Luminous Tall Tubular Battery LT 500 – Pros and Cons

Luminous Inverlast tall tubular battery model LT500 is one of the best-selling models in Luminous Tall Tubular Inverter Battery series.

LT500 is a 150ah Tall tubular battery with good life expectancy of 4 to 5 years.

We recommend this model for those who want an alternative for Exide IT500 tall tubular battery.



This model is most famous and affordable in Lumious Tall tubular series.

Made with Hadi High Pressure Casting Method, which ensures high quality and long life for battery

Cycle Life Expectancy as per Battery specification– 1250 cycles @ 80% depth of discharge

LT 500 can be compared with Exide’s IT500 battery in many ways. Both models has the same cycle life, both luminous LT500 and Exide IT500 are made with Hadi High Pressure casting machine.

Remarkable Overcharge Tolerance level, suitable for inverter with high charging current

Suitable for solar hybrid inverters

Quick Recharge ability, if connected with Inverter with high charging current

Luminous LT500 costs only Rs.12000 to 12500/- whereas Exide IT500 costs Rs.14500 to 15000/-


Inverlast LT 500 has two years full replacement warranty + 6 months prorate warranty.

For a battery with cycle life expectancy of 1250 cycles @ 80% DOD, just 2 years replacement warranty is too low compared to other brands.

Exide Mega Inva 150 ah battery, which is not a tubular, has 3 years full replacement warranty.


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