List of Sukam “square wave” Inverter Models

Su-kam has a wide range of “Square wave” inverters. They call their square wave models as “modified sinwave” inverters or Digital Home UPS.

Modified sinewave inverters are nothing but “Square wave” inverters.

Even Microtek also has named their “Square wave” models as TPZi waveform inverters.

Sukam square wave (modifed sinewave)  inverters are cheaper than Su-kam Sinewave inverters.

Budget consious people who are ready to compromise with their sensitive electronic equipment’s safety can choose SQUARE WAVE INVERTERS (modified sinewave or TPZi wave).

Pure sine wave inverters are always better than Square wave inverters (modified sinewave, TPZi).

Here is the List of Su-kam Modified Sinewave inverters.


Pico – 250 va For travellers, Inbuilt battery, not recommended for Permanent Home power solution.
Micron – 250 va For small Houses and small shop’s (For family with 2 members)
Frendy – 400 va Give enough Power for Live room and one bedroom.
Sonik – 600 to 850 VA Give enough power for Living room , two bed rooms, kitchen, one desktop pc etc.
Shark 650 to 2500 VA Above 1500 va inverters may power up the whole house except some heavy loads like AC, water heater etc..
CHIC 650 to 850 VA Same as sonic
Torque 650 va to 850 VA Same as Sonic
Cosmic 800 VA Give Power to Two bedrooms and a Living room. Can use a Pc and Kitchen Mixie. While using Mixie, you have to shutdown all other loads.
Trusty 1400 VA To power up three bedrooms, living room with TV, Kitchen with Mixie
Coonecto 2.5 KVA For Complete House


Load Chart for 600 VA

load chart for 600va

Caution: Please avoid using High priced LCD, LED, PLASMA TV’s in Square wave inverters.


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