How to Choose Tubular Battery?

What is the risk?

Some companies may offer tubular batteries at very low prices than Top Branded battery manufacturers. In buying such type of lower end Tubular batteries may result in battery failure in very short period of time. So, be careful in buying other brands.

The quality of the tubular battery is on its Spine Tubes.

The spine tubes of the Tubular Battery are casted in three different methods.

1. Gravity type casting

2. Low Pressure casting

3. HADI casting – High pressure type casting




Gravity type casting

In these three types of casting methods, the gravity type casting is lower end manufacturing technique, the machine used to produce such type of casting cost only 50,000 rupees, imagine the quality of tubular battery made with gravity type casting.

Low Pressure casting

The Low pressure casting is second method widely used in manufacturing spine tubes of tubular batteries. This one is also a second grade technique, but some leading companies are also using this technique and manufacturing tubular batteries with different brand names at LOW prices. I don’t want to list their names in this site.

HADI casting

Finally, the state of art technology in battery industry is HADI casting, high pressure type casting method. This method is widely used by top brands and it is more reliable than other two methods.

The machine used to manufacture HADI casting tubes cost more than 2 crores and small companies can’t afford that much money in machinery. Tubular batteries made up of HADI casting method are

· Corrosion resistant

· Resistance to High temperatures

· Low self-discharge

· Resistance to abuse (overcharge protection)

· Lightning fast Recharge

· Quick recovery from deep discharge

· Extra-long Life – recommended for long and frequent power cut areas

· Expected Life – 800 to 1000 deep discharge cycles (other brands 300 to 400 cycles)

Our recommendation

We personally recommend Exide inva Tubular Batteries for inverters and UPS. These batteries are market leaders with exceptional Performance.

We didn’t insist you to buy exide, this is just a suggestion based on our lab reports. At the same time there are some other brands are also producing best tubular batteries with HADI technology, you should check out their catalog for this details before buying. As a largest seller in the market, naturally Exide prices are higher than the other brands. Budget conscious people should do a research to find the best tubular battery at affordable price. Don’t worry, just post a comment in this post, we will guide you Smile

Beware of local made batteries.

Exide Inva Tubular Battery Models available in the market with 4 years warranty are

Exide Inva Tubular AH
IT 400 (old)IT400 (new) 110 (old model)115 (new model)
IT 550 165
IT 500 150
IT 650

IT750 (new model)



· For one to two hour back up, 110 AH battery is recommended

· For 4 to 5 hours back up, 150 to 165 AH battery is recommended

· For 6 to 7 hours back up, 200 AH battery is recommended

Check out the best Price from dealers near you. You can find the exide authorized dealers from Exide website. Dealer Locator

  • vishal

    what about luminous tall tubular Iltt model are they gud??/ as their price is nearly equivalent to exide

    • admin

      Luminous ILTT 18048 TALL TABULAR BATTERY (150 ah) costs around Rs.12000 whereas Exide 150 ah Tall tubular costs around Rs.13000. Only small difference in price, but you might feel big difference in battery life.

      • where i can get Exide 150aH Tall tubular battery at the cost of rs.13000/- in Trichy.

  • Madan

    I have purchased mahindra inverter 800va sine wave along with prestolite megacycle 190AH battery. My question is whether prestolite magacycle battery is tubular or lead acid? and how is its performance compared to exide?

    • admin

      First, you misunderstood the concept of Tubular batteries, Tubular batteries and Pasted flat plate batteries both are lead acid batteries. Tubular’s design (inside) is different from flat plate batteries.

      Prestolite Megacycle batteries are not tubular, they are semi tubular batteries with two years warranty, just like Exide Invertor Plus batteries. Performance of Exide semi tubular Invertor Plus is better than Prestolite mega cycle.

  • josekutty sebastian

    Which tubular battery(exide or other leading companies) is better for maheendra pure sine wave 800 VA inverter.

    • admin

      We Recommend Exide Inva Tubular IT500 (150 AH) Battery for 800 VA Pure sinewave Inverter.

  • Gopinath Baskatan

    Sir, I am inspired by Exide IT 500 battery. I want to buy that. Where i can buy that in and around Thanjavur and can u tell me the approximate price of that. SO that i cannot be cheated by local dealers!

    • admin

      Dear Gopi,
      Please enquire all authorized exide dealers in your city.
      One of the dealer

      Price range for IT500

      Rs.14000 – Best Price
      Rs.14500 – ok
      Rs.15500 – High
      Rs.16000 – Cheating

  • Dee

    If i have a battery with specification of 1400 cycle of deep discharge @ 80 % what does it mean and what is the life expectancy of this battery

    • admin

      Life expectancy of a battery depends on your areas power cut hours.

  • Deep

    I want to buy an inverter and I have researched (googled) and found that Pure Sine Wave is the best to have. I have selected Sukam but unable to find any difference between “Shiny Series 850VA” and “Falcon 800 VA”. I have checked with a dealer and price of both models are same. Please suggest which one I should buy.

    And for battery should I go with STANRED (STANRED500+) [150 AH] or STANTUBULAR (ST500 [150AH] or ST550 [165AH] or ST650 [200AH])?

    Power cut is a major problem in summers and we are on inverter very frequently. Please suggest.

    • Deep


      i have explored and decided to buy Shiny 1550va with 2 x tubular battery. i have 2 options CT500 (150ah and 30months warranty) and IT500 (150ah and 36+12 months warranty). what is the difference between CT500 and IT500 apart from warranty and price? CT500 is cheaper by Rs800 if compared to IT500. please suggest. any other battery i can look for?

      • admin

        Dear Deep,
        Don’t take chances with Tubular batteries, Go for IT500 with Shiny.

