Computer Rebooting Problem in Microtek Inverters ?

Here we are going to discuss about the Pc Rebooting problem in Microtek home inverters. Both pure sine wave inverters and square wave inverters has this issue.

we are not talking about Normal Microtek computer UPS, which gives 15 mins backup for your computer. we are talking about normal microtek home inverter  ranging from 600 VA to 1500 VA with external battery.

Many people complain us, that their computer reboots suddenly during power failures. This is actually not a problem in inverters, this is lack of knowledge about inverters.

If you were going to connect your computer to your Home Inverter  without normal computer ups (15mins back up UPS) , all you have to do is Change the ‘input voltage selection button to 180 – 260v


On the back side of your Microtek Home Inverter, two sliding switches are there. One for Charging current selection and another one for input voltage selection.

In Microtek inverters, the  change over time is very little in ‘180-260v’ mode , in other brand inverters they call this as “UPS mode” .In this mode the computer won’t restarts on power failure.

In the another mode (100 to 300 v) the change over time is higher than the previous mode. In other brand inverters they call this as ‘wide UPS mode’. This mode is not recommended for computers. This mode saves your battery power and ensures long life.

Disadvantages in UPS mode

In ‘180-260v’ mode , if the power from your grid is not normal ( low voltage or high voltage) then the inverter automatically goes to battery power and if this occurs frequently, then your battery life will be reduced significantly.