Exide, Sukam or Luminous ? Which Tubular Battery to choose?

One of our visitor Mr. Sanjay Kumar has asked this question to us. He said that he previously used luminous tubular battery for 800 va inverter and it lasts for 31/2 years and now he needs a suggestion from us in choosing the right Tubular battery for his 800 va inverter.

Our Recommendation

He already said that his luminous Tubular lasts for 3.5 years. So, we recommend Exide 150 AH invatubular for his 800 va inverter.

As per our experience, a well maintained Exide Inva tubular will last for 5+ years. So, it’s  wise decision to choose exide inva tubular battery.

exide inva tubular

Exide Inva tubular models available in market

Model -IT 400 – 110 AH (Old Model )

Model – IT 400 – 115 AH (New Model – Tall Tubular)

Model -IT 500 – 150 AH

Model -IT 550– 165 AH 

Model -IT 650 – 200 AH (old Model – discontinued)

Model – IT 750 – 200 AH (New Model)

Luminous Inverlast Tubular Battery Models available in Market


luminous inverlast

ILT 18000 – 150 AH

ILT 22000 – 180 AH

ILTT 18000 –  150 AH (with more electrolyte)

UPDATE: For more on Luminous Tall Tubular Battery Models, Read the following two Posts.

Luminous Tall Tubular Battery LT 500 – Pros and Cons

10 Reasons to choose Luminous Tall Tubular Batteries

  • Arunachalam

    I want to know the difference between luminous battery of tubular models No.iltt18000-150Ah and ilt18000-150AH

  • luminous tubular battery model no.iltt1800 and ilt18000 150Ah
    what is the difference?

    • admin

      Dear Arunachalam,
      ILTT 18000 – 150 AH has more electrolyte (acid) than ILT 18000 – 150 AH battery, this ensures low water loss under hot weather conditions and low maintenance.

      You don’t need to topup the battery with distilled water frequently.

  • Sudipta Sarkar

    Which one has more longivety among exide invatubular or exide flate plate battery?and how much is the lasting period?

    • admin

      Dear Sudipta Sarkar,

      Exide Inva tubular has 4 year warranty and invertor plus has 2 years warranty.

      Inva tubular has 5 years life expectancy whereas inverter plus has 3years life expectancy.

  • Sarthak hota

    Vguard tubular battery(VT 150Ah) is offering 30 months of standard warrenty(Full replacement facility)..And after then 18 months pro-rated warrenty(20% discount on replacement with new battery)…so pls tell me that the 48 months warrenty of exide IT battery is purely standard warrenty or include some period of pro-rated warrenty?and pls tell we the best buying cost of exide it 500 and vguard VT 150(150Ah)?

    • admin

      Dear Sarthak Hota,
      I think you are interested in Vguard VT 150 ah tall tubular battery.

      Vguard company is well known company in stabilizer manufacturing, Vguard pure sine wave inverters are doing well in the market, but they are new comers in lead acid battery market. The reliability of new model has yet to be proven. Its a wise decision to choose the battery that has been already proved. We recommend Exide IT 500 (150 ah) tubular battery with 48 months full warranty.

  • deep

    Hello Admin

    You have not mentioned about exide ct500 anywhere. Please share some info on that aswell.


  • harishankar b

    Hello admin,
    I am back again to your website! I did as was suggested by you guys regarding the right combination of inverter and battery. I am very thankful for the suggestion that you gave which I implemented in total. Please keep up the good work in informing the layman in a highly competitive and confusing market of inverters and batteries. One suggestion regarding old query(ies); make an archive about the same so that same question could be avoided and loggers/readers could benefit from each other’s experience.

    • admin

      Dear Harishankar,
      We Thank you very much for accolades!

  • M Hasan

    I want to buy an inverter. Now for battery exide IT500 or SF tubular 500 battery, which one will be better one? sf also a flagship product of exide. is it performing well in market? can you please suggest.

  • which batteries and inverter will be better to choose for combination 1kva inverter for long lasting

  • rahul


    i want to buy a inverter battery for UPS SEBz-850VA which battery is good for me

    Model -IT 500 – 150 AH

    Model -IT 550– 165 AH

    Model -IT 650 – 200 AH

    INVA TUBULAR IT500 Super


    and plz tell me the price and different between

    INVA TUBULAR IT500 Super

  • Raja

    Dear Sir,

    I want to purchase a new Invertor and battery to my home. I need especially for my computer. I wil work for 9-10 hrs per day.
    So I want UPS for my computer, 1 fan and 1 tubelight with 3-4 hrs backup. Please explain me whether sinewave or squarewave UPS will 1 wil suitable for computer use. Please inform me as soon as possible.

  • Raja

    Dear Admin sir,

    Please let me know about Microtek UPS. My friend says to put Microtek UPS 600 VA( Rs. 5000) with SF-sonic 135 AH (11000) battery. This wil matching or not and the rate is high or correct..? He says for computer usage squarewave UPS only wil help u. Pls clear me regarding this. Also I want to know where I can purchase the Exide Inva tubular batteries…pls say me the address in Erode or Coimbatore..

    • admin

      Dear Raja,
      Be careful with fraudulent sellers.

      The Price you mentioned for both inverter and battery are too high.

      Microtek 600 VA (square wave) – Rs.3500 to 3800 only

      Microtek 600 VA (pure sinewave)- Rs.3900 to 4200 only

      Battery SF Sonic 135 AH Cost around Rs.9000/- only

      You can buy inverter and battery at above price range anywhere in coimbatore from dealers.

  • Raja

    Dear sir, which UPS can i select for Exide battery 135Ah or 150Ah…please give me correct suggestion…its urgent sir…Pls reply for my 3 doubts as above…

    • admin

      Dear Raja,
      Please be patient, Hurry spoils the curry.

      we read all your questions. We strongly recommend you to buy ‘UPS SEBz-850VA’ model pure sinewave inverter from Microtek. The Price would be around Rs.4900/- in coimbatore.

      It can handle a desktop pc with lcd or crt monitor + 2 fan + 2 tube lights. You can use your kitchen mixie with this inverter by shutting down all other loads.

      For Battery, we strongly recommend to buy Exide 100 AH invertor plus battery with 2 years warranty (semi tubular). It has life expectancy more than 2-3 years.
      It would cost not more than Rs.10,000 at any Exide dealer shop.

      If you can stretch you budget little more, then we would suggest ‘Exide inva tubular 150 AH battery’ with 48 months warranty. This is tubular battery with life expectancy more than 4-5 years. It would cost around Rs.13,500 anywhere in coimbatore.

  • Sekar

    Dear Admin,

    I am living in Eride district. I enquired in a showroom at Erode about UPS, they replied as,

    Exide 850 VA UPS (Sinewave) = Rs. 6,000 (2yr warrenty)
    Exide tubular battery 135AH = Rs. 10,500 (2yr warrenty)
    Exide tubular battery 150AH = Rs. 11,000.(2yr warrenty)
    Pls clear me that we all heard about Exide battery only and not Exide Invertor. So pls suggest me I can buy this combination of UPS and battery or not. I want to use it mainly for my computer.

    • admin

      Dear Sekar,

      Microtek 850 VA Pure sinewave inverter is available for 4900/- and 875VA Pure sinewave inverter for 5200/-. Sukam and luminous are also performing well in the market.

      As far as battery is concerned, i think your battery dealer has quoted price for ‘Exide Invertor Plus” models which is semitubular with two years warranty. If you want long battery life more than 4 years, it’s better you opt for Exide Inva Tubular series batteries.

      Exide Invertor Plus 135 AH – Rs.9500/-
      Exide Invertor Plus 150 AH – Rs.10000/-

  • Sekar

    Ok sir, thanks a lot for your kind information. Please inform me some showrooms with address to purchase the Exide Batteries with anyone of Sukam or Microtek UPS. Please send some showrooms address and so that I can enquire them and can purchase.

  • Sekar

    pls mention some showrooms address in Coimbatore.


    I have used prestolite prestomaster PM20000 190 AH battery for 3 years. (Standard warranty 24 month) in Ghaziabad, UP. Now it is giving very low backup. Now I want to replace my battery. I have a Luminous 800VA UPS. Can you please suggest options in other brands (Luminous/EXIDE)(Tubular/Normal) within a range of 10000-12000. How do you rate the performance of my current battery. Should I go for the same again or change the brand? In last 6 years I have changed battery only once But both time I had purchased prestolite only. Please note that there are frequent powercuts (around 8-10hrs/day) here suring summers and in other seasons it is around (5-6hrs/day). My usages is 3 Fans+1CTV+4-5 20 W CFL.

    Please reply.

    • admin

      Dear PN Dixit,
      Nice to hear that your prestolite prestomaster PM20000 190 AH battery has performed well for 3 years. We can compare this battery with Exide ‘invertor Plus’ which has 2 years replacement warranty.

      If you are satisfied with the performance of Prestomaster series, then we would recommend you to go for it again. If you want to try some thing new for this time, we would recommend Exide IT 500 (150 AH) Pure Tubular Tall battery.

      Performance of Exide IT 500 – 150 AH battery will be equal to Prestomaster 190 AH.

      Why don’t you try Exide Inva Tubular Series Batteries this time?

      IT 500 EXIDE inva tubular

      See this Post for Inva Tubular Battery Models http://upsinverterinfo.com/exide-inva-tubular-battery-models-available-in-market.html

  • S. Kumar

    Admin Sir,

    I enquired in a UPS showroom, they gave the quotation as follows,

    Luminous 900 VA Inverter (sinewave) +

    Energy Grid Battery (Full Tubular-150 AH) = 16650.

    So, Can I go for it? Is the Inverter and Battery are worth for this price? Please give me correct guidance sir..

    • admin

      Dear Sekar @ Kumar,
      Please read our articles regarding inverters and batteries, then decide. We advice you not to buy Inverter and Battery as a Package from same brand.