    • admin

      Dear Deep,
      Go for Shiny 850VA sukam inverter, It is More popular than falcon.

      For Battery, we recommend ST500 or ST550, these are tall tubular batteries with 4+ years life expectancy.

  • Noname

    How do we increase the life of UPS battery. Will it be good idea to switch off mainswitch every day eventhough there is no power cut so that battery get discharged everyday. Does it makes a difference ? Also how long we should discharge, should it be discharged for entirely, I read the reviews that battery should not be discharged completely.

    • admin

      Dear Sir,
      It is unnecessary to switch off the power button in inverter to save battery, it does not make any difference. You need to switch off the inverter load button only when you go for vacation. Frequently using the front switch may damage the switch.

      If you do not face power cut and the battery is not discharged for long time, better you disconnect the main power input to inverter manually to allow the inverter to use the battery power. Inverter will not allow the battery to discharge completely, it will give the warning tone and auto shutdown the power out put. After you hear the warning tone(may take few hrs), connect the main power input to inverter. Your battery is now discharged and begins recharge, Do this once in 6 months if you don’t face any power cut all time.

  • Sarthak hota

    How is vguard tubular battery(150ah) compared to exide it 500..and whts the diffrence in back up time between invertor having SMPS output and invertor having TRANSFORMER output?

  • Sarthak hota

    V guard VT150(150AH) is made with HADI casting or low pressure casting?

    • admin

      Dear Sathak hota,
      V-Guard has not mentioned any information about the technology they used in manufacturing Tubular batteries. But we hope they have used Hadi casting technology in their Tubulars.

  • Rajesh Kumar

    I just Bought SUKAM BIG Tubular 150AH battery which cost me Rs 11500.
    But,There is nothing clear about casting method which type Casting they are using?
    Moreover,Su-Kam is leading Company won many awards and patents in this field.
    Can you tell me about Casting Method Su-Kam and estimated Backup for 3Fans+3 Tubeligths? Inverter Is Luminous Ups-h.

  • Manoj

    Dear Sir, I want to switch to a new battery from Exide Invertor plus which is almost dead after 3 yrs of use. I have a Su-Kam 800VA Falcon Invertor. My previous battery (exide invertor plus 150 AH) gave a good backup for 1 year but its performance dropped drastically after a year. I used to get only 30 mins or less backup for about 200W power consumption. Powercuts in my locality is very minimal. My requirement is to get atleast 2-3 hrs backup for 200W power consumption until the life of battery. Which battery do you recommend? Also, 200 AH battery suitable for 800 VA invertor?

    • admin

      Dear Manoj,
      You should have claimed the warranty on second year itself for your invertor plus exide battery.

      It’s ok, now you can go for Exide Mega 150 AH with 3 years full warranty or Exide Inva Tubular IT500 (150ah) for your Sukam falcon 800 VA inverter. Don’t go for 200 Ah battery since your power cut hours are minimal.

  • Manoj

    Sir, Thanks for for your inputs. Infact I had sent the battery 2 times to the company to claim warranty, both the times some servicing was done and the backup would increase and then it would come down after couple of months. It was very difficult to prove the backup time to Service Manager who claimed battery was perfectly fine.
    About your suggestion on IT500, I cannot go for it due to lack of vertical space. So I plan to go for IT400 (flat model) 2 nos and connect in parallel. Is it a good idea?

    • admin

      Dear Manoj,
      Connecting 2 IT400 batteries to 800va inverter is not recommended.

      The 800VA inverter cannot charge 220 AH battery.(110+110=220 ah)

      Go for (semi tubular)Exide Mega 150 Ah with Normal Design instead of IT400 battery.

  • Krishna

    Sir, I want to know the difference between “Exide Mega 1500” and “Exide inverter Plus 1500” ?
    Is Exide mega better than Inverter Plus? I see 36 months warranty period for Exide mega? is that warranty replacement warranty ?
    What would you suggest between the two ?

    Thanks in advance..

    Sai Krishna

    • admin

      Dear Krishna,
      Exide Mega is definitely better choice when compared to Inverter Plus model. Exide Mega has 3 years full replacement warranty whereas ‘invertor plus has only 2 years replacement warranty.

      But usually life expectancy of this two models are same. Only the warranty period matters.

  • abhijith

    to install ups i have already brought an 2, 100ah invertor plus battery,still not installed,hence should i replace these batteries with tubular one

    • abhijith

      most of them prefer tubular one,soi need ur suggestion to replace or not

      • admin

        Dear Abhijith,
        NO need to replace unless you face severe power cuts.

        Exide invertor plus is a fast moving and reliable battery in semi tubular range, So, don’t need to panic.

        Thank you

  • Surya Prakash

    Thanks in Advance for early reply.

  • Arun

    Dear sir
    I want to buy a home inverter,and back up required should be minimum 5 hours daily,electricity consumption is (2 Fan+3tublight+1 TV) request to you please suggest a inverter+battery specification .i have decided Hyundai power inverter. is there any other best company pls guide me i am from rural area.
    Thank you

    • admin

      Dear Arun,
      850 VA Pure sinewave inverter suits your requirement.

      For Inverter Purchase, We advice you to go for some top brands like Microtek, sukam and Luminous, they have wide service network.

      For Battery, go for Exide Invertor Plus 135 Ah semi tubular with 2 years warranty.

      • Arun

        Thanks for your suggestion i really appreciate to you sir,
        dear sir i have check with one of retail exide dealer
        but i have not satisfied with them
        if u can suggest me proper model number(machine+ battery) for 850va (pure sine wave)+150ah tall tubler(IT500) battery which i have decided to buy. if u can tell me the price of these model+ guarantee i ll thankful to you.

