Luminous Shakthi Charge + IT500 Super– Handle 10 hours Power Cut

In India 10 hours power cut is normal in rural and some urban areas too. To handle 10 hours power cut, we need some extraordinary inverter with quick charging ability.

Luminous has now come up with a solution for battery charging problem. Luminous ‘Shakthi Charge’ square wave inverter is the solution for charging the battery quickly within 3 to 5 hours.

Luminous has 5 models in its square wave series, among the five square wave inverter models, SHAKTHI CHARGE is highly efficient in charging the battery quickly with 16.5 – 22 amps current. (900VAinverter-16.5 amps, 1000VA inverter – 22 amps)

‘Shakthi Charge’ Inverter is available in two VA ranges,

  1. 900 VA
  2. 1000VA



Normaly, All other branded square wave inverters including microtek and sukam, charge the battery with 9 to 10 amp current only, whereas Luminous Shakthi charge inverter charges the battery with 16 to 22 amps.

Exide IT500 & IT500i (150ah) batteries can handle the charge current upto 14.5 amp and “Exide IT500 super “(150ah) battery can handle 21.5 amp current.

For areas with heavy power outage for more than 10-12 hours, Luminous Shakthi Charge 1000va + Exide IT500 SUPER would be a best combination.

No other square wave inverter could beat this combination. This inverter perform well with Fans, Tube lights and CFL’s

Note: Square wave form current is not recommended for sensitive electronic gadgets like LCD, LED, PC, Laptops etc.


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