      If you Buy Luminous Inverter, then go for Exide Tubular Battery.

      The Price quoted by Your UPS showroom is little higher than market price.

  • Karthik

    Hello Sir,
    I reading thru all the post in these website. its really helpful. So thanks for that.

    Iam residing in 2bhk ( 900 sqft) house in chennai. Daily power cuts will be around 1 to 1.5 hrs. I am planning to buy Microtek (850 VA) inverter. Not sure on which one to choose Inva RED (500) or Exide plus or Inva-Queen from Exide battery (150 ah). Please let me know your comments or price list of these battery

    • admin

      Dear Karthik,
      Microtek 850VA pure sine wave inverter is a good choice for your home.

      Go for Exide Invertor Plus 150 AH with 2 years warranty. It would cost Rs.9000 to 10,000 in Chennai.

      • Karthik

        Thanks for your advice.But I would also like to know on Inva-red batteries. I heard it has 3 year warranty. How good is that. I dont find specific post on these website for this battery. Can you pls update me on this. Iam not going in for IT500 due to space( in terms of height) constraint.

        • admin

          Dear Karthik,
          If you want more warranty on battery, better you choose ‘Exide Mega’ semi tubular battery which outperforms Invared batteries.

          Exide Mega 150 AH has 3 years full warranty.

  • SONU

    I previously use exide invertor battery with sukam cosmic 800va digtal home ups inverter. Sir now i want to change my battery and i want use exide invatubler battery . So tell me invatubler support my inverter or not because i hear 850va inverter sutabel for tubler battery.

    • admin

      Dear Sonu,
      Your Sukam Cosmic 800VA inverter is fully compatible with Exide Inva Tubular battery series. We recommend IT500 (150ah) model for you.

  • SONU

    if i use IT 550 with sukam cosmic 800va then .

    • admin

      Dear Sonu,
      No problem in connecting IT550 to 800 VA inverter.

      But do not connect 200 AH battery with 800 VA inverter.

  • soubhik

    Dear admin,
    ineed an advice on inverter.i am planning to buy a luminious 850va(pure sine wave)inverter.which battery will be better suited for good performance(more back up time) and long battery life.
    1. exide inva tubular(IT 650)-200ah
    2.luminious inverlast tubular(ILT 22000)-180ah.
    which battery will be well suited for the inverter.
    waiting for your advice.

    • admin

      Dear Soubhik,
      Go with the option 1, it will be better choice than option 2.

      • soubhik

        thank you very much sir for your advice.

  • Saleem javed

    Can i connect 180 AH battery with 600 VA inverter

    • admin

      Dear Saleem javed,
      We do not recommend connecting 180 AH battery to 600VA inverter.

      Normally, 600 VA inverter can handle batteries up to 165 AH range only.

  • SONU

    i go to delear for buy EXID IT 550 for my sukam 800va . He say it’s not perfect with 800va if u use may ur battery defact in few month .
    And it’s not responsbilty of delear. So he suggest go with non tubler battery. But sir i want more backup and life so my mood in tubler battery what will i do i m confused.
    Where i live some time (not regulerly) light voltage is low so charging effact on tubler battery ?

    • admin

      Dear Sonu,
      If you are not interested in my words please go with your dealers suggestion.

      800 VA inverter is 100% compatible with IT550.

      I think he is joking or trying to sell his old stock non tubular to you.

  • SONU

    Thanks sir.
    I m fully intrested with ur word. Now no any confusion.

  • Rajesh

    I belong to the rural area of rajasthan ,where power cuts are of about 12 hrs.I am planning to buy an inverter for backup for 2 fans,2 tubelights,1 CTV for about 304 hrs.Luminous and Microtek are the only service providing networks in nearby town. The dealer i contacted was suggesting Luminous Shakti Charge Inverter 875 VA(Cost abt 5500)and 150 AH battery ILTT 18048( Cost abt 12500). I am concerened that whether battery would be able to get charged fully during short spans of power supplies.(half an hour to 1 hr).

    Kindly tell me that whether this inverter has proved its name in rural areas and are the costs on high side?

    Thanking you,

    • admin

      Dear Rajesh,
      Are you experiencing 12hrs power cut per day?

      875 VA inverter will only charge 20% of fully drained battery in 1.5 hours.

      You need to limit the load or better choose higher capacity inverter.

  • Vinay sharma

    I want to buy invertor battery. my dealer is suggesting to go for Sukam 135 having 1.5 yr replacement guarantee. It costs Rs7200.

    But i am confused why not to take semi-tubular sukam battery having 2.5 yr warranty that cost arround 9000.

    Power cut is arround 4 hrs daily.

    pls also suggest other band batterries in same budget. Pls reply immediately as i have take the call right now.

    • admin

      Dear Vinay Sharma,
      4hrs power cut per day is something worse and you need to choose your battery with extra-consciousness.

      Exide Invertor Plus 135 AH semi tubular battery with 2 years warranty suits your requirement. It would cost Rs.9000 to 9500/-.

      • Vinay sharma

        You mean to say sukam batteries are not good as compared to Exide. What if i say 2 hr power cut in summers & 1 hr maximum in winters.

        Pls guide

  • pulkit

    in one of ur posts u have mentioned that tubulars are better than normal batteries, so no comparison to be made between tubular and exide mega 1500.

    and secondly should i go for exide again though its life ws not more than 3 years?

    • pulkit

      and exide mega is better than exide inva tubular?

  • vishal

    Hello sir,
    I want to buy battry for my APC 800 VA inverter. Pls suggest me I am confused in Exide Inva Tubukar IT 500, IT 500 Super, IT 500 Plus.
    which one is good?

    • admin

      Dear Vishal,
      Go for IT500.

      • vishal

        Today I asked one exide vendor about IT500 and he tell me its price Rs.16000. Is this price is correct.

        • admin

          Dear Vishal,
          Your dealer is trying to cheat you.

          Rs.13500/- is best price

          Rs.14000/- is Good

          Rs.14500/ is some what OK

          Rs.16000/- is cheating

          • vishal

            Hello sir thanks for ur response. Please can you tell me is there any other option than IT 500. Due to its height and my flat space constarint I am now looking for another option. Please guide.

  • Divaker

    I want to buy battry for my microtek sine wave 1500 VA inverter.i want long backup time for computer. Pls suggest me I am confused in Exide Inva Tubular IT 500, IT 500 Super, IT 500 Plus,what is price difrance
    which one is good?

    • admin

      Dear Divaker,
      No big difference, IT500i comes with led indicators to facilitate battery maintenance, go for it.

      No big difference in Price too, IT500i cost Rs.13500 to 15,000 at Exide dealers store.

  • soubhik

    hello sir,
    I am planning to buy an luminious inverter 850va(pure sine wave),but i am confused which battery to choose for better results like long hours of battery back-up when the powers goes off and also reasonable battery lifetime i had two options.
    1.Model -IT 650 – 200 AH(exide).
    2.ILT 22000 – 180 AH(luminious).

    Can i install luminious inverter(850 va)along with exide(IT-650),what will be the price of this whole package.
    Please help me out to select the best options.
    waiting for your reply.

  • soubhik

    hello sir,
    I am planning to buy an luminious inverter 850va(pure sine wave),but i am confused which

    battery to choose for better results like long hours of battery back-up when the powers goes

    off and also reasonable battery lifetime i had two options.
    1.Model -IT 650 – 200 AH(exide).
    2.ILT 22000 – 180 AH(luminious).

    Can i install luminious inverter(850 va)along with exide(IT-650),what will be the price of

    this whole package.
    Please help me out to select the best options.
    waiting for your reply.


    Dear Sir
    I want to purchase a battery for my home. I need especially for my computer. I will work for 9-10 hrs per day and 2 tubelight + 2 fan also. i want long backup. i have ” Mocrotek UPS EB 860VA”
    Which Exide Inva tubular is best for me.

    IT 550 – 165 AH
    IT 650 – 200 AH


    • admin

      Dear Ajeet singh,
      We recommend IT550 for your 860 VA square wave Microtek Inverter.

      200 AH battery needs 12 hours continuous power supply to get fully charged, if you suffer frequent power cuts, don’t go for 200 AH battery with 860 VA inverter.

  • Savio

    I have an 800 VA inverter,looking for 180AH-200AH Tubular Battery. pls suggest which battery shall be suitable and what would be the cost in Navi Mumbai.

    • admin

      Dear Savio,
      We Recommend Exide Tall tubular IT 550 165 AH battery for your 800 VA inverter.

      200 AH battery could be a overload for your 800 va inverter. Better you go with 165 AH Tubular battery.

  • Om Narayan Gupta

    Dear Sir

    I need a Inverter in Sine wave technology & one tall tubular battery for 2 BHK flat.

    Please suggest which brand has better quality & service.

    Om Narayan Gupta

    • admin

      Dear Om Narayan Gupta,
      For 2 BHK flat, Microtek UPSebz 850 VA Pure sine wave inverter would be a good choice.

      Go for Exide Tall Tubluar battery 150 AH “IT500”.

  • Kshitij

    Dear Sir
    Is this combination luminous inverter 800VA with Exide INvatubular IT500-150AH compatible and will give full output…CITy noida

    • admin

      Dear Kshitij,
      It’s a Perfect combination, go for it!

  • Aditya Pai

    My previous ups was a 1kva genesis ups(dont know which company this is), it got spoilt a few days back, along with the batteries.
    As we have renovated our house and now have 4 rooms, we plan to buy a higher rating ups. My budget is around rs20000, which would you suggest, along with the batteries.

    Also from what we have heard 1.5kva ups requires 2 batteries, as budget is a little tight for a few months, is it possible to install a 1.5kva ups with only one battery and then add another battery after a few months?

    • admin

      Dear Aditya pai,
      Do not mix old and new battery, wait and buy two batteries at the same time or go for two 80 ah Invertor plus semi tubular batteries.