        • admin

          Dear Arun,
          Microtek UPS EBz 850 VA is most successful model

          “Sukam shiny 850va” is equally famous as the above model.

  • Surya Prakash

    Dear Sir
    1. This is again with reference to my earlier Query on 02 JULY 12 I am still awaiting reply from your side my Query is again forwarded as below :-

    2. I am already having Prestolite 150Ah battery for my Microtek 800 VA Inverter since last 2 years now from last 6 months its performance has gone very bad that i hardly get any backup. Now I plan to replace my battery.

    3. Please suggest in Exide Which one of the following will be the best selection?
    (i) INVARED TUBULAR 500+
    (ii) IT 500
    (iii) EXIDE MEGA INVA 1500
    (iv) IQ 500+

    4. Please guide me as soon as possible with your valueable suggesstion as I am facing lot of problem to decide on best selection. Power cuts in my area are for around 20 – 30 Mins atleast 2 – 3 times a day.

    5. In addition to above Where i can buy the above mentioned Exide Battery in and around Binnaguri (West Bengal) this place is around 130 Km from Siliguri and also update me on their current approximate price, SO that i cannot be cheated by local dealers!

    • admin

      Dear Surya Prakash,
      Sorry for delayed reply.

      We read your comment and understand your problem. If you want long life (5+) and hassle free Tubular battery, go for Exide IT500.

      If you are budget conscious, better you choose Exide Mega Inva.

      Please use the below link to locate the Exide dealer in your city or Town.

  • Nishit

    I am going to buy inva tubular IT550/500. I have currently 3 year old IT550. So can i use both battery in series with 800va sign wave microteck inverter. As back up will be added. If i sell, i will get only 2000rs around. So better to use both for me.
    What do you suggest?

    • admin

      Dear Nishit,
      We do not recommend connecting old and New battery in series. That’s a bad idea, it will spoil your new battery.

      • Nishit

        Thanks, actually shopkeeper suggested me to do so. Can you explain in a bit detail. how will it affect new battery or make it worse?

  • Arup Dutta

    I want to change my inverter battery so please suggest me for which battery should I go for:
    Amaron Tubular CRTT – 150 (Tall)
    Exide Tubular – IT500, IT500i or IT500 Super.

    My inverter is Luminous matrix 800VA whixh is 3.5 yrs old.

    • admin

      Dear Arup Dutta,
      We recommend Exide IT500i for your Luminous inverter, it is more relaible and user friendly than other models.

  • Vasu

    I would like to buy an inverter (800 VA) and Battery (150Ah. Kindly recommend a suitable brand for both the above along with the specifications (Model No.). Price is not a factor for deciding for me. I reside in Trichy, Tamil Nadu. Thanks in advance.

    • admin

      Dear Vasu,
      We Recommend Microtek UPS EBz 850 VA Pure sine wave inverter and Exide Inva Tubular IT500i (150AH) with led indicator for you.

  • Vivek

    I am planning for 850 VA whirlpool inverter and Videocon 150AH tubular battery with 42 months warranty. Is it advisable to for a 150 AH flat plate BATTERY 150 AH 1.5 yr warranty of videocon brand

    • admin

      Dear Vivek,
      Why don’t you go for top branded inverter and battery?

      3.5 years warranty for videocon tubular? uh….better you go Exide Mega with 3 years warranty (semi tubular), will last long for 4 years comfortably.

  • Ravi

    Dear Admin,
    Thanks for your guidances towards the right selection of inverter and battery products.

    I am from bangalore and interested to buy a SINE WAVE inverter or UPS and battery.I have gone through lot of brands like APC,Microtek sukam & Mahindra and finally got confused.Please suggest me the good model UPS or inverter and battery.
    UPS or Inverters
    1.Microtek(SWE2875VA ,SWE21550VA,E2875VA,E21025VA,E21550VA ).Please suggest me the good and latest product as well the difference between E2 and SWE2.
    2.APC (BI650 SINE,BI850 SINE,BI1000I)
    3.Luminous Inverter or UPS any models
    4.SuKam any models?
    5.Mahindra Powerol any models?

    Also please suggest the longlife battery for lessthan 1000VA and greater than 1000VA applications.
    Also include the reasonable price for inverters and batteries in bangalore area.
    Thanks in Advance.

  • rajan

    respected sir,
    I belong to jharkhand state.I am looking for a luminous invertor rating 800Va and an exide it 500 12v,150 ah.may I know the price of purchasing these here as i have no idea regarding price ,and please suggest me how to install it.

    • admin

      Dear Rajan,
      We recommend 850VA Pure sine wave inverter from Microtek, sukam or Luminous. It would cost Rs.4900 to 5500/-

      Exide IT500 would cost Rs.13500 to 15,000/-

      Hire a technician to install the inverter, do not try yourself, he would charge Rs.1000/-.

  • rajesh

    What is the difference between flat, semi tubular and tubular batteries. i think tubular batteries are best choice.. when compared to flat and semi tubular batteries which one is good?

    • admin

      Dear Rajesh,
      Tubular batteries from top brands are always superior and best choice for power inverters. Semi tubular batteries are also deep cycle batteries made for inverters, life expectancy of semi tubular batteries are relatively low when compared to Tubular batteries like Exide Inva Tubular.

  • rajesh


    How about the performance of amaron batteries?
    compared to exide which one is good?

    • admin

      Dear Rajesh,
      Amaron batteries are performing well, but we don’t compare it with Exceptional Exide Inva Tubular series.


    respected sir,
    in market exide inva tubular IT 500 there is no stock so what should i prefer next i want a perfect baterry back up and life. so another baterry which is better.and it is for studio plz repy sir. thank you.

