Exide Inva Tubular Battery Models available in Market

Exide Inva Tubular Batteries are most famous and high demanding product in market. The reason behind its success is “Long Battery Life”; no other batteries of this class could compete with Inva Tubular standards.

Due to high demand in summer, most of the dealers of out of stock with Inva Tubular Battery Models while other semi tubular batteries like “Invertor Plus” are easily available with little price hike. This shows the popularity of “Inva Tubular” models.

inva tubular it500


Exide Inva Tubular Models

Model AH Rating
IT 400 (old model- normal flat type- discontinued) 110 Ah
IT 400 (New Model- Tall Tubular) 115 Ah
IT 500 150 Ah
IT 550 165 Ah
IT 650(old model – discontinued) 200 Ah
IT 750(New model) 200 Ah

Exide InvaTubular IT 400


IT 400 (discontinued – old model) is 110 AH tubular battery with 4 years warranty. 110 AH rating battery is suitable for small houses and small family with 3 members. Despite of low AH rating, IT400 performs well in frequent power cut areas.


Exide has changed the design of IT400 from normal tubular battery to Tall Tubular battery. The AH rating also changed from 110 ah to 115 ah in new model.

So, from now on, IT400 (115ah) battery with normal design is outdated, be careful while buying IT400, ask your dealer for Tall tubular IT400.


Difference between Regular and Tall Tubular

Tall Tubular contains some extra electrolyte, ensures low maintenance (NO Frequent water Toppings)

Tall Tubular Occupies less space.

NO big difference in Performance.




Updated Inva Tubular Models with Tall Tubular Design

IT 400 – (115 AH) (New Model)

IT 500 – (150 AH)

IT 550 – (165 AH)

IT750 – (200 AH) (New Model)

Newly Launched Models

Exide has discontinued two models in Inva Tubular series and launched two new models,

IT400(110ah) and IT650(200ah) are the two models discontinued by Exide.

New IT400(115ah) and IT750(200ah) are the newly launched models by Exide.

Old IT400 is replaced by New IT400 with Tall Tubular design and increased AH rating of 115.  Success of IT500 Tall tubular battery is the reason behind the design change of IT400.

IT650 is replaced by newly launched IT750, this new model has excellent fast charging ability and extremely useful in heavy power cut areas.

Advantages of Inva Tubular

1. Usually Tubular Batteries are Deep cycle batteries; Battery life is decided by the number of deep discharge cycles. Inva Tubular withstand up to 800-1000 deep discharge cycles whereas non branded tubulars withstand only 300-400 deep discharge cycles.

2. If your inverter overcharges the battery, Inva tubular won’t get affected by overcharge.

3. Space saver


1. Overpriced compared to other brands.

2. Not available for online Purchase.

3. Out of Stock during Heavy Demand.

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