  • Ravi

    Hi Admin,
    Please suggest me the latest pure sine wave UPS or inverter model as well appropriate battery.
    Couls you please list out models from different manufacturers(Microtek,APC,Mahindra Powerol,SuKam &Luminous) for less than 1 KVA loand and greater than 1KVA load as well recommended battery models?
    Thanks in Advance

  • pradip

    Dear Sir,

    I have SUKAM home ups 800va pure sine wave and i was using Exide IN1500pluS with it for last 4 years. Now back-up time has reduced so i want to upgrade it to IT 500 OR IT 500 i super or IT 650. Can you please suggest best battery for my inverter with good back-up. Could you please also give me a best purchase price for all above tubular model. They will give around 2000/- Rs for my old battery. Is that ok or can get more ? My old battery still has at least 6 hours back-up for 1 pc and 1 fan but my requirement is up to 9 to 10 hours.

    Could you please reply asap as i need to make a decision asap.



    • admin

      Dear Pradip,
      Happy to hear that your Exide Invertor Plus battery 150ah has completed 4 years and still giving 6 hrs back up. I guess your battery would last long for 1 more year. Why are you throwing your working battery for Rs.2000/? the price is ok for dead battery. Install it anywhere in your home with separate 400va inverter.

      For new battery purchase, We recommend IT500i Exide 150 AH tubular battery with led indicators. It would cost Rs.13,500 to 15,000/- at Exide dealers store.

  • P.P.RAJU




    • admin

      Dear Raju,
      Both Microtek and Luminous are good inverters with good service network. Choose any one of them, Microtek inverters are available on electrical stores too.

      Go with your selection, it’s a good combination.

  • akhilesh kumar

    dear sir i hav 900 v.a. pure sine wave microtek inverter ,here in varanasi 5 to 8 our power cut daily,which battery is suitable for me IT500,IT500super,IT650

    • admin

      Dear Akhilesh,
      Your 900va 24×7 model microtek inverter does not charge the battery with more than 10 to 12 amps current, so, it is unnecessary to connect batteries like IT500 Super or IT650, which are capable of accepting the charge current up to 16 to 20 amps.

      For 8 hours cut situation, IT500 is the best suitable Tubular battery for Microtek 24×7 900 VA Pure sine wave inverter.

  • ranjan

    Dear Sir,
    I’m planning for purchase Sukam 850va Invertor with Sukam 180AH Battery. Pl. Suggest me ,is Ok i.e is Sukam comfortable. or I should go for another combination?

    • admin

      Dear Ranjan,
      This combination would work better for you If you have Power cut less than 5 Hours Per day. If you suffer 8hrs+ power cut per day, better you go for 150 AH Tubular battery.

      (180 AH is utter waste with Normal charging 850 VA sine wave inverter in Long Power cut areas)

  • Arpan

    Hello Admin, before putting up my question I would like to congratulate you for this great
    Initiative and goodwork.
    My requirements are 2fans 2 lights 1 pc with 24″ led monitor should run for atleast 3 hrs when everything is running together.kindly suggest me the inverter and the battery model along with Chennai price.

    • admin

      Dear Arpan,
      Your Load preference,
      2 Fan – 150 watts
      2 Tube – 80 watts
      1Pc-LED-140 watts
      Total – 370 watts

      A 850 VA inverter can handle 550 watts load simultaneously,

      We recommend Microtek UPS SEBz 850 VA Pure sine wave inverter for you, Price of this inverter would be Rs.4900 to Rs.5100/- in chennai.

      Exide Inva tubular 150 AH battery (Model: IT500i) with 48 months warranty and charge level indicator LED would be a better partner for Microtek Inverter.

      Exide IT500i Price – Rs.13,500 to 15,000/- in chennai.

  • musaddique

    i want to buy exide it 500 battery and su-kam falcon 800va inverter.will it be a good combination?

    • admin

      Dear Musaddique,
      Falcon is Pure sine wve inverter model from SU-KAM, IT500 is the largest selling 150 ah tall tubular battery from Exide, Its a good combination.

      We recommend IT500i, upgraded version of IT500. It has LED indicators to monitor the charge level. no big difference in price.

  • musaddique

    is there any other difference between it500 and it500i…i mean backup etc…

  • admin

    Dear musaddique,
    Please read this post to know the difference


  • gyana

    sir, i am planing to purchase 850VA pure sine wave inverter.so, kindly guide me.

    which is best? microtek or su-kam 850va shiny &

    • admin

      Dear Gyana,
      Both Sukam and Microsoft are best brands.

      Choose any one of the model listed below,

      Sukam shiny 850 VA Pure sine wave
      Microtek UPSEBz 850 VA Pure sine wave
      (Luminous brand also doing well in the market)

      For Battery, we recommend Exide 150 ah IT500i Tall tubular battery, which is market topper in Tubular battery series in India.

      If you want to narrow your budget to some extent, better you go for Exide semi tubular “invertor Plus 150 ah” battery.

  • Afroz

    I want to know what is bench charge?

    • admin

      Dear Afroz,
      ‘Bench Charge’ is a charging method which can be done in battery shops only. Some Problematic batteries need Bench charging to regain its full potential.

  • asif

    wt abt exide el+ 180 ah for 800 va inverter

    • admin

      Dear Asif,
      Exide EL+ series batteries long last for 8+ years, but these batteries are meant for use with Stand-By UPS only (Used in Banks, Data-centers etc. which has generator Back-up)

      Standby UPS in Banks will be used for 10 to 20 mins only, they use Standby UPS until they start the generator. So, the usage of battery is very little when used with Standby UPS. But, in case we use these EL+ battery with home inverter which run for 5 hours a day, then the battery usage will be relatively high.

      Actually Exide give 8 Years warranty for EL+ batteries, but they recommend this battery for Standby UPS and not for Home inverter. So, the battery shop owners sell this battery at their own risk with 5 years warranty.

      Exide EL+ is Extremely Powerful and Costly Battery with Very Long Life Expectancy of 8 to 10 years if used for recommended applications.)

  • Arjit

    dear admin
    i want to know how many battery is needed to run seb850va microtek inverter.i need to run printer of 300W for 4 hours,is exide IT500 sufficient

    • admin

      Dear Arjit,
      Microtek SEBz 850 VA Pure sine wave inverter with one Exide Invatubular IT500 battery is enough for your 300 watts Printer.

  • Anurag


    I have lumionus ILTT18018 battery and luminous TIR 550 inverter.
    but inverter shows battery full in one hour.
    battery baackup is too low about 2 hour.
    please suggest me what is problem inverter or battery.

    • admin

      Dear Anurag,
      Your battery’s specific gravity should be checked and your inverters charge cut-off voltage should also be tested. Please call a technician to perform this tests.

  • Anurag


    I have checked gravity of battery is full.
    technician says your inverter not supported of tubular battery .battery voltage shows is 12

  • asif


    • admin

      Dear Asif,
      You can use EL+ battery with home inverter, but your battery dealer will limit its warranty to 3 or 4 years.

  • Aurobindo Kar

    Dear sir, you are really doing a great job. My query is, I want to buy a most powerful single battery with best inverter. My preference is exide IT 500i and microtech or luminous inverter. I witness about 12 hour power cut a day. Please suggest.

    • admin

      Dear Aurobindo Kar,
      12 hours power cut per day is something unbearable, normal sine wave inverters can’t recharge your IT500i so fast when u suffer 12 hrs power cut a day.
      We recommend Luminous ‘Shakti Charge’ model inverter for you to handle 12 hours power cut. It can charge your IT500i battery so fast and it works even better in ultra low voltage situation.

  • Aurobindo Kar

    Please mention the respective best prices also.

    • admin

      Luminous Shakti Charge Inverter is available in 900 VA and 1000 VA range.
      900VA inverter would cost around Rs.5500/-

  • Aurobindo Kar

    Dear sir want to ask one more question. Does fast charging decrease battery life?

    • admin

      Dear Aurobindo Kar,
      When charging a unsupported battery with high current, in long run it will affect the battery life, That’s why we are suggesting Exide inva tubular batteries which are capable of handling high charge current and abuse resistant.

      IT500 and IT500i – 14.5 Amp
      IT700 – 21 Amp
      Other Brand – 10 Amp

  • Sumit Ranjan

    Dear Admin

    I want to buy an inva tubular battery. Which one will be the best among EXIDE Model -IT 650 – 200 AH or LUMINOUS ILT 22000 – 180 AH for my SUKAM Inverter ?

    • admin

      Dear Sumit Ranjan,
      Please mention your inverter model and VA range.

  • Sumit Ranjan

    Dear Admin

    Its sukam digital home ups {Fairy Queen} with a range of 750VA

  • Anurag


    I want to know Luminous Tiranga 550VA (2005) Inverter support Luminous ILTT 18018 battery or not

  • sukhwinder

    very nice and informative page, I want to know how is lucas power guard 150ah tubular battery? im getting it in 11.5 k, with two year replacement without sending back to company as the dealer is having service centre of lucas. I was thinking it500, but in case of problem it us taking months for replacement. and as for as I know it is not offering 48 months warranty, it is only ,30 months.

    • admin

      Dear Sukhwinder,
      Normally battery dealers force you to buy other brand battery instead of Exide, higher commission rate is the reason behind that.

      Don’t get confused, Exide has very good service network and if your battery fails within warranty period, they replace your battery in few weeks with new one, your battery dealer will arrange a temporary battery during the waiting period. NO issues!

  • Vivek

    Sir i m planning to buy a new inverter with UPS functionality. I have 2 brands in mind Luminous(rs 6200 (double battery)) nd su-kam. Which one will be better. I want to run 1 Sony led Tv (100 w), Laptop, 3, CFL, 3 fans on it.

    Double battery concept is not very clear to me please elaborate it also

    Nd suggest me battery for this inverter. I searched in market , i found inphynyt’s Bijli Ghar battery(rs 11500).How’s it doing in the market??