    • admin

      Dear Sai kumar,
      Have you inquired all exide dealers in your city? where are you from?

      NO other battery can replace IT500, its an extraordinary battery with exceptional performance. Exide Inva Red Tubular battery and Exide Mega inva (semi tubular) are the other options you can opt for.

      In case IT500 is unavailable, We Recommend Exide Mega Inva 150 AH semi tubular battery with 3 years full replacement warranty.

  • rajesh

    Dear Admin,

    I want to know whether amaron is giving semi tubular batteries?
    If so, kindly tell the model name and price details..

  • swaroop

    The guidance you have been providing is very helpful.. Our area has power cuts in range of 10 – 12 hrs. Want to go for inverter. Microtek UPS sebz 850 VA PURE SINE WAVE Inverter seems to be more suggested. Can you advise which battery among Exide IT 500 and Exide IT500 Super is better and how many AH – 150/200 is required. In some cases, you suggested Exide IT500i/650 also. please advise. Can you also provide Price range of above batteries

    • swaroop

      can you please reply on my yestarday’s query..

      • admin

        Dear swaroop,
        Sorry for delay, now I have posted reply message to your comment. check it out!

    • admin

      Dear Swaroop,
      If you suffer 10hrs power cut, better you go for IT500i.

      It has some led indicators to show the battery charge level, this facility is useful under heavy power cut situations. Do not go for batteries above 150 AH as you suffer 10hrs power cut, the battery will not get full charge under these heavy power cut situations with 850 VA inverter.




    IS INVA QUEEN BATTERY BETTER OR Exide Inva Red Tubular battery or Exide Mega Inva 150 AH semi tubular battery

    • admin

      Dear SaiKumar,
      Better you go for Exide Mega Inva, real value for money.



  • akhilesh kumar

    hello sir i hav 900va microtek ups, in my area almost 5 to 8 hours power cuts so and we use generally 400wt which battery is good for me between exide IT 500 super or exide IT 650

    • admin

      Dear akhilesh kumar,
      We recommend Exide IT500i for your microtek inverter, ‘IT500 super’ needs inverter with high charging current to enjoy the fast charging benefit of the battery, at present your inverter does not charge the battery at high speed.

      IT500i suits your inverter, it has led indicators to know the charge level of battery.




    for exide mega inva 150ah for two batteries which inverter should i connect sir how much capacity should it have plz reply sir

  • akhilesh kumar

    hello sir
    Is there any defferece between exide IT500,IT500i ?

  • bipin

    Dear Sir, I have a quote for a APC inverter with prestolite battery for Rs 14500 with free trolley in Bangalore.I haven’t finalised yet.Can you suggest me a better option for the price?

    Thank you in advance,

  • Dibyendu

    I have a 2BHK flat at Berhampore, West Bengal. I decide to buy an inverter 650VA Sukam Shiny+ Exide battery IT500.Is my decision is correct?? pls Suggest.

    • admin

      Dear Dibyendu,
      Your selection of brand is correct, but we recommend you to go for Su-kam shiny ‘850 VA ‘ Inverter.

      650 VA has so many limitations, 850 VA is the best choice for 2BHK flat.

  • Iti

    I want to purchase a sine wave inverter of 600VA & 100amp battery. Is it possible 600va inverter m/c can charge 100Ah battery. Which brand/model i chose? Please suggest.

    • admin

      Dear iti,
      Seems like you’re looking for budget inverter and battery, Microtek square wave 600 va inverter ‘UPS-EB’ suits you, it would cost Rs.3500 to 3800/-

      For battery, do not choose local brand for cost cutting, it won’t help you, you will stuck with battery failure in short time.

      Exide invertor plus semi tubular battery 100ah would perform well with 600VA Microtek square wave inverter. It would costs around Rs.6500/-.

  • Iti

    thank you sir. but if i select 650va sine wave Su-kam shiny & exide IT400 then is it feasible/suitable?? What is the cost of exide IT400 battery??

    • admin

      Dear Iti,
      Sukam 650VA inverter and Exide New IT400 (115ah) Tall tubular combination is feasible, IT400 would cost 2000 rupees lesser than IT500.

  • asif

    dear sir i would like to know that if i can use a exide IT700 200Ah battery with my luminous 800 va sine wae ion inverter. i am confused because as per your previous comments to posts you say that an 800 va inverter cannot support more than 150 Ah battery.exide IT700 200 Ah battery requires aroun 20 amp of charge while my 8oo va luminpus sine wave produces only 10 amp of charge.
    sir can a 200Ah battery get charged in my case by the 800 va inverter. my inverter service guy told me that the inverter can handle any Ah battery. is it true sir.the inverter has a pre battery management software loaded. wt is the function of this software. does it detect the battery connected to the inverter and provide the required charge by incresing or decreasing the charging current.
    also how much backup difference is there in IT 500 , IT 550 AND IT 700 at full load when connected with a 800 va sine wzve inverter and what are the prices for exide it 550 and it 700 batteries.
    pls reply all queries as soon as possible.

    • admin

      Dear Asif,
      Luminous ion 800VA won’t charge IT700 to its full capacity. Your dealer is trying to convince you by giving wrong information.

      Luminous Shakti charge 900VA and 1000VA inverters are compatible with IT700 200AH battery.

