10 Reasons to choose Luminous Tall Tubular Batteries

Luminous Tall Tubular Inverter Battery Models and Price Guide

Luminous is undoubtedly a leading player in power backup solution industry in India.

The company is offering wide range of battery models in Tubular and flat plate design.

Choosing the right model of battery that suits our requirement and budget is necessary before we go for battery purchase. To facilitate our visitor’s battery search, here we come with a list of Tubular battery models available in Luminous.

Luminous Tall Tubular battery models for Inverters

1. Inverlast Tall Tubular ‘LT500’ – (150 ah) – 24+6 months warranty

2. Inverlast Tall Tubular ‘ILTT 18048’ – (150ah) – 36+12 months warranty

3. Inverlast Tall Tubular ‘LFTT 500’ – (150ah) – 24+6 months warranty

4. Electra Tall Tubular ‘LE-570-TT’ – (150ah) – 36+12 months warranty

24+6 months warranty means?

It means that the battery has 24 months full replacement warranty + 6 months Prorata warranty.

Prorata warranty means?

If your battery fails under prorate warranty period, the company won’t give you replacement, instead it would offer you 25% discount on your new battery purchase. This is not so useful for end users; rather it is an additional attraction.

Famous Tall Tubular Models

Among the four Tall tubular models listed above, the first two models are the most famous tall tubular battery models and best sellers in Luminous Tall Tubular series.

Luminous is continuously updating its battery models, some old models were discontinued and new models were introduced.

Now, let’s discuss about the two famous Luminous Tall models LT500 and ILTT 18048 that are widely available at most battery outlets.

Luminous ILTT18048


Luminous LT500 Vs. Exide IT500

The name Luminous LT500 resembles Exide IT500,

Yes, LT500 has some features which just resemble Exide IT500.

Both Exide IT500 and Luminous LT500 have the same Cycle Life Expectancy of 1250 cycles @ 80% Depth of discharge.

Life expectancy …… 4 to 5 years

Overcharge Tolerance level is way better than flat plate batteries, Suitable for solar inverters too.

Exide IT500 and Luminous LT500 both batteries are made using ‘Hadi High Pressure Casting’ Machine.

Exide IT500 (150ah) has 3 years full replacement warranty + 12 months Prorate warranty.

Luminous LT500 (150ah) has only 2 years full replacement warranty + 6 months Prorate warranty

Exide IT500 would cost Rs.14500 to 15000/-, but Luminous LT500 costs only Rs.12000 to 12500/-

Luminous Inverlast Tall Tubular ‘ILTT 18048’ (150ah)

ILTT 18048 has the same features as LT500; one big difference is warranty period.

ILTT 18048 batteries have 36 months full replacement warranty +12 months prorate warranty, exactly as the Exide IT500.

Those who want an alternative to Exide IT500 can go for Luminous ILTT 18048 Tall tubular battery.

Life expectancy 5+ years

Price Guide

Luminous Tall Tubular 150 ah battery model – LT500 (24months replacement warranty+6months Prorata) – Rs.12000 to 12500/-

Luminous Tall Tubular 150 ah battery Model – ILTT 18048 (3 years full warranty+1 year Prorata) – Rs.13800 to 14300/-


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