    • admin

      Dear Vivek,
      For your load preference, Single Battery Inverter, 850 VA or 900 VA pure sine wave is enough. Don’t go for double battery inverter.

      We Strongly recommend Exide Inva Tubular IT500i 150AH battery, we can’t comment on other brand batteries, hope you will understand.

  • Anurag


    I want to know Luminous Tiranga 550VA (2005) Inverter support Luminous ILTT 18018 (150AH) battery or not.

  • rameez

    i have bought it500 super exide battery with microtek inverter 875sw e2,so plz tell its perfect combination or not,and my dealer told me that it500 super is 20
    ah battery,i suffer power cut for 8 to 10 hrs…So plz do reply fast…

    • admin

      Dear rameez,
      IT500 SUPER is 150 AH battery with high speed charging capacity of 22amp, but your inverter is normal sinewave inverter with 10amp charging current.

      So, your inverter is not going to use the fast charging benefit of IT500 SUPER

      Better you go for ‘Luminous shakti charge’ 1000VA inverter which has the ability to charge the battery at 22amp current.

      Please read this post

  • Mukesh Pathak

    I am confused . Which battery is best exide inva tubular it500 super or luminous inverlast tall tubular iltt 18048? Plz tell me its urgent.
    Tell me best inverter ?
    Is Luminous Shakti Charge 900va is good?
    Is Sukam 1.4va sine wave inverter good?
    Plz tell me price of above batteries & inverter (i.e. mention in my comments)

  • Mukesh Pathak

    I want to run 32″ LG LED TV. Plz tell me which inverter is best for LED TV?

  • Mukesh Pathak

    Dear sir, you are really doing a great job.
    Sir i m planning to buy a new inverter with UPS functionality. I have 2 brands in mind Luminous and su-kam. Which one will be better. I want to run 1 LG led Tv (100 w), 2 Fans, 3 CFL, on it. I witness about 12 hour power cut a day.
    Plz suggest which one is best ?
    1.Luminous Shakti Charge 900va or 1000va or sukam 1.4va sinewave inverter?
    2.exide inva tubular it500i or luminous inverlast tall tubular iltt 18048 (150AH) or Exide inva tubular IT 500
    Is Sukam 1.4va sine wave inverter
    plz reply asa soon as possible………its urgent

    • admin

      Dear Mukesh,
      We don not recommend Luminous shakthi charge inverter for LED TV’s. You can go for Microtek UPS SEBz-1500VA Pure sine wave inverter with two Exide IT500i Batteries. Can choose sukam instead of Microtek.

  • Sumit

    Dear admin
    i am planning to buy an inverter and a battery for my 1BHK Flat. I want to run 1 fan + 2 CFL + 1 TV.
    My budget is low.So please suggest me the best & cheapest option.

    • admin

      Dear Sumit,
      Please mention your TV type and size, CRT or LCD?

  • kishorekumar.jakkam


    iwant to Buy Inverter for 1450 VA and how much Excide battery is sufficient for this 1450 va Inverter.Please suggest suitable Inverter for me.

    • admin

      Dear kishore,
      You need two batteries to operate 1500VA inverter. Exide Invertor Plus 100 ah battery is perfect for budget conscious people.

      We recommend Microtek pure sine wave UPS SEBz-1500VA inverter for you.

  • tamil

    Dear sir,
    i m planning to buy a new inverter.I want to run 1 32″ led Tv , 2 No CFL, 2 fans and 2 no tubes on it.

    i suffer power cut for 2 to 3 hrs

    • admin

      Dear Tamil,
      WE recommend 850 VA pure sine wave inverter with 150 ah IT500 Exide for your load preference.

  • tamil

    Can i go for 600 VA or 800 VA microtek inverter with Exide IT 400 or IT 500

    • admin

      Dear Tamil,
      Microtek 850va pure sine wave SEBz850 suits you.

      Both IT400 and IT500 are compatible with 850 va inverter, choose any one as per your load preference.

  • Tanay


    • admin

      Dear Tanay,
      We do not recommend using CRT TV’s with non sine wave inverters.

  • Srinivasan

    Dear Admin,

    Query 1:
    I have a 800va Usha Zentra. As per specification mentioned in some website I can go for 120-180 Ah battery. I am maintaining very poorly and any battery for that matter comes only for 2 years. Hope to maintain properly.

    Should i go for Exide Inva Tubular IT500 – 150 Ah. Since I can go uo to 180 Ah (will it be of use, should I opt for some other.

    What will be rate of IT500 150 Ah in Chennai.

    Query 2:
    My inverter is always charging. Is it due to the battery, The battery is bulged at places. Will it explode?
    And the inverter box is very hot. I have asked for the Usha Zentra people to service it. They will come tomorrow. Mine is quasi Square wave inverter.

    Thanks in advance.

    • admin

      Dear Srinivasan,
      Time to change your battery, don’t delay anymore.

      We recommend IT500i Exide battery for your inverter, this battery will perform well with your inverter. Quasi sine wave is nothing but square wave inverter.

  • Srinivasan

    Thanks for your quick response. Is IT500i same as IT500 Exide Inva Tubular?

    • admin

      Dear srinivasan,
      IT500i has some additional features like led indicators to monitor the battery charge level.

  • alok

    I want to know sukam sbt1800(180ah) tubular battery is good for my microtek 800 Inverter or sbt1500(150ah)battery.

    • admin

      Dear alok,
      We recommend 150ah battery for 800VA inverters.

  • alok

    Thanks for your quick response. sukam 150 ah performance is good or not either go for another tubular battery like sf sonic(150ah)or other best battery for 800 microtek inverter

  • alok

    which battery recommend you for 800mictotek inverter

  • Srinivas-HYD

    Dear Admin,

    Iam from Hyderabad and my requirement is 3 fans, 3 tube lights, 1 Plasma 42 inch tv. Fans & Tubelights not necessarily run simultaneously atleast 2 fans and 3 tubelights running. I read all your advises and feel Luminous is one of the best recommended Inverter + Exide tubular battery.

    Please advise if Luminous + Exide combination is preferred and any pricing options in Hyderabad for the combination.


  • Praveen

    I am from a rural area of Andhra Pradesh where the power cut is is 10-12 hours a day. So we need an inverter fulfilling the basic home needs for such a long duration. so I am planning for Luminous Shakthi Charge 1000va + Exide IT500 SUPER. can you please suggest me about this ASAP.

    • admin

      Dear praveen,
      Your choice is correct for heavy power cut areas, go for it.

  • Praveen

    Also suggest me for the alternatives which will best suit my needs and also economic. Please inform me the prices for the same.

  • Amit

    Dear All,
    My luminous inverlast flat tubular 150ah has completed its life span of 3 1/2 years now backup is low. This time I am looking for Amaron Tall tubular 150 AH (36+12) warranty,can any one suggest. EXIDE a big noooooo………

  • Praveen

    Please inform me the price of “Luminous Shakthi Charge 1000va + Exide IT500 SUPER” inverter and battery.

  • Bappu

    Dear Sir, m from a village of Assam. here we get power just 4/5 hour in a day. Sir I have to use one pc,four light & one fan regularly in my small shop(photo studio). So,Sir if u kindly suggest me which inverter & battery will be suitable for me and the price at Assam, i will remain grateful to u.

    • admin

      Dear Bappu,
      I regret for your unbearable Power cut situation in Assam, you are suffering nearly 20hrs power cut per day. I can’t imagine how worse the situation there.

      With just 4 to 5 hours of available grid power, you can not charge even a 100 ah battery to its full capacity. Adding a 200 watts solar panel could solve your problem or at-least full fill your basic requirement.

      We recommend 850 VA Microtek Pure sine wave inverter (model UPS SEBz850) – Rs.5000 to 5500/-

      With 150 ah semi tubular Exide (model: Invertor Plus) – Rs.11250 to 12000/-

      PWM 12 v 20 amp charge controller – Rs.1600 to 2000/-

      2 x 100 watts solar PV panels – Rs.10,000/-

      Installation – Rs.3000/-
      Total – Rs.27850 /- approx

      The total cost would not exceed Rs.30,000/-

      This is the best possible cost effective solution for your power cut problem.

      With the above setup of 200 watts solar panel, your battery will get easily charged for 8 hours with available solar power. The panel don’t need high temperature or aggressive sunlight, it will generate power even in cold atmospheric condition, but it needs sunlight to fall on them to produce current.

      search for a better solar dealer.

      (Poly crystalline Solar PV panels would cost around Rs.50 per watt, search for good solar dealer near you , bargain with making note of all the above price recommendations.)

  • Dear Sir,
    I bought a EXIDE battery 17 months back for housing purpose. Now the battery is not giving backup as earlier so It clearly shows that the battery lost it’s life. The dealer while selling the battery he promised for 2 years warranty but in the warranty card Its clearly mentioned that warranty period is for 16 months. I informed dealer 2 months back but he did not agreed about the battery life but now he is telling that battery has lost it’s life and warranty period is over. I registered a complaint in EXIDE service center but till now there is no reply. Now I want to buy a new battery . I dont want to go with EXIDE again. Please suggest me a reliable company so that I will not be cheated again.

  • Roshan

    Hi Admin,

    Since last 3 years, I am using Microtek UPSEB600 inverter with exide 180 Ah battery now the battery is dead so please suggest me which battery and with what AH will be suitable for the power cut of 5-8 hours a day and the usage is for 3 tube light and 3 fan and ctv. Please revert asap I need to buy it.


    • admin

      We recommend Exide Mega Inva 150 ah with 3years full replacement warranty. LIFE expectancy 4 years.