  • asif

    .dear admin can you pls give some info on the tall tubular crtt 150 ah from amaron and what is the price of this battery. Why dnt amaron provide info abt it on their website and when was this battery launched

  • Sir i am planning to buy exide IT500 battery with has 150ah power thus i want to know how Much Va pure sine wave invertor should i buy that my 5 tube lights, 2 CFL bulbs & 3 fans (1 PC in option if 2/3 fan closed) should run minimum 3 hours?. & after suggesting xyz va pure sine wave invertor just tell me should i go for sukam, luminous or microteck pure sine wave invertor & which model of suggested invertor company should i buy coz company has different models with same va. & also Want to know price of xyz Suggested invertor & the best price of exide IT500 150ah battery in mumbai. thx sir in advance.

    • admin

      Dear Rohit,
      Your load preference is little bit high for 800 VA inverters. We recommend Microtek 900 VA inverter
      “UPS 24×7 – SW900” for you, hope this would handle your load preference without any problem.

      UPS 24×7 – SW900 would cost around Rs.5000
      Exide IT500 would cost around Rs.13,500

  • sandeep

    Can you run a laptop on inverter. I need it for 3 hrs total. 90 mins- gap 180 mins- 90 mins. My second question is ‘ is it okay if I connect a table fan simultaneously? ‘

    • admin

      Dear Sandeep,
      You can run your Laptop and Table Fan simultaneously with Pure Sine wave inverter, square wave inverter is not safe to these gadgets.

  • dr vikram

    ANOTHER SUGGESTION NEEDED..i am planning for an exide battery in range of 110-150ah. i have read your reviews that tubular is better. but somewhere u mentioned DEEP-DISCHARGE CYCLE in relation to tubular.
    my area is now facing power cuts of 2 hours duration each, 5 times a day, distributed almost equally. so will the life of tubular battery REDUCE given that it will discharge only for 2 hours followed by recharge, then again discharge ,and so on WITHOUT COMPLETING A DEEP DISCHARGE CYCLE…if so, will exide invertor plus with shallow cycles be a better option? plz clarify more on relevancy of DEEP DISCHARGE as applicable to my power cuts scenario… hence which one should i go for? thanx

  • Sir in my village near nellore,Amarraja power zone sub dealer fitting the 150Ah+675 ups total cost with instalation nearly rs/14000.Is it good deal?. Thanq

  • kapal dev

    I have purchased microtek sine wave 850sebz for Rs.4800 and EXIDE inva tubular IT500 SUPER 150ah plus battery for Rs.16000/- in Amritsar.

    I face power cut for 6 hours per day. Please tell me the actual price of these products and is it good choice for the mentioned power-cut.

    Have i paid more price than actual in the Amritsar market? if yes how much?

    • admin

      Dear Kapal Dev,
      The prices you mentioned are current market prices, you should thank your dealer for providing products with competitive prices.

      Exide Tall tubular IT500 SUPER is an Extra-ordinary battery capable of receiving charging current at 21.5 amp whereas Exide Tall tubular IT500 and IT500i are capable of handling charging current at 14.4 amp only.

      IT500 cost Rs.13,500 in Amristar market. I don’t understand, what is the point of installing a IT500 SUPER Battery for Inverter with normal charging current.

      Your inverter has a charging current of 10 amp only, So it is unnecessary to install IT500 SUPER for Microtek SEBz 850VA. Exide IT500 or IT500i is more than enough for you.

      You need to change your inverter to use the full potential of your battery. Otherwise go for IT500 or IT500i to save some money.

  • dr vikram

    dear admin. thanx for ur suggestion. i checked out the two links of luminous shakti.. also i read ur reply to kapal dev above… so plz help me out in following combinations..
    first combo is luminous shakti 900va will give 16.5ampere to exide it500 of 14.4 ampere charging capacity.


    second combo is 1000VA LUMINOUS SHAKTI 22 AMPERE WITH EXIDE IT500 SUPER 21.5 AMPERE.

    DEAR ADMIN PLZ ALSO CLARIFY, as my parents think it may consume more NET POWER CONSUMPTION, WHILE ACC TO ME IT ONLY ABOUT TIME FACTOR..THAT IS FULL BATTERY CHARGE IN 5 HOURS AT 2x compared to 10 hours at 1x charging.
    this question arised in their minds due to following reason, normally our area earlier faced 4-5 hours cut, now it has doubled 8-10 hours. and they are of the view that 4 months from now probably cuts will come down to 3-5 hours, Q3–then this batttery inverter combination will be consuming more power unnecessarily(myth?) EXPECTING A DETAILED SUGGESTION FROM YOUR SIDE TO ABOVE 3 QUES… THANX

  • dr vikram




    LAST QUESTION— GOING FOR EXIDE IT500 of 14.4 ampere charging WITH MICROTEK SINE WAVE 850 VA, of 10 ampere charging, BY HOW MUCH FACTOR DOES THE CHARGING TIME INCREASE, and whether in this combination battery will fully charge at all? thanx

    • admin

      Dear Dr Vikram,
      Luminous shakti charge 900 VA inverter has two charging options, one is normal mode for Battery below 135 AH and another one is fast charging mode for battery above 135 AH.

      If your power cut duration decreases below 5 hours, then you can switch to normal mode.

      IT500 is 100% compatible with Luminous shakti charge 900VA inverter, it fully charges the battery in 5 to 6 hours whereas normal inverter takes hardly 10 hours.

      It doesn’t consume more current than normal sine-wave inverters , that’s a myth.

    • admin

      Dear Dr.vikram,
      Luminous shakti charge inverter is the only model with high charging current in this class.

  • dr hitesh

    dear admin…..must say mighty impressed with ur efforts to help laymen like me to hv some good insight abt batteries n inverters….i was using 1500 va inverter with two local batteries which was stolen few days back….i live in delhi thus face this powercuts very rarely…whenever i need i require backup for 3 tube lights, 4 fans, plasma tv /led….should i go for 1500va inverter or 900va will suffice…kindly suggest the battery option as well in both cases.

