lower end non-branded, local made inverters. These crappy non- branded inverters will simply spoil your valuable electronic devices connected to it.

3. If you choose Microtek, Luminous, APC or Su-kam, first collect the phone numbers of at least three authorized dealers. Then call them and ask for the best prices of your preferred inverter model.

4. While taking to dealers, pretend that you have enough knowledge about inverters (UPS) and batteries. Use the wordspure sine wave, “VA”, Battery AH etc., Never ask them any simple questions like “how many fans and tube light can I use with this inverter?” you can find answers for this simple questions from this website itself. If you do ask such simple questions, then the seller would find out that you are not a pro, as a result naturally he won’t offer you lower price from the first enquiry itself.

5. Before going for purchase, you should decide the right model suitable for your home of office need.

6. 600 VA inverter is sufficient for family with 4 members.

7. Pure sine wave inverters are always better than squarewave or modified sinewave inverters.

8. Price difference between 600 VA pure Sinewave inverter and 600 VA Squarewave inverter is only Rs.600 to Rs.700/-

9. Only buy Batteries with international quality certification. Buying battery and inverter from a same brand is not advisable. Buy battery individually from Top Branded manufacturer.

10. Tubular batteries  always have one or more years extra life when compared to flat plate and semi tubular batteries.