Reasons to Buy Exide Tube Master Tall Tubular Battery

Exide Tube Master, One more affordable tall tubular battery model from battery manufacturing giant Exide has been recently unveiled.

Nowadays people are more aware about benefits of buying branded batteries for their UPS/inverter systems.

Few years ago, consumers have no many choices when choosing branded tall tubular batteries. But now the trend has been changing slowly because of Exide’s launch of low cost tall tubular battery models.

exide tubemaster

Price Comparison of Exide Tube Master with Exide IT500 and Exide Inva Master Tall tubular battery models

Exide’s IT500 Tall tubular 150 ah battery continues to be the no.1 tall tubular battery in the market with its exceptional performance, durability and longevity.

But the price point of Exide IT500 is something hard to digest for middle class people.

Exide IT500 costs around Rs.14500 to 15500/-, which is not affordable for so many middle class Indian Families.


But they still want to go for a battery from a premium manufacturer like Exide. For such people who want to stick with Exide and want to buy some low cost tall tubular battery, Exide has announced ‘Exide Inva Master’ model in different variants to suit the requirement of different people.

Price Point of Exide Inva Master IM10000 Tall tubular 150 ah battery gives a heavy competition to other low cost battery manufactures in the market.

Exide Inva Master IM10000 Tall tubular 150 ah battery costs around Rs.11,000 to 12500/-


Exide Tube Master, newly launched 150 ah tall tubular battery model costs only Rs.9500 to 10,500/-

From the end user’s point of view, it is definitely a good deal. Even some non-tubular battery models from Exide itself costs much more than Exide Tube Master Battery.


Price Point of Exide Tube Master TM500 – a round up!

Price of Exide IT500 Tall tubular battery with 36 months replacement warranty – Rs.14500 to 15500/-

Price of Exide Inva master IM10000 Tall tubular battery with 30 months replacement warranty – Rs.11000 to 12500/-

Price of Exide Tube Master TM500 Tall tubular with 18 months replacement warranty – Rs.9500 to 10500/-


Points to remember before buying Exide Tube Master TM500

We have seen the positive side of buying Exide Tube master; now let us see the down side of Exide Tube Master Tall tubular battery model.

# Exide Tube master has 36 months warranty

# But this 36 months is divided in to 18 + 18 months warranty

# The first 18 months is the original warranty period, which is called replacement warranty. If your battery fails under the first 18 months period, you could get a new battery as replacement.

We have given you a battery warranty chart below to understand the difference between warranty of Exide IT500, Exide Inva Master and Exide Tube master batteries.

Exide warranty chart

It is evident that Exide Tube master has short warranty compared to other premium or standard tubular battery models from Exide.

No need to panic!

Exide batteries won’t fail in short period of time. We can expect the same performance of Exide Inva Master Battery from Exide Tube Master TM500.

Life Expectancy – 4 years+ (under proper maintenance)

Happy Buying! Hope this information helps! Do drop a comment if you have any question regarding this article. Also share the price and your experience; if you own this battery model, it would help more people to make a right decision.


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