Top 3 Tubular Inverter Batteries and Prices

Preparing a top list is always a hard task to accomplish, anyways, we have prepared one for the sake of our visitors who were in hurry burry to buy a best inverter battery immediately and who have no time to sit back and read our blog leisurely.

Writing an article like this seems like a simple task, but the truth is, it is a herculean task. Only those who follow the battery sales and performance trend for a very long time could confidently write such a post. I hope I can make it.

Let’s come to the topic

While preparing for this topic, I have decided to split this post in to two sections, namely

Top 3 non-tubular Inverter Batteries in India


Top 3 Tubular inverter batteries in India

So, here in this post, I’m going to write about the top 3 tubular batteries for inverters in Indian Market, I will cover the top 3 non- tubular batteries in my next post separately.

Top 3 Tubular Batteries and their Prices

1. Exide ‘Inva tubular’ Model – IT500 (150ah)

2. Amaron Current CRTT 150 ah, Tall tubular battery

3. Luminous inverlast ILTT 18048 – Tall Tubular battery (150ah)

You may wonder that I have not listed some potential best performing models in market, but when we narrow our search and try to pick the top 3 from a very large list of batteries, it is inevitable to leave some good performing and competitively priced battery models.

The three models listed here are undoubtedly best sellers, Best performers, long lasting and worth the price.

Exide IT500 (150ah) Tall Tubular Battery


We face no difficulty in picking the no.1 tubular battery for inverters, as we all already know, Exide IT500 holds the no.1 position.

Exide IT500 is a 150 ah tall tubular battery from India’s largest battery manufacturing company. Though Exide is producing so many models in tubular series, particularly this IT500 model has a very good reputation and proven longevity in the market.

IT500 is the best seller and best performer of its class.

Non-availability during heavy demands and high pricing are the main disadvantages of this model, despite of all these reasons Exide IT 500 holds the no.1 position in the market.

Exide IT500 Perform consistently even under arduous situation and deliver long back up flawlessly.

Proven reliability and life expectancy of more than 5 years makes this model more preferable among home users.


Exide IT500 (150ah) battery has 36 month full replacement warranty + 1 year Prorate warranty. Prorate warranty is just a discount on new battery purchase.

Price Range

Price of Exide IT500 range from Rs.14000 to 15000/-, particularly in southern states of India, the prices are so high and not reasonable.

Amaron Current CRTT 150 ah – Tall Tubular

amaron current tall tubular 150 ah

This model is from one of the India’s leading battery manufacturing company ‘Amara Raja Batteries Ltd’.

Amaron CRTT 150 is a Close competitor to ExideIT500

Same warranty like IT500 – 36 months free replacement warranty + 1 year prorate warranty

Good Performing model, just equal to IT500


Amaron current CRTT 150 price range – Rs.12500 to 13500/-

Best alternative for Exide IT500, same performance but big difference in Price

Luminous Inverlast ILTT 18048 (150 ah) Tall tubular for Home UPS

Luminous ILTT18048

Luminous is one of the best battery manufacturers in India. Luminous inverters are already rocking the market; Luminous has variety of tall tubular battery models designed for use with Home UPS systems.

This ILTT18048 (150ah tall tubular) model with long warranty is most popular among users who prefer reliable and branded long back up tubular battery at affordable price.

Price range

Luminous Inverlast ILTT18048 (150ah) Price range – Rs.12500 to 12800/-

Warranty: all the 3 batteries listed here have the same warranty – 3 years full replacement + 1 year prorate

Life Expectancy of ILTT18048 – 5+ years

Other Best Tubular Battery Models

Here we add some best performing tubular battery models, difference between top 3 models and these other models is very narrow. Tell us if we left out any other good models in the below list.

Luminous LT500 (150 ah) – 24 +6 months warranty – Rs.11800 to 12500/-

Base Nebula (Tall Tubular) Model – BN+15000 (150ah)– with 5 years full replacement warranty (long warranty)

Base Tuff (Tall tubular) BT500 (150ah) – 30+6 months warranty

Sukam Big Tubular – SBT 1500 – 150ah – 36 months warranty – Rs.11, 000 to 12,000/-

APC Tall Tubular Battery for Home UPS

HBL, Okaya and Southern Batteries Pvt Ltd are also manufacturing competitively priced tubular batteries.


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