    • admin

      Dear dr hitesh,
      We recommend 1500 VA pure sine wave inverter and 2 Exide Invertor Plus 130 AH batteries for you. You load preference is little bit high for a 900 VA to handle, so it is safe to go for 1500 VA inverter.

      As you are facing very few hours of power cut per day, no need to go for Tall Tubular batteries. Exide semi tubular “invertor Plus” is enough for your inverter.

  • sanjoy

    can i connect 850VA inverter with 100amph battery. Can you give some information of BASE Terminal(Panasonic) 100amph battery??

    • admin

      Dear sanjoy,
      Connecting a 100 ah battery to 850VA inverter is 100% safe.

  • sanjoy

    can you give information of Base terminal(Panasonic) 100amh battery? & 850VA is suitable for 100amh battery?




    • admin

      Dear Rama subramanian,
      Apparently, every battery will discharge itself whether you draw power from it or not, but the discharge rate is very little, you may notice this in cars.

      If a car is kept idle for 80 days, its battery would not hold enough charge to start the engine.

      The inverter battery will not loose its charge completely in 20 days, no need to worry. If you are planning for a vacation for more than two months, then you definitely need to keep the mains input on.

      In case you fail to put the mains on, the battery will go below 9 volts and you can’t recharge the battery with inverter. The inverter only recharges the battery with voltage above 9 volts. It would be a big problem to disconnect the battery and take it to battery shop for recharging, So, keep the mains input on when you go for vacation more than 60 days.

      Another suggestion, Disconnecting your battery negative terminal from inverter will keep your battery alive for more days when you’re on vacation.





  • Girish K Gupta

    Agree with your recommendation of buying Exide Tubular. We bought Sukam Tubular battery Big Warrior 150 AH on April 3rd,2012. From day one of the installation it has given problems. It is not a quality product from House of Su-Kam.
    The service provided by the dealer in Gurgaon – Shivam Electronics Sikenderpur and the company have been sub standard

  • iti

    Can i connect 600VA inverter with 180ah battery?

  • Ravikumar

    Dear admin,
    Excellent work here in replying to people’s queries .
    I have been using IT500 and Sukam Falcon 800VA for the last 7 months and very happy with the performance .
    Keep up the good work.

  • victor

    I have microtek 1500 shine wave inverter which battery and the AH spec should I buy as my old one has gone bad please suggest

    • admin

      Dear Victor,
      We recommend Exide Mega Inva 150 ah semi tubular batteries with three years full warranty.

      • Victor

        can I by Inva Red 350 Plus i guess is full tubular batteries and can I go for 100 AH please suggest.

        • admin

          Dear Victor,
          WE recommend Exide Mega Inva 100 ah semi tubular with 3years full warranty. Though it is semi tubular, It is Better than Inva Red.

  • Ravi Kumar

    I have a Su-Kam 850 VA Matrix inverter with a SMF 150 AH Battery all stored inside the same case. The Battery now has gone dead and does not provide enough backup. I understand Su-Kam is not manufacturing SMF batteries and the Matrix inverter model has also been withdrawn. Could you recommend which Battery I can use as a replacement or should I discard the inverter and battery and purchase a new set. The inverter seems to be working well and does not have a problem.

    • admin

      Dear Ravikumar,
      Sukam has very wide range of SMF battery models available in market.

      But for long life we recommend Exide mega inva model 150 ah battery with 3 years full warranty and 4 years life expectancy.

      Check with your dealer for ExideMegaInva

      • Ravi Kumar

        Thanks for your quick response. I am in Hyderabad and I have checked with a number of Su-Kam dealers. All of them tell me that Su-Kam is not manufacturing SMF batteries compatible with Matrix inverters. They are instead recommending SBT 1500 Plus. The drawback is that I have to install it on a separate trolley taking up a lot of space. Is Exide Mega Inva a dry battery and will it fit into a Su-kam Matrix case.
        Thanks again.

        • admin

          Novice dealers! Ask them to refer sukam website for information about SMF batteries.

          • Ravi Kumar

            Thanks for the good advice. Unfortunately I have to stick with whatever is available here.

  • Arup Nath

    Purchased on 9-1-13 an Exide 850va Pure Sine Wave Invertor @ 4900 with warranty of 24 mts and an Amaron Tubular CRTT – 150 (Tall)@ 11800 with 36+12 mts warranty from National Motors, Guwahati. Is the combination ok or i need to change as the Dealer gave me the option to change the combination within 3 days if i wish or not satisfied with any of the products of the combination. Please Suggest.

    • admin

      Dear Arup nath,
      You got a good combination, no need to change.

  • Arup Nath

    Need to know the constant electric consumption per day by 1) Microtek UPS SEBz-850VA and 2)EXIDE 850VA Home UPS when the Amaron Tubular CRTT – 150 (Tall) battery is fully charged and there is no power cut

    • admin

      Inverter would take Negligible amount of current when the battery is full.

      You need to watch the inverters efficiency instead.

      80 % deficiency means – If It takes 5 units for charging the battery, it would deliver approximately 4 units for your use.

  • Abhishek

    I Have Luminous 850 VA Inverter and want to buy a battery.Power cut is 8 Hour per day.which battery is good for me.Exide IT 500 or Excide IT 500i

    • admin

      Dear Abhishek,
      We recommend

      Exide IT500 Tall tubular 150 ah with 3 years full replacement warranty + 1 year prorata warranty


      Luminous Tall Tubular Battery model ‘ILTT 18048’ 150 AH 3 years full warranty + 6 months prorata warranty.