  • Rohan

    I have a 1400VA SUKam UPS cum inverter, which i generally use in inverter mode. It isn’t sine wave. Power cut is not that often in my area. it for one hour a day and sometimes 3-4 hours in a day, in case of major breakdowns.
    which battery would you suggest? exide, sukam or amaron?
    the dealer says he has 132AH battery. also, please let me know the replacement and pro-rated warranties of all, as the websites are not very clear


    • admin

      Dear Rohan,
      We recommend

      Amaron tall tubular 150 ah CRTT 150 – Rs.12500

      3 years full warranty + one year prorata

  • Uvaraj

    Hi Admin,
    One of my inveter seller quoting the below,
    Microtek 1000watts + Exide 150 AH IT500 for rs 23,500
    Is the quatation correct? And the combinatio is correct?

    • Uvaraj

      The seller quotes,
      (microtek 850watts pure sine wave model) + (Exide battery 150 AH IT500) for RS 23,500
      We stays in Namakkal.

      • admin

        Heavy demand and shortage in supply of IT500 leads to heavy price hike.

        Try Amaron tall tubular CRTT 150 ah battery – Rs.12500 to 13000

        Microtek 850 va sinewave – Rs.5500/-

        Note; These high price scenario is in Tamilnadu only.

        Readers from other states don’t get panic 😉

  • sudha


    My parents stay in coimbatore and there is minimum 12 hrs of power cut everyday. For 10 hrs backup, for 2 fans and 2 lights what is that I should buy. I mean which brand inverter and batteries will work good and has long durability. Also help me with the pricing please.
    Thank you

    • admin

      Dear sudha,
      For long back up we recommend

      Exide inverter 850 va – Rs.5500 – 6000/-

      Exide IT500 tall tubular 150ah battery – Rs.14500 – 15500

      (Summer + high demand leads to price hike in tamilnadu, no dealer is ready to slash down the prices)

      Use exide inverter in high charging mode during 10 hrs powercut( 3 modes available)

      Make sure that you are buying Exide inverter, not exide ceil inverter. Exide inverter has lcd display with more advanced functions.


    I have kevin IGBY 850va inverter, is it can handle 2 nos of 150ah tubular batteries, and also suggest which battery is relaiable?

    • admin

      Dear dhoni,
      Kevin inverter is a branded product, but for 850 va inverter , two 150 ah is not recommended.

      You could connect a 200 ah battery with it.

  • Fred

    Hello Sir,

    I am looking to buy a 1.4 KVA inverter. Can you suggest a good brand. Also, what would be the recommended battery type and capacity.
    Is it mandatory to have the battery in open space? any battery type would suit a closed area with suitable ventilation.
    Please suggest.

    • admin

      Dear Fred,
      We recommend sukam shiny 1500 va pure sinewave inverter with sukam big tall tubular 150 ah batteries.

      Batteries should be placed with proper ventilation, do not keep your inverter battery in bedroom unless it is SMF battery.

  • vignesh

    Dear admin

    mahindra powerol 800 va with okaya 150AH,he offered price 18k.and i want to know about it cost and performance.

  • murali

    hai sir
    I would like to buy an inverter of 650va which company is best n preferrable? for this invertor which battery suits for 3 fans n 4 lights?
    we are having 6 hours powercut? not continiously and the battery should hav long life.

    • admin

      Dear Murali,
      We recommend
      Exide 650 VA Inverter (not exide ceil inverter)


      Exide Mega inva 100 ah bettery (3 years full replacement warranty and 4 years life expectancy)

  • murali

    hai sir
    as u said exide mega inva 100ah battery is nice and is it suits for us n how many hours it works for 3 fans n 4 lights continiously

  • nishanth

    Hi Admin ,
    I need your immediate assistance in buying inverter and battery for my office .
    I have 5 computers , 3 fans, switch and a wireless router .
    Please advice me on what inverter va should i take and what power battery should i buy for it .
    And please update me with the latest prices .


  • Dear Admin,

    I am from Mysore and I contacted a dealer who is ready to give me APC850 Sine wave UPS+ Exide Invertor plus 100AH battery with trolley for 16000. Do you think it is a good price. Please advice.
    I also contcted Luminous and they said they will provide 850VA+100ah battery for 14000 including trolley.
    WHich one should I go. Please advice.

    • admin

      Dear Girish,
      APC 850 va pure sine wave inverter – ₹5500/-

      Exide invertor plus 100 ah – ₹8000/-

      Exide invertor plus 135 ah – ₹10500/-

      Above listed prices are the normal end user price, anyway we recommend option 1.


    hello sir,
    i have seen all your suggestions and recommendations i was impressed and really want to go with your idea. My problem starts here, that i want to give backup my pc and crt tv, we try not to use one of them when there is no power, but what happen if power goes when we are using both of them including two 40w lights,two fans and a cable set top box.

    i request you to suggest me a good inverter with pure sine wave output which can take such a load. we are planning to have exide it500 battery.

    thanks you

    • admin

      Dear Aditya,
      If the load is beyond the inverter’s capacity, it simply beeps and shutdown , you need to press the front panel button to restart the inverter. No need to panic!

      For IT500 we recommend New Exide Original 850 va inverter. This one has better charging current in high mode compared to to other leading brands.

      Exide inverter and exide ceil inverter are different products, make sure it is Exide 850 va inverter with LCD display.

      • ADITYA

        hello sir,
        thank you very much for your valuable suggestion. i will go with exide 850 va lcd display inverter. good to have a website like this and very very happy with your response. hope this service will be in favor of all customers, confused and dilemma in choosing the best inverter for them.

  • Krishnaraja

    Hi sir, we are planning to install a solar power backup for our home. A dealer is suggesting below configuration and price.

    Exide it 500 battery-13500 INR
    Prism ups inverter 1050VA – 7500 INR
    vikram solar panels 7500 – 56000 INR

    He is stating that our normal load during day can be handled by the solar power and at night we will get around 6 hours of backup with 3 fans continuously, 4 tubelights, 1 tv and a computer for normal duration. Please provide your suggestion and advice with the above. Thanks.

    • admin

      Dear Krishnaraja,
      Information about total wattage of solar panels is not clear,

      Solar panels for 56k ? i think you are planning for 1 KW panels……ask your dealer about the total watts of solar panels to install.

      • krishnaraja

        Hi Sir,
        The panel cost quoted is 8K per 100W. The dealer told that he will install 7 panels(7*100W) for the need.

        • admin

          Over priced

  • Manoj


    I have 850VA Microtek inverter , please suggest a SMF battery.

    • admin

      Dear Manoj,
      For 850 VA inverter, we recommend

      Exide INVASAFE 600 (150 ah) SMF battery

  • krishnan

    Dear sir,
    I’m willing to buy Exide battery and Su-Kam inverter 850VA. I’m in tamilNadu. My neighbour bought and he said it costs ₹20,000. He says the inverter is ₹13,000. But in this website i found it as ₹5800. So Plz help me. If possible plz suggest me a dealer in hosur, Tamilnadu. Thank you in advance.

    • admin

      Dear Krishnan,

      We recommend the following configuration for you,

      Sukam pure sine wave model 850 VA ‘shiny’ inverter – Rs.5000 to 5500/-

      Exide Invertor Plus 150 ah battery – Rs.11600 to 12000/-

      Installation – Rs.1000/-

  • Manoj

    Thanks for your sugesstion,
    Is Exide INVASAFE 600 (150 ah) SMF battery is available in the market ?
    I think Exide has discontinued SMF battery, If you know any other make let me know.


    • admin

      Dear Manoj,
      If your dealer is out of stock of Exide Inva Safe SMF battery, it doesn’t mean that company has discontinued the model.

      Sukam also has wide range of models in SMF battery,

  • Manoj

    Thanks once again for the suggestion, if you know the sukam model please let me know.


  • Jithin

    Hello Sir,
    I am looking to buy an inverter of around 800va and a tall tubular battery of 150AH. From your above posts i believe Exide 850va Inverter is a good one but it is not available where i live. I inquired around and i have made a list of the available inverters and batteries and its prices. Please help me choose a good inverter and a battery which is economical and has a long life.
    Luminous 875va -Rs.5200
    APC 850va -Rs.6500
    Su-Kam 850va -Rs.6500
    V Guard 800va -Rs.6800
    Amron 800va -Rs.6400
    Usha 800va -Rs.6300

    Tall tubular 150ah Batteries
    Luminous – 12000
    SF STAN ST500 – 14500
    Amron CRTT-150 – 13900
    Exide IT500 – 15500
    Tata Green 150Ah- 15000
    V guard 150AH – 13600


    • admin

      Dear Jithin,
      We recommend

      Sukam shiny 850 VA + Exide IT500 combination

      • Jithin

        Thank you sir. I will go with your suggestion.

  • sharma.amity886

    I read many of your comments which seems very impressive.
    So thought of taking your help in my decision to take new Inverter and battery for my 4 room home.

    I had an eye on Luminous 850 sine wave Invertor and Luminous Tall Tubulor 150 AH Battery. Dealer is offering Rs rs 17000 for this package.

    After going through your comments it seems that MicroTek invertors has an edge over other brands. In battery it seems Exide Inva T batteries (Rs 14600) has an edge. But at the same time I heard that for better performance it is recommended to have same brand of Inverter and Battery.

    Now the Qs is: What should be my preference as per quality and cost. Should I go for Luminous combo or Microtek/Exide combination or third option is to have Microtek Inevrtor and Luminous Tall T Battery.

    • admin

      Dear Sharma,
      Luminous 850 va sine wave inverter + luminous tall tubular 150 ah battery for Rs.17000/- is a good deal!

      Go for it! Both are reliable products.

  • sifysaravana

    Dear Admin,

    Your suggestions were very much helpful , i was confused with so many brands of inverters/batteries. But after reading your forum which clarified my questions, i’m glad that i chose the right brand ( Microtek 850 sine wave / Exide IT500 ) Thank you very much, appreciate your help.

    Saravana Babu

  • Mathews

    I am planning to buy an inverter. Is Amaraja Tribal 800va + Exide IT500 Inva Tubular battery and advisable option? What would it cost at Chennai?

