Exide Inva master Battery Models and Price Comparison

Exide has introduced a new battery series for inverter application.

Exide Inva MasterTubular battery,

This InvaMaster tubular battery is available in different AH ranges to suit the customer requirement.

Inva master – Some models are short tubular and some models are Tall tubular.

Best alternative for people who can’t afford expensive Exide IT500 Tall tubular battery.

Exide Inva master tall


Models available

Exide Inva master – Short Tubular Models



INVAMASTER 4000 – 100 AH

INVAMASTER 5000 – 115 AH

INVAMASTER 7500 – 135 AH

INVAMASTER 8500 – 150 AH


Exide Inva Master – Tall Tubular Models



INVAMASTER 10000 – 150 AH

INVAMASTER 15000 – 200 AH

INVAMASTER 20000 – 200 AH


Exide Inva master battery

As seen in the above list, Inva Master is available in wide variety of AH ranges and sizes. No other Exide Inva series batteries are available in wide range like Inva Master.

Seems like, Exide is planning to market this model to compete with other companies tall and short tubular batteries. As you know, price of most other tall and short tubular batteries available in market is comparatively low.

Exide Top selling Tall tubular model Exide IT500 is way expensive than Amaron, Luminous, Sukam etc.

Exide gears up to fill up this gap and to capture the market of mid-range Tall tubular batteries with its newly launched Exide Inva master battery with affordable price tag, Fingers crossed!

Inva Master Battery models – Small Round-up

Inva Master 80 AH 100 AH and 135 AH battery range are available only in short tubular model.

115 AH and 150 AH range battery is available in both Short and Tall Tubular model.

200 AH Tall tubular Inva master battery model is available in two different variants.

So, don’t get confused in choosing the right model that suit your requirement.

Price of Exide Inva Master 150 ah Tall tubular battery

Though wide range of models available in Inva Master, the model that’s in high demand is always 150 ah Tall tubular model.

Price of Exide Inva master 150 ah battery – Rs.12500 to 13000/-

Exide InvaMaster has an affordable price tag compared to Exide IT500 Tall tubular 150 ah battery.

Exide IT500 150 ah tall tubular  cost around 14500 to 15,000/- (Price may vary in some states)

But Exide IT500 has better specification compared to Exide Inva Master, in terms of life cycle and warranty period. But still it is affordable and best budget battery for inverter application.


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