Difference between 600VA and 850VA Inverter – How to Choose?

Which inverter to choose – 600 VA or 850 VA?

This is one of the question frequently asked by readers of this blog. Normally people who decide to buy 600 VA inverter gets easily confused to choose between this two VA ranges.

Though 850 VA inverters has many advantages like compatibility with high power Kitchen mixers and ½ hp water pumps, 600 VA inverter is also has its own advantages and some valid reasons to consider.


600 va


Advantages of 600 VA inverter

If you are going to use inverter for just powering up your laptop + 2 ceiling fans + 1tubelight, then a 600 VA inverter is enough for you. It is unnecessary to invest your money in 850 VA inverter , which you are not going to utilize 100%.

The same thing applies to the following configurations also

2 ceiling fans + 2 tube lights + 2 CFL lamps

3 Fans + 3 CFL lamps

2 Fan + one 15 Inch crt TV + 2 CFL lamps

One Low power Kitchen Mixer (below 400 watts- need to switch off all other loads when using Mixie)

¼ hp small water motors

RO water purifiers

1 Desktop PC with CRT 17 inch monitor + 1 Fan

One Desktop PC with LCD monitor + one fan + 1 tube light + 2 CFL

One Laptop + 2 Fans + 1 Tube

One 32 inch LCD TV + 1 Fan + 3 CFL

Cons of 600 VA inverter

Not compatible with Most Kitchen mixers which are currently available in market (more than 500 watts power)

Not compatible with most 21 inch CRT TV’s

Advantages of 850 VA Inverters

Both 600 VA and 850 VA inverters are best sellers in single battery range of inverters for home and office use.

850 VA inverter are definitely power packed and most recommended by all inverters dealers and technicians, as it has some advantages over 600 Va inverters.

Let me list out some advantages,

Better charging current than 600 VA inverter, it charges the batteries above 100 ah little faster than 600 VA inverter.

More compatibility with wide range of batteries – 600 VA inverter is compatible with 80 ah to 150 ah battery – 850 VA inverters are compatible with 80ah to 200ah

Though 600 VA inverter can handle a 150 ah battery, the 850 va inverter charges the 150 ah battery better than 600.

Using the inverter to its fullest capacity is not recommended and it would reduce the life of inverter in long run. So, even if your load preference is suitable for 600 va, we would recommend 850 va inverter for the sake of inverter’s health. Lower stress on inverter, higher the life expectancy.

In most of the homes in India Kitchen mixer is one of the essential gadget which our women need mostly. So, powering up your Kitchen mixer with inverter is also a basic amenity in Indian homes. Now modern day kitchen mixers are more powerful and power hungry with more than 500 watts, a 600 va inverter cannot handle this load, but an 850 va inverter will handle this load flawlessly.

Hope the points I have listed above are enough to help you choose between 600 and 850 va inverters.

sukam torque

Some additional points

All the points furnished here apply to both Squarewave and Pure sinewave inverters.

We strongly recommend Pure sine wave inverter for your home or office use. Square wave inverter is not compatible for sensitive electronic gadgets and it will spoil your costly items any time abruptly.

Both 600 and 850 VA Inverters are not compatible with Iron boxes, hair dryers and Immersion water heaters. So, don’t even try these gadgets with inverter power, as it would trip your inverter.

135ah is the best partner for 600VA inverter and 150ah battery is the best combination for 850 van inverter.

All points mentioned about 850 va inverter applies to all 800, 850 and 900 va inverters.

Price difference is between 600 and 850 va is minimal, choose 600 VA inverter if your load preference is very low or your budget is very tight.

Price guideline for 600 and 850 VA inverters

Microtek Pure sine wave Inverter UPS SEBz850 VA – Rs.5000 to 5500/-

Sukam 850 va Pure sine wave inverter Model ‘shiny’ – Rs.5500/-

Exide Pure sine wave 850 va inverter – Rs.5500 to 6000/-

Luminous 850 va Pure sinewave inverter models – Rs.5500 to 6500/-

Microtek 600 VA square wave inverter UPS EB600 – Rs.3500 to 3750/-

Microtek 600 VA pure sine wave UPS SEBz 600 VA – Rs.4000 to 4500/-

If you have any doubts on this, feel free to post your comments below, we will answer your queries on the same day itself. Smile


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