Top 5 Inverter models in India

After analysing so many factors, here we come with the list of ‘Top 5’ Home Inverter models in India.

Here we are listing out both ‘Pure sine wave’ and ‘Square wave’ inverter models separately to avoid confusion.

This list is purely based on user interest on certain models and overall performance of particular model.


Top 5 Pure sine wave Inverters in India

1. Sukam shiny series

2. Luminous sine wave Inverter (UPS sine & ion)

3. Microtek UPS SEBz series

4. Exide Home UPS

5. APC Home UPS


Top 3 Square wave Inverters in India

1. Sukam Torque & Frendy

2. Microtek UPS EB

3. Luminous LB


Pure sine wave Models

Sukam Shiny 

sukam shiny

Best seller and Best Performer in its class – Sukam shiny series inverter is available in 5 variants

250VA, 400VA, 650VA, 850VA and 1500VA

850 VA is most suitable model for average Indian Home Use.

Really built with very high quality components which makes this inverter model NO.1

Easily handle heavy loads like washing machine, water pumps, etc.

Proven High reliability and longevity than other models from sukam.

Competitive Pricing (Local Market) – 850 VA Shiny available for Rs.5000 to Rs.5500/- , which is very close to Microtek sine wave inverter.

Competitive Online Pricing – Sukam Shiny 850 VA pure sine wave is available from Rs.4000 onwards.

Very wide dealer network – Available in almost all small towns and cities of India

Good after sale service – Sukam has good team of service engineers and wide network of service throughout the country. Sukam Toll Free: 1800-102-7555

Sukam Shiny 850VA Online Price Deal – Rs.4015/-

  • We have compared the Online Price of Sukam Shiny 850 VA inverter from  leading online shopping sites. Online Price of sukam shiny 850va starts from Rs.4000/- which is highly competitive compared to local dealer pricing.
  • In our Opinion, Buying inverter online is safe and easy.
  • If your Local dealer is not ready to offer the 850VA Pure sine wave inverter for Rs.4000 or below, we recommend you to go for online purchase with COD (cash on delivery) option.


Luminous Sine wave Inverter

ups sine 875 va

Luminous ‘UPS sine’ is one of the best-selling Home UPS models in India with all basic features and some advanced functions.

Lumionus – One of the top three UPS manufacturers in India.

Has Wide sales and service network in India

‘Luminous UPS sine’ and ‘ion’ models are most reliable sine wave models from Luminous.

‘Luminous UPS sine’ model is available in different VA range,

Luminous has more than 5,000 skilled employees, 7 factories and more than 40,000 channel partners – Good service and product support.



Microtek UPS SEBz – Pure sine wave inverter

Microtek 1500 va sebz inverter

Microtek – one of the top players in UPS/inverter industry.

MIcrotek has introduced some new models in pure sine wave series, But the classic model from Microtek , ‘UPS SEBz’ pure sine wave is rocking in the market with its unbeatable price, availability, service and longevity.

Local market Price range of UPS SEBz 850va – Rs.4800 to 5200/-

Besides the ‘aluminium coil’ controversy, Microtek UPS SEBz is still a ‘best seller’ and affordable sine wave inverter in the market.



Exide Home UPS

exide home ups 850va

Exide – The battery manufacturing giant has bought some Inverter manufacturing units from ‘Kevin Power systems’ which is famous for its UPS and other power backup products. Later Exide has developed its own Inverter design with its efficient R&D team and now Exide Home UPS is one of the best-selling inverters and choice of people who want inverters with high charging current.

Best companion for Exide Inva Tubular Batteries.

Exide Home UPS – 15 amp charge current in High charge mode – very useful feature for those who suffer frequent and long power shedding problem.

Available in 3 variants – 650VA, 850 VA and 1450VA




APC bisine 850va

APC – international Company, known for its high quality power back-up products.

APC Home UPS is the choice of people who don’t want to compromise with quality.

‘APC BI850 SINE’ model is performing well in the market.

APC Home UPS – available in 650va, 850va and 1000va range

Best compatible with APC 150 ah Tall Tubular battery.


Other Pure sine wave models

We might have left some potential best performing models in our list; we have also included some models very close to top 5 models listed here.





Crompton Greaves

USHA inverters


Top 3 Square wave inverter models in India

Though square wave models are not recommended for LCD TV’s and sensitive electronic loads, we cannot ignore the benefits of square wave inverters.

In India, we have a large number of populations below poverty line, square wave inverters are always affordable choice of lower middle class people of India.

Square wave Inverters are good choice for people who want to run their ceiling fans, tube lights and CFL’s.

Branded Square wave 400 va inverter would cost only Rs.2500/- (without battery). A 400 va inverter is good enough to handle 2 ceiling fans + 2 tube lights + 2 CFL’s

Here we come with list of ‘Top 3 Square wave Inverters in India’

1. Sukam Torque & Frendy

Sukam Torque is top seller and best performer in square wave models available in India. Torque model is available in 3 different VA ranges 650va, 850va and 1500va.

Sukam Micron and Sukam Smiley are very good choice for low cost setup.

Sukam Micron is available in 150-250 range

Sukam Frendy 400VA inverter model is a tiny beast which can handle a load of 600VA flawlessly – Unbeatable low price – branded solution.

2. Microtek UPS EB

Microtek classic model UPS EB – Undoubtedly, this one is the most reliable square wave inverter with ‘state of the art’ technology.

Microtek UPS EB is available in 6 different VA ranges – 400va, 600va, 860va, 1 kva, 1.5kva and 2 kva.

Available everywhere in India – that’s the core strength of Microtek.

Wide network and service at your door step.

Cost of 600 va inverter – Rs.3500/-

3. Luminous LB

Along with its innovative new sinewave advanced UPS models, Luminous continues its square wave models with same advanced features and continuous improvisation of quality.

So, without any doubt ‘Luminous LB’ is the third best model in square wave series in India.

‘Luminous Ion’ 300 and 500 VA square wave inverters are new releases from the company with most advanced features.


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