    Is there a price drop expected in June 2013, as May being the hot summer at Chennai?

  • muthuvijai

    Dear Admin,

    I am looking for an inverter and battery for my home appliances.Iwould like to power 7 tube lights ,4 fans,1 TV and 1 plug point (for mixer grinder).

    After reading all your posts, I have narrowed my selection as below

    Su-Kam shiny 1500 VA pure sine inverter and Exide IT500 ( 150 AH battery). Can you let me know is my selection is ok or not? please suggest me


  • deepa

    Dear Admin,

    Am Confused to buy a invertor.
    Atlast i chosen Microtek 875VA Inverter,Battery Exide .my query s abt baterry waht s exide Inva red and inva tubular. where can i get good price? they r telling Exide inva tubular price 16,800 .

    Thanks & Regards,

  • yogesshpawar

    Hello Admin,

    I have read many of your above comments,Highly appreciated. Very helpful. But still need your expert opinion.
    I stay in Thane-Maharashtra.
    I want to buy a Inverter + Battery for my 1 BHK home.
    My requirement is 2 Tubes + 2 Fans + 1 CRT TV + 2 CFL + Optional(Computer with TFT)

    I need at least 3 to 4 hours of back up time.
    So the questions are as below.
    1> Which is the best Config for the above load & backup.(650 / 850 Inverter and 100AH / 150 AH Battery)

    2> Which is the best Inverter in terms of quality & service(in Thane)

    3> Which is the Best Battery for the above requirement in terms of quality & service(in Thane)

    4> Please mention the approximate price with your suggestions.

    Thanks in advanced.
    Yogessh Pawar

  • ashutosh

    I am planning for Microtek inverter 250 va and luminous battery of 150 AH

    Is it the right combo?

    For running 2 fans and 2 cfl for. Five hours?

    If not pls….suggest!

    • admin

      Dear ashutosh,
      A 250 va inverter could not handle a 150 ah battery, we recommend minimum 600 VA inverter + 150 ah battery combo.

      Microtek UPS EB 600 VA square wave inverter would cost around Rs.3500/-

      A 150 ah battery would handle your load preference flawlessly, we also recommend Exide 135 ah Invertor plus model battery with 2 years full warranty for prolonged and trouble-free performance.

  • Prabhjeet

    Sir I have Su kam MAK 650 inverter . Need to know which battery to choose for this inverter . So that we can have maximum backup for 3 fans and 2 tubes.

    • Admin

      We recommend Exide mega 150 ah battery for better life and better performance.

  • Rajeev

    Hi Admin,
    875 VA inverter + 150 ah Tall tabular battery Luminous combo . Is Good option in Chennai for 18500/- to 19500/- or Please suggest me some other good option. 2F+3CFL+1PC+1TV+Fridge

    • Admin

      Dear Rajeev,
      Your selection is good, but you cannot operate refrigerator with basic single battery inverter. Make sure you are buying Pure sine wave inverter.

  • Sumit

    Hi Admin,
    Sir i have a Su kam 800VA inverter ups, please suggest a best tabular battery for this and how much it cost.

  • Sumit

    Hi Admin,
    I am from jharkhand, and i have a Su kam 800VA inverter. Please suggest a good tabular battery for this with best life span and best performance in long cut offs.
    thank u.

  • Sumit Dey

    Hi Admin,
    I am from jharkhand, and i have a Su kam 800VA inverter. Please suggest a good tabular battery for this with best life span and best performance in long cut offs.
    thank u.

    • Admin

      Dear Sumit,
      Go for Exide IT500 Tall tubular 150 ah battery (or) Amaron CRTT 150 ah tall tubular battery.

      Both are good power performers.

  • Admin

    Dear Alok,
    We recommend
    Sukam shiny 850 va inverter – Rs.5500/-
    Exide Inva smart 150 ah (3 years full warranty) – Rs – Rs.13,500/-

    • Alok

      Thanks admit Whar About genus Sure Sine Wave Inverter

      • Admin

        Dear Alok,
        Genus is one of the quality product available in the market.

        Genus inverters are reliable and long lasting.

    • Naren

      Hi Admin,

      Hope you dont mind me posting here ( as the thread is started by another OP)

      Is inva smart better 150ah than Exide Inva tubular IT 500 ? I read rave reviews about IT500 in this forum so curious to know. Thanks !

  • Admin

    Dear Yogesh Pawar,
    For your load preference we would recommend

    Sukam shiny 850 va inverter (pure sine wave) – Rs.5000 to 5500/-
    Amaron CRTT 150 ah tall tubular battery – Rs.12500 to 13500/-

    Battery life expectancy – 4 years+

    Sukam shiny is very reliable model and the service is good compared to other brands.

    Read this articles for more info



  • Naren

    Dear Admin,

    First of all thanks a ton to have started this forum that is helping many of people like me better understand what all to keep in mind while deciding for invertor & battries, you have really been doing a commending job of helping people.

    Now i am in thr market for buying an invertor + Battery for my 3bhk home.

    My requirement is 4 fans & 4 tubes, power cut is for about 3-4 hous almost twice a week and during rains or summer it can be as worse as 6 hrs in night ( buy this may be the case on few occassions only)

    Considering worst case senatio i calcuted ( as per ur given formula) that i need 190 ah battery. I know Exide Inva tubular may be best but IT750(200ah) is costing around 21000 which is little expensive.

    While Okaya 200 ah Tubular (HT8084) i can get for 14800

    For invertor i am thinking of buying Exide 850 invertor

    Please can you advise if above combi of Okaya Battery n Exide invertor is good? If not then please can you advise what may be a good & less expensive alternative to Exide inva tubular?

    I will be greatful if you can reply at your earliest as i am in urgent need of batter + invertor.

    Thanks & have a great eve ahead

    • Admin

      Dear Naren,
      I read your comment fully and i understand your requirement.

      Exide 850 va original inverter is a good choice.

      For battery, we would like to recommend

      Exide Invertor Plus 200 ah (2 years warranty) -Rs.1700/-

      (Okaya is good, but Exide Invertor Plus semi tubular is bettery choice in terms of longevity and maintenance)

      • Naren

        Appreciate your reply,

        A few more question for which i request your help :

        What may be life expectancy of Invertor plus 200ah ? ( Reason i am asking is it has 24 mths replacement warranty while Okaya Tubular comes with 30 mths replaement warranty ) Also do tall tubular batteries in general last longer as i see most of them having more replacement warranty as compared to wider tubular batteries of same brand? ( if so is it bcoz water needs to be replaced less frequently? )

        Is it generally better to go for battery with a few AH more then our requirement to reduce chances of full discharge ?

        Am i getting Exide 850va inverter at good price ( i am given quote of 5K )

        Thanks & have a great day ahead

        • Admin

          Dear Naren,
          Exide Invertor plus has 2 years warranty, it’s life expectancy is 3 years+

          One more thing, the difference is, performance guarantee of Exide Invertor Plus is exceptional, it won’t let you down until its last day.

          Some other brands offer 3 years warranty on their tubular batteries, but we have seen significant drop in performance after 18 months itself, but the battery won’t die for 3 years, only the performance will drop 😉 , so the company won’t offer you replacement unless the battery is completely dead.

          Going for 200 ah battery is up to you, we would recommend 150 ah Inva smart or 150 ah Mega inva for better life and performance.

          Inva smart and mega inva has 3 years full warranty and life expectancy is 4 years+

          Just equal to Tall Tubular.

          Very minimal difference compared to IT500.

          Inva smart and Mega inva share same specs and price.

          • Naren

            Hi Admin,
            Once again thanks for helping me decide and make better choice.
            Are you suggesting 150AH battery because they are superior in quality / performance/ longativity than 180 & 200AH batteries in general or I dont need battery for my back up requirement (4 fans, 4 tubes, power cut of around 3-4 hours and on very rare worse days 6-7 hours )
            Also can you advise whether Inva Smart and Mega Inva are non tubular or semi tubular ? and their price estimate.
            Also between Inva Smart, Inva Mega & Inva Tubular which should be the first choice and which one should be second?
            sorry for too many question but i hope you will understand that i am just tying to leverage your expert knowledge to make best decision possible.
            Thanks you and have a great day ahead!

          • Admin

            Dear Naren,
            For 850 va inverter, 150 ah battery is the most perfect companion

            Installing bigger batteries with 12v single battery 850 va inverter won’t give you any additional benefits if long power cuts occur frequently.

            850 va inverter won’t able to charge the 200 ah battery to its full potential during frequent long power cuts.

            In such case, Exide 1450 va 24v double battery inverter + Two 88ah mega inva batteries configuration is recommended. NO big difference in total cost. But double battery inverter with two 88ah batteries has so many advantages.

            Quick charging ability
            Could handle double the load of 800 va inverter
            Useful during power cuts more than 15hrs per day

            Mega Inva and Inva smart are almost same, Exide has discontinued the 150 ah model in Mega Inva series and introduced ‘Inva Smart’ instead, which is improved version of mega inva.

            Both are good batteries, choose according to the availability.

          • Naren

            Hi Admin,
            Sorry for bugging you my quesiton again but probably this is the only way for me to make a best choice hope you dont mind the same.