    Dear Admin
    want to buy 2 tubular battery for my existing invertor which will be eventually used for 1 KW solar cells (may be next 3 months), basis communication on your website , Exide IT 500 comes up as most accepted one, need your suggestions.

    • admin

      Dear Manish,
      We recommend IT500 and IT500 super batteries for you.

      IT500 super has the ability to accept high charging current, which will be more useful when connecting solar panels.

  • Navnith

    I am pl;anning to buy a Luminous inverter 875 va with one Luminous 200Ah tubular battery.Is the combination alright?

    • Admin

      Dear Navnith,
      875 VA Pure sine wave inverter is compatible with 200 ah battery, no doubt , go for it!

  • Admin

    Dear Abhijit,
    Price seems little expensive compared to market.

    Your inverter is good enough to handle your load preference, Don’t operate 4 fans simultaneously during long power cuts, try to operate the fans at medium speed to get better battery backup.

  • Vishal Khanna

    hi i had 860 va microtek which is best battry for it best inv red 500 or inva smart

    • Admin

      Dear Vishal,
      We would recommend Inva Smart rather than invared.
      Inva Smart is improved version of Mega Inva which is a big hit in non-tubular series with long 3 years warranty, just equal to Tubular battery.

  • Admin

    Dear Alok,
    Genus Inverter is a quality product.
    Inverter + battery for Rs.16500 – sounds reasonable, no need any change 🙂

    • Alok

      Thanks Admin

  • Das

    Dear Admin
    Planning to buy an inverter within Rs.20,000/-. Appliances to be used are 2 bulbs, 2 CFL, 2 fans, 42 inch LED and Tata Sky + for 4 to 5 hours.

    Please suggest some inverters and battery combination suitable for my need.

    • Admin

      Dear Das,

      2 Bulbs – 2 x 40 watts = 80 watts

      2 CFL – 2 x 15 watts = 30 watts

      2 Fans – 2 x 80 = 160 watts

      42 inch Led TV – 130 watts

      Tata sky + others = 25 watts
      Total = 425 watts approx.

      To run all this gadgets simultaneously for 5 hours, we would recommend the following configuration.

      Sukam Shiny 1500 va inverter
      Two 150 ah Exide IT500 tall tubular batteries.

      (if want to cut the cost on battery, we would recommend Exide Invertor Plus 150 ah batteries or Exide Inva smart 150 ah batteries)

      Exide IT500 – 3 years free replacement warranty + 12 months pro rata warranty.Life expectancy – 5 years

      Exide Invertor Plus 150 ah – 2 years free replacement warranty – Life expectancy 3 years

      Exide Inva smart – 150 ah 3 years free replacement warranty, life expectancy 4 years
      Sukam shiny 1500 double battery inverter has 7 years guarantee, best in class inverter.

      You could also choose Exide 1450 va inverter if shiny is unavailable in your nearest dealer outlet.

  • satty

    dear admin
    i am runnin small cyber cafe
    7 computers with 15 inch led philips
    3 tubelight
    1 cfl

    2 fan
    2 printers (laser)
    1 inkjet
    i have generator but i want inverter for backup
    give some advise. thanks

    • Admin

      Dear Satty,
      WE recommend Pure sine wave 2.5 KVA inverter for your load preference.

      WE strongly recommend

      Sukam Pure sine wave Fusion series UPS with 2 years warranty

      It is most reliable product for commercial use.

      It has 3 models available

      2.2 KVA – 3 battery system

      2.5 KVA – 4 battery system

      3.5 KVA – 4 battery system

      Choose the best model that fits your budget and requirement.

  • Rajeev Kalra

    planning to buy an inverter battery for normal usage at Noida home. Usage 2-3 hours daily for two tube lights and two fans with one tv. pls. advise for the good brand with reasonable cost and quality. heard abt 150Ah luminous and Sukam. pls. advise

    • Admin

      Dear Rajeev,
      An 850 VA pure sine wave inverter with 150 ah battery suits your requirement.

      We suggest

      Exide 850 va Inverter – Rs.5000/-
      Exide Mega Inva or Invasmart 150 ah battery – Rs.13000/-

      Battery has 3 years full warranty with good reliability.

  • tim high

    Dear Admin,

    Please suggest should I go for tall tubular, or tubular battery and which is the best such kind available.

    I understand SMF batteries are not suitable for long backs ups

    Also after sales support should be good

    Appreciate your help.

    • Admin

      Dear Tim,
      Tall tubulars are most robust and sturdy in nature, they are capable of withstanding high charge current. (not all tubulars)

      If you face very frequent and long power cuts, go for Exide IT500

      Otherwise choose Exide Mega Inva or Inva smart

      Exide Invertor Plus Model is most affordable and best performer in the market.

      Go for 150ah

  • Admin

    Dear Mahesh,
    NO problem in choosing V-guard inverter.

    But we recommend Sukam pure sine wave model ‘Shiny’ 850 VA inverter for its exceptional performance and good service availability.

    Shiny inverter has 7 year warranty for transformer and 2 year warranty for circuit board, which is best in class warranty.

    We recommend 150 ah Exide IT 500 tall tubular battery for your inverter. It would cost around Rs.15000/-

    If you want to cut the cost, just go for Exide Inva smart 150 ah battery which would cost around Rs.13,500/-

    IT500 is a tall tubular with 3 years full replacement warranty and life expectancy of 5 years.

    Exide Inva smart is a Normal deep cycle Battery with 3 years full replacement warranty and life expectancy of 4 years.

  • gurmeet

    I have a arise 800va digital inverter and a mtek 180 ah battery model EB2200 which is not holding charge anymore and needs replacement. I have shortlisted exide or okaya tall tubular battery. I also intent to replace inverter with sure sine wave inverter 800va of make Sukam or Genus. Will appreicate ur prompt comments. Thanks.

