Exide Home UPS Inverter – Pros and Cons

exide-inverter-upsThe Most awaited product, ‘Home inverter’ from Exide has been finally introduced by the battery manufacturing Giant Exide.

Being a market leader in automotive and industrial battery manufacturing in India and overseas, Exide has faced a big question from its customers; “Why Exide has not yet started manufacturing Home UPS inverter systems in India?”

Now eventually, the question has been answered with the launch of Brand New Home UPS inverter system from Exide.

Ok. The product is now available in the market at Exide Priority Showrooms and Dealers; let us see some review about the product.

Exide Inverter Models and VA Ranges

As for now, Exide has introduced a single Model only.

It is available in three different range 650 VA, 850VA and 1450VA

EXIDE 650VA Pure Sine Wave Home UPS 650VA 12V
EXIDE 850VA Pure Sine Wave Home UPS 850VA 12V
EXIDE 1450VA Pure Sine Wave Home UPS 1450VA 24V

Only Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Exide has committed itself to make only DSP based pure sinewave Inverters and not to manufacture square wave and modified square wave inverters, we should appreciate this bold decision of Exide.

The Market leaders in Inverter manufacturing, Microtek, Su-kam and Luminous are making both High end Pure Sine wave and Low end Square wave inverters.

Advantages of Exide Inverter

Exide inverter has some additional features which can’t be seen in other leading brands.

· LCD display shows actual connected load in Percentage.

· LCD display shows AC mains Input voltage to monitor low and high voltage.

· Battery electrolyte level indicator reminds us when to top up the battery with distilled water.

· Additional protection to Circuit Board

Comparison of Exide Inverter with Microtek and Sukam

Microtek has wide range of inverters from 400 VA to 10 KVA. Microtek is also manufacturing Online 3 Phase UPS with 30 KVA capacities for Industrial Purpose.

Sukam, the leading inverter company also has a good line up of inverters from 250 VA

But, Exide has introduced only 3 varieties,

1. EXIDE Pure sine wave 650VA

2. EXIDE Pure sine wave 850VA

3. EXIDE Pure sine wave 1450VA

What Can and Cannot – Inverter Usage Guide

The 650VAinverter is basic inverter which is used in houses with single bed rooms. This inverter has only limited usage and essential gadgets like Kitchen Mixer cannot be used with this range of inverters.

The 850VAis widely used in middle class and upper middle class homes. This inverter can handle the load of kitchen mixer like gadgets. This will operate with 12V single lead acid battery.

The 1450 VA Inverter needs two 12V Lead acid batteries to operate. This inverter is best for three bedroom houses. Iron Box, Geyser, A/C cannot beoperated with this inverter. Suitable for PC, LCD, LED TV, FAN, Light, Kitchen Mixer, RO water Purifier, water Pump below 1.5 hp etc. can be operated flawlessly with this inverter.

Things to Consider before Choosing Exide Inverter

  • Exide Inverters are newly launched product in the market and yet to prove its long term Performance.
  • Only limited ranges of inverters are launched by now. There are chances of discontinuation of product in future.
  • Price of the product is relatively high compared to Microtek and Sukam. Some Exide Dealers are fixing their own price like what they do with batteries.
  • [thirstylink linkid=”5718″ linktext=”Exide 850 VA pure sinewave is available Online for  – Rs.5000/-” class=”thirstylink”], whereas Sukam Shiny 850 VA pure sine wave cost around Rs.4000/-(Online Price). Exide should slash down their price to compete with leading brands.
  • Exide Inverter’s input Voltage Range in inverter mode is only 100-280v. Inverter will switch to battery power when input voltage exceeds 280 volt limit. Microtek inverter’s input voltage range is 100 to 300V.
  • People with high voltage problem will suffer with input voltage limit in exide inverter.
  • Users complain about annoying Fan Noise from inverter even when there is no load on inverter.

NOTE: The above review is for Exide Inverter only, not for Exide Ceil Inverter. Both are different products from same company. Ceil inverter cost little less than Exide Inverter.


How to Buy Exide Premium 850 Va Pure Sin wave Inverter ONLINE

Now a days, Buying Electronic gadgets Online is more comfortable and profitable for end-users. We do recommend our readers to buy Inverter Online in case of Local dealer prices are not reasonable.

Here we list out few Online Deals for Exide Home UPS 850 Va Pure sine wave