            I think i am somewhat getting it now, however I still have some confusions and will greatly appreciate if you can answer all my below 5 questions which can hopefully clear my remaining doubts and help me make a choice soon .
            (1) How long will it take for Exide 850 VA to completely charge 150AH Battery and 200AH Battery respectively. ( electriciy in my area usually goes off at a streatch so in worst case i will have around 15-17 hrs availabe for charging the battery)
            (2) Based on my requrement (i.e 4 fans, 4 tubes, power cut of around 3-4 hours and on very rare worse days 6-7 hours ) which turns out to be 460 watts hourly and based on calculation proceedure explained by you – 150AH should give back up for 3.91 hrs, 180AH should back up for 4.69 hrs and 200AH should give back up for 5.21 do Exide batteries give approx same amount of back up as calculated or it can be higher than that? and hence we may be good even going with lil lower AH value battery?
            (3) Is Exide Mega 1500 same as Mega Inva 150 AH? I cuold only find former at below link

            (4) Are 150 AH batteries in general better in terms of performance and longativity than batteries with higher AH ( like 180 and 200 AH ) also if i dont have frequent power cut and whenver there is a power cut its at one stretch be it 3-4 hrs or 5-6 hrs – will it still be a better to stick to 150AH or go for 2* 88HA + 24 Volts dual battery inverter? or a single 180AH or 200AH is ok to consider?
            (5) Sorry for asking this again – Between Mega Inva series and Inva Tubular series which on is better and what makes it better if you can help me know.
            Thanks a ton for your help, patiance and williness to share knoweldge in advance !

          • Admin

            Dear Naren,
            We recommend double battery inverter if you face intermittent and long power cuts like 15 hrs power shedding per day.

            I think you didn’t have such a worse power cut scenario, an 850 va Exide Inverter with 200 ah Invertor plus battery will be suitable for your situation. Use inverter in HC (high charge) mode if you face power cut more than 6 hours per day.

            In HC mode, your battery will be holding more current and give enough back up.

            But in HC mode, your battery will lose water rapidly and you need to top up distilled water once per month.

            In normal mode your battery will stay cool and no frequent water toppings required. But the backup time will be low compared to high charge mode.

            Enhanced charge mode is an another option in Exide inverter, use suitable mode accordingly.

            If budget is not a constrain, go for IT750, the difference between semitubular and Inva tubular batteries is minimal,

            Inva tubular batteries are capable of accepting high charge current whereas semi tubular batteries have certain limitations in charge current.

            Battery life is decided by the number of full charge cycles, it differs according to your situation. So it is difficult to predict its life

          • Naren


            Thank you so much for explaining all this in a plain simple english n making it relatively easy to decide what may make most sense to buy…

            Keep up the great work!


          • Admin

            Dear Naren,
            Thank you for your comments 🙂

          • Naren

            Dear Admin,

            Thanks your help so far, and I may most likely be able to place the order by the week end itself and for this I request your help with a 5 more doubts/ questions of mine..and I hope you don’t mind my lengthy questions:

            1) Can you advise what is the lowest price for Exide IT750 and Exide 850VA invertor? so that i can try to negotiate accordingly ( I had got quote of Rs 21K & Rs 5K resp)

            2) Will Exide 850VA support IT-750 well? why i am asking is i think i read somewhere that for IT-750 one should go for 875Va Invertor

            3) how important is the C rating ? ( C5,C10,C20) I read about it a little bit but dint fully understand its importance for deciding Battery for invertor. IT-750 is C20 rated, form what i read i think only if IT-750 battery is continuously used for 20 hours only then one can draw the power back up of 200 AH .. so for example if my electrical appliances draw current equal to 460 W how many hours will the battery last? or how much will be the % of power / energy loss for continuous usage upto 4-5 hrs ( 460 w per hour ) — I am basically trying to understand how many wafts should we use per hour to increase the backup to its max and energy loss per hour to minimum

            4) If i plan my usage in such a way that i max end up utilizing say upto 60-70% of the Battery’s back up each time ( so remaining power in battery doesnt go below 30% in any case ) then will it increase batteries life drastically ? as its said that battery life depends on deep discharge cycle ? and if this is true will it be appropriate for any user to for for a battery say 20-30 extra AH than max needs, in order to increase battery life?

            5) I am planning to keep the battery on loft as that is where my old battery n Inverter was and the wiring is done accordingly. However there is one issue…the opening to loft only 15.25″ in height while the inside section of the height of 30″ ( imagine as if it was like a window frame of 15.25″ height and depth of frame being 7″ but once you cross the depth of 7″ then the height is 30″ ) .. the IT-750 will have height of approx 16″ and for this i may have to tilt the battery at 40 degree (40 degrees from top i,e 60 degrees from bottom) and push it in and once its moved inside form loft opening it can be kept properly and will have 15 inches free above it.. Is it ok to tilt the battery at the time of placing it on loft or it can result in battery water getting leaked or battery getting damaged? ( if this doesn’t work i will have to get the loft opening which is made up of aluminium frame + door, dismantled for putting the battery on loft and then re-assembled.

            Thank you and good night!


          • Admin

            Dear Naren,
            Choosing 200 ah battery for your present power cut cut scenario will give you extended battery life, no doubt!

            Prices seems reasonable, but in Delhi you could ask for additional 5% discount on battery.

            About battery usage:
            You will get good backup time with 200 ah battery if you limit your concurrent usage under 200 watt.

            Exide 850VA will support Exide IT750, actually Exide 850 va inverter is the most perfect model suitable for 200 ah battery.
            The reason is Exide inverter only has 3 modes for charge current selection and high charge current of its class.

            You can tilt the battery during installation, no problem with it. But make sure the vent caps are fastened perfectly and no acid spills.

          • Naren

            Dear Admin,

            Thanks for your help again !!

            Purchased Exide IT 750 200AH + Exide 850va Invertor today cost me 19800 & 5000 resp after negotiation.

            Battery gy delivered today but dealer did not have have invertor stock as he likes to sell microtek more 😛 so he will give the invertor on tuesday.

            He tried to convince a lot on Sf Sonic ST750 + microtek or luminus invertor.. I was adamant for Exide IT 750 + Exide 850 va finally he gave up 🙂

            Hope the battery serves me well n last for 4-5 yrs.

            You have a good night n great week end !


          • Admin

            Dear Naren,
            So, you got Exide IT750 200 ah battery for Rs.19800/- , good deal!

            Thanks for sharing the prices and thanks for all your questions, I’m sure it would be very useful for other readers. 🙂

          • Naren

            Dear Admin,

            I need some serious help !!! Got the IT200 Battery- Exide 850 va inverter installed at home on Wednesday.

            When we faced power cut today i felt 15-20% reduction in the fan speed when the inverter started using battery power ( as electricity was gone) i had thought the fan speed should not change if sign wave inverters are used. Please can you advise if this is normal to experience reduction in fan speed by 15-20% wen the inverter moves from mains to Battery power? Or does it indicate possible problem with my Battery and /or Inverter ?

            Will appreciate your help in understanding the above.

            Thanks & have a great eve ahead !


          • Admin

            Dear Naren,
            Fan speed difference is normal in battery mode. You need yo check your AC mains voltage and inverter output voltage (in battery mode).

            I think your mains voltage (grid power) is above 220v , so your are experiencing fan speed reduction in battery mode.

            Check your voltage first!

  • Shiju

    Dear Admin,

    Could you please suggest me on inverter battery, I have a 500va inverter ,my use is 3 CFL 2 fans, which battery I can
    go for, my choice is Amaron AAM-CR-I100H29R please suggest.



    • Admin

      Dear Shiju,
      Amaron AAM-CR-I100H29R is good choice for your load requirement.

      In case of unavailability of Amaron, u could choose Exide Invertor Plus 100ah or Exide Mega Inva 100 ah.

      Mega Inva 100 ah is best among this three models.
      3 years full warranty

  • Raj

    Plz suggest a good tubular battery for 1500 VA Microtek inverter. I will need two of them and want to be perfect at the first time itself. Also, please help me understand its back-up time and elecricity that it will consume.

    • Admin

      Dear Raj,
      You didn’t mention your budget limit, so we list out some battery models that suits 1500 va inverter.

      Exide IT500 150 ah tall tubular – If you want sturdy Tall Tubular battery with life expectancy of 5 years, we would recommend this battery, but it is expensive though, it would cost around Rs.15500/- (single battery price)

      Exide Inva Smart 150ah or Mega Inva 150 ah – These two models are identical and Inva smart is new one, this battery has three years full replacement warranty and life expectancy of 4 years+

      Approx.Price – Rs.13500/- (single battery)
      Amaron CRTT 150 ah Tall tubular battery – Rs.12800 to 13200/-
      If you want cost effective as well as reliable power performer, we would recommend

      Exide Invertor Plus 135AH battery

      Price – Rs.10700/- (single battery)

      Two years full replacement warranty and LIfe expectancy 3 years +

      Combination of two 88 ah batteries also perform well with 1500 va inverter.

      Exide Invertor Plus 88 ah battery – Rs.6800/- (single Battery price) (2years full warranty)

  • Admin

    Dear Naren,
    As i already said, 240v is not a normal voltage level from grid. So you are experiencing some speed difference in battery mode.

    Out put of puresine wave inverters would be around 220v , only minimal difference will be there.

    In battery mode, battery voltage will be slowly decrease as you continue to use the current saved in the battery, this is normal.

    Your questions shows your interest in understanding the technical side of inverters and batteries, why don’t you purchase a digital multimeter and check the output voltage level in battery mode.

    (check with any of your power point connected to inverter or check the extra power socket at the back panel of your home ups)

    digital multimeter cost only Rs.250/- , useful for home.

  • Admin

    Dear Naren,
    Multimeter is a useful tool, congrats on your new purchase.

    I will reply to your queries today itself.

    Thank you,

  • Admin

    Dear Naren,
    Please post short questions, as we have only very little time to moderate these comments and post replies. Hope you understand.

    You could compare the inverter efficiency of leading inverter brands by visiting their official sites. They include this information in their product specs.

    But the efficiency might vary according to temperature conditions and the charge mode we use.

    Obviously, in high charge mode, most old batteries do not attain the certain cutoff voltage and the inverter keeps on charging the battery with high amp current, in this case our electricity bill might go up unusually.

    So, it is hard to diagnose the exact reason for low efficiency of inverter.

  • Admin

    Dear Abbas,
    Inverter fan won’t run continuously after the battery is fully charged, you should call sukam service for inspecting your inverter functionality.

    Do not use your inverter in UPS mode unless you have connected your desktop PC with inverter. Even a small voltage drop could switch your inverter to battery mode.