  • gurmeet

    Dear admin. I plan to buy a sure sine wave inverter and have shortlisted Sukam 850va and Genus. I will be using it with a exide tall tubular IT500 battery. Presently I am using Arise digital inverter 800va. Pls advise.

  • gurmeet

    Dear advisor. Looking for pure sine wave inverter .have shortlisted sukam 850 va and Genus 800 va. With exide IT500 tal tubular battery. Pls advise

    • Admin

      Dear Gurmeet,
      Both Sukam and Genus are good quality inverters built with advanced technology.

      But we recommend Sukam shiny 850 va inverter + Exide IT500 combination.

      Sukam shiny has 7 years warranty on transformer and 2 years warranty on other components. Best in class warranty and wide service network. Go for it!

      • gurmeet

        Thanks. So no point going for an exide inverter even?

  • Admin

    Dear Nikhil,
    Sukam 850 va Pure sine wave Shiny inverter model is one of the best performer available in the market.

    For Battery,
    We would like to recommend any one of the top 3 model listed in this following article.

  • Admin

    Dear Farhan,
    Backup time depends on your concurrent usage of your connected gadgets to your inverter.

    Recharge time will be 5 to 6 hours (depends on the charge mode you are using)

    read this post for better understanding

  • Admin

    Dear Vijit,
    You didn’t specify your daily power cut duration and your inverter backup hours,

    without these details we cannot come to a conclusion.

    in the mean time you could try changing your inverter battery charging mode to “high”

    • vijit

      Dear Admin,

      Thanks for your reply.

      daily power cut is huge in my area its arround 8-9 hours and inverter back up
      hours is hardly 3 hours with 1 fan running and 2 CFL on.

      charging mode i already kept to high.



      • Admin

        Dear Vijit,
        Your backup time is really low and we need to look into this issue.

        As far as battery is concerned, IT 500 is very rigid and sturdy battery with very high charge current accepting capacity.

        You can give up to 20 amp charge current to IT500,

        But the inverter you are using is not a perfect match for the battery.

        A 600 VA square wave inverter would give upto 10 amp charge current in high charge mode.

        To enjoy the full potential of your battery, you better change your inverter to 850 va pure sinewave.

        Many choices are there, some dealers are offering exchange also.

        We recommend Luminous Zelio or Eco volt 900va pure sine wave inverter and Exide 850 VA pure sinewave inverter.

        These models have the capacity to supply battery charge current up to 20 amp, which is very useful in terms of long power outages.

        • vijit dubey

          Hi admin,
          As per your advice I have changed my interver to luminous ecovolt 900 VA purse sine wwave and now back up time is drastically improved . this inverter model cost me around 4800 rupees. Thanks a lot for your valuable advice. 🙂

  • Admin

    Dear Nabeel Raja,
    As we already told in many articles,
    Local made batteries are some times better and some times worse, it’s all depends on your luck.

    We recommend Exide Inva Master 150 ah or 200 AH tall tubular and
    Exide IT 500 – 150 ah batteries

  • Admin

    Dear Uday,
    For your load preference,
    We recommend
    Luminous Eco Volt 900 VA sinewave inverter with Luminous 150 ah tall tubular battery.(Luminous ILTT 18048)

    Inverter Price – Rs.5000 to 5300/-
    Battery Price – Rs.13,000/- approx

    Many low cost batteries are also available in the market.

    If you want to cut the cost, don’t go for cheap square wave inverter models or low VA range inverters,

    Exide Inva master short tubular 150 ah batteries are inexpensive too

    Exide Inva Plus batteries are power performers and budget batteries

  • Admin

    Dear Shaan,
    Do u still want to go for SMF batteries?

  • Karthik

    Dear Sir, I am planning to buy an inverter but not sure which combination to go for. Requirement is for 3-40WTube light,2 11W CFL, 3 Fans(2 ceiling, 1 table fan), 1 TV of 165W. From your article, i read su kam 850VA with Exide inva tubular is one of the good option. Is this combination still holds good? or do we have any other better option with recent arrivals. please suggest.
    Also, Is there any difference between tubular & tall Tubular interms of performance & life.

    • Admin

      Dear karthik,
      We recommend

      Exide Premium 850 VA Pure sine wave inverter – Rs.4500 (approx price) +
      Exide Inva Master IM10000 150 ah tall tubular battery – Rs.12000 (approx Price)

  • Admin

    Dear Sunder,
    If you have authorized dealer of Xceed Batteries near by, you
    can go for it, Xceed short tubular and tall tubular batteries carry 3 year warranty. Make sure your dealer offer competitive and reasonable price.

    • Sunder Nimmaraju

      Dear Sir,

      Xceed Tall Tubular 150 AM Battery provides 36 month Warranty and similar to Exide battery. In addition they are providing to me 9800/- for my Inverter. Please confirm me finally, Can I bye the Xceed local battery? Pls pls suggest me !!!!

      Please find the website of the company for more information.

      Thanks in advance !!!!

      • Admin

        Dear Sunder,
        You forget to mention the Battery AH. So that i could
        recommend the price is reasonable or not.

  • nitin

    Dear Admin,
    First of all thanks for maintaining this wonderful site and giving genuine info. to users. I am in Chennai and I want to buy inverter to our house. I got a quotation from AURO Power Systems ( since we are using their 2 UPS in our lab which are running efficiently for last 12 years. My main requirement is 3 fans+3 CFL etc. (~200W). These days power failure is not so frequent hence I need a minimum back up of 3 to 4 hrs.

    Coming to the quotation:
    Auro 850VA Pure sine wave Home UPS (1yr war.