Difference – Exide InvaTbular IT500 vs. IT500i

People who buy Exide inva tubular battery IT500 (150ah) may also heard about IT500i model, it’s an upgraded version of IT500 model.


What is IT500?

We all know that Tubular battery are the best suited battery for inverter application, IT500 model tubular battery is the best seller in tubular batterymarket in India.

Now, Exide has introduced IT500i, the upgraded model of IT500. Let us see the difference between IT500 and IT500i

IT500 and IT500i Comparison

Model Exide IT500 Exide IT500i
Series Inva Tubular Inva Tubular
Technology IronClad Torr Tubular IronClad Torr Tubular
AH Rating 150 AH 150 AH
warranty 48 months 48 months
Initial charge Minimum AH input 540 540
Initial Charge of Constant Current (A) 14.4 14.4
Charge Level ‘LED’ Indicator Not available Available
In Built Infrared (IR) Device Not available Available
Number of Deep Discharge cycles 800 to 1000 800 to 1000


The above comparison table clearly shows that there is no remarkable difference in performance between both battery models. So, the difference is

· LED Battery charge level indicators and

· Inbuilt IR device for technicians to monitor battery performance by taking printout with their special device.

The LED indicators in IT500i battery clearly shows the battery charge level when inverter is on battery mode as well as mains mode, with the help of this indicators we can reduce the load by switching off some unnecessary fan or light to extend the battery backup time during power cuts.

We recommend IT500i for users who want to monitor their battery charge level and remaining backup time.

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