    Inverter does not consume any current for its functionality, it just convert AC to DC and saves it in battery. During power failure, it converts back the DC power saved in the Battery to AC power for our utility.

    Energy efficiency of an inverter is 85 % approximately. which means the 15 % of current would be wasted during this conversion process.

    Tubular batteries also emits flammable fumes during battery charging, even though the ceramic caps filter out the fumes, good ventilation is always recommended.

    • Abbas

      Admin, thank you for a clear and precise answer. This is a great forum!

  • Admin

    Dear Rakesh,
    We recommend
    16nos. 12v 200AH batteries

    for approximately 6.5 hrs backup @ 25 amp discharge.

  • Alok Jain

    Hello Admin
    I am having a 625VA microtek inverter. Earlier I choose Microtek battery of 135AH with this inverter but I am not satisfied with the performance. The battery didn’t last for even 2 years with good performance. I am now planning to buy a new battery. My load demand is 1 21inch LCD TV, 1 fan, 2 lights at most. The seller is insisting me to buy luminous tubular inverlast 150AH battery. Will I get best performance with this combination. I am personally feeling more inclined to EXIDE MEGAINVA 100 AH battery. Kindly suggest with inverter of 625va I should use battery of how much AH?

    • Admin

      Dear Alok,
      We recommend luminous tubular inverlast 150AH battery for your 625 va inverter.

      • Alok Jain

        Will my invertor be able to charge it properly. You said in some post that invertors may not be able to charge big batteries, the combination should be good.

        • Admin

          Dear Alok,
          625 va inverter would take a little longer to charge a 150 ah battery compared to an 850 va inverter, but still it is compatible with 150 ah battery.

          If you don’t face severe power cuts like 14 hrs per day, you could opt in for 150 ah battery for your 625 va inverter.

  • Admin

    Dear Raghav,
    We recommend sukam shiny pure sine wave inverter for better performance and good service.

    Sukam shiny has 7 years warranty on transformer and 2 years warranty on other components.

    sukam shiny 850 va inverter would handle your load if you minimize your usage. It’s a single battery inverter.

    Sukam shiny 1500 va inverter is a double battery inverter which could handle your load preference flawlessly.

    choose 850 va or 1500 va that suits your budget.

    850 va sukam shiny would cost around Rs.5500/-

    For battery we recommend Exide IT500 (150ah) tall tubular battery which is best seller in the market.

    IT500 is little bit expensive, would cost around Rs.14000 to 14500/-

    It has 3 years full replacement warranty and additional 1 year prorate warranty.

    If you want to go for low cost branded battery with exceptional performance, we recommend
    Exide Inva smart 150 ah battery.

    It has 3 years full replacement warranty.

  • Admin

    Dear Faisal,
    Laptop consumes only 60 90 watts current.

    But a printer would consume much more current compared to Laptop. If you plan to use the printer continuously during power cut hours, then we would recommend to go for

    600 VA pure sine wave inverter + 150 ah battery combination.

  • Admin

    Dear Promod,
    Amaron CRTT 150 is one of the best battery available in the market.

  • Admin

    If you could avoid Printer, then we would recommend 600 VA pure sine wave inverter + 80 ah battery combination for your load preference.

  • Admin

    Dear Balasheshu,
    We recommend

    Sukam Shiny 850 VA inverter for your load preference.

    For battery selection, better you read this article


  • Admin

    Dear Deepa,
    We recommend
    Luminous ILTT18048 150AH and Exide IT500

    Luminous Eco volt 900 is Pure sinwave Inverter

    Luminous Eco watt is Squarewave inverter

    Make sure you’re buying pure sine wave model.

  • Admin

    Dear Avishek Nath,
    We recommend Sukam Falcon 1400 VA Pure sine wave inverter. Better than Luminous supreme.

    For batteries,
    We recommend

    Exide Inva Pus IP1000 FIP0-IP1000 – 100 AH battery model

    24 months warranty

    Exide Inva Plus is non tubular normal inverter battery model.

    If you want to go for tubular model, we recommend
    Exide Inva master short tubular model

    INVAMASTER 4000 – 100 AH

    For more on Inva master, read this post


  • Admin

    Dear KC,
    We do not recommend square wave inverter for modern homes and flats,

    wait for pure sine wave inverter or buy it online

  • Admin

    Dear Vishal,
    It is difficult to operate all your gadgets simultaneously with single battery inverter,

    Any how we recommend to go for 1 KVA single battery inverter with 180 ah battery.

    Sukam Falcon Plus 1050 VA pure sine wave inverter
    Su-kam 180AH Tall tubular batteries.

    Go for battery with long warranty.

    Falcon plus is latest flagship model of Sukam with most advanced battery charging technology which enhances the battery life significantly.

  • Admin

    Dear Vishal,
    We recommend Sukam’s flagship model, *Falcon* *Plus* 1050 Va
    pure sine wave inverter. It would cost around Rs.6000, little expensive, but worth it.

    It ensures better battery life, even for mid range tubular battery.

    For Battery,
    We recommend Exide IT500 and Exide Inva Master IM10000 tall tubular battery models.

    Sukam tall tubular is also a best combo for Falcon Plus inverter.

    (please remember Falcon and Falcon Plus are different models)

  • Sachindra

    I have Microtek 600 VA inverter. I need to purchase 150Ah battery soon. My requirment is 2 CFL + 2 Fans + 1 Computer. I inquired for some battery in Indirapuram, and they are offering Exide/Sukam/Luminous/v Guard. Please suggest which one will be best to buy.

    • Admin

      Dear Sachindra,
      Go for Exide Tube master Tall tubular Battery 150 AH
      with 18 + 18 months warranty – Rs.10,000 to 11,000


      Exide Inva Master IM10000 Tall tubular battery 150 ah – Rs.12500

      Both batteries are sturdy and better choice.

  • Admin

    Dear Abhishek,
    We recommend 900 VA pure sinewave inverter + 150 AH tall tubular battery for your load preference.

    We recommend

    Microtek HB950 Hybrid Inverter – Pure sine wave – Rs.4200/- (online price)

    Exide Tubemaster TM500 150 ah tall tubular battery- Rs.10500 to 11000

    Inverter has 2 years warranty and battery has 18+18 =36 months warranty. Good battery in terms of price and performance.

    Check the online price of Microtek HB950 Hybrid Inverter – Pure sine wave here


  • Admin

    Dear Abhishek,
    We recommend IT500

  • Admin

    Dear Abhishek,
    We recommend

    Luminous Eco volt 900VA Pure sine wave
    Exide Tube Master TM500 150 ah tall tubular battery

    This combo works well and the battery’s life expectancy is 4+ years. Good Deal.

  • Ramanathan Sm

    hello Admin,
    i stay in Pudukkottai,Tamilnadu
    i want to buy a inverter and battery for my 2BHK HOME

    • Admin

      Dear ramanathan,
      We recommend Exide 850 va pure sine wave inverter and sukam falcon plus 900 va inverter.

      Choose according to availability.

  • Admin

    Exide IM10000 Inva Master 150 ah tall tubular battery would be a better companion.

  • DDG

    Dear Admin,
    I had purchased Luminous solar home UPS 1500 VA model. The shopkeeper is providing the Luminous Solar Tubular Battery C10 (150 Ah) with this inverter. Can you please suggest whether this is good combination. OR should I go for Exide Solatron Battery C10 (150 Ah).
    Kindly suggest.

    • Admin

      Yes it is OK, no need to change.

  • Admin

    Dear Baskar,
    We recommend Exide Inva master IM10000 Tall tubular 150 ah battery.

  • Suman Bhattacharyya

    Dear Admin.
    I was faced by a long powercut recently, and my battery died in about 1½ hrs. It is an Amco AIP-180T TAFE PS with a Luminous 800va sinewave ups. Both are about 6 years old, but the ups has had a lot of trouble in the past 1-2 years. But this time the dealer says that the battery is at fault. I live in Bokaro.

    I want advice about the battery I should buy right now around rs 10-11000, and also about when to change the ups. I run, on an average, 3 tubelights, 2 fans, 1 led tv 32″, 2 wifi routers and may run 1 cooler on it in the recent future.

    Hoping for a quick response.
    S Bhattacharyya.

    • Admin

      Dear Suman,
      We recommend Exide tube master 150 ah tall tubular battery which would cost around RS.10500

      Also we recommend to change the PCB (circuit board) of your luminous sine wave inverter. It would cost around Rs.1200

      By changing the pcb, your inverter will function like a new one. This will prolong your inverter battery life.

  • Dr. Sanjeev Puri

    Can I have back up of two Exide inva tubular it 500 batteries with Luminous 800va inverter?

    • Admin

      If you plan for two batteries for better backup then we would recommend luminous zelio 1600 double battery inverter for better charging and load bearing.

      • Aniket Shende

        Hello Sir, I have noticed that you usually suggest Sukam Falcon + for heavier/higher capacity batteries. Is it because of better charging capability in SF+? Here you suggest Zelio. Have you made any new observations that Zelio is better than SF+? Or maybe i have not correctly interpreted your suggestions :-). And thank you for educating us with your wonderful posts.

        • Admin

          Dear Ankit,
          Sukam Falcon plus has better charging ability, even at low voltage conditions.

          Luminous zelio 1100 model is 900 Va inverter whereas sukam falconplus 1100 is 1100 Va inverter.

          Both models will handle 200 Ah batteries quite comfortably.

          Luminous zelio is inexpensive compared to Falcon plus. Choose according to your requirements.

  • Nitn

    Dear Admin,

    I am going for Su-Kum Sine wave 900 VA Invertor+ Sukum 150 AH Tubular Battery for my bellow mentioned uses;
    02 Fan+02 LED+2 Tube Light+ 32 LCD+190 L Freeze

    Can i go for the same ?

    Pl suggest ASAP.


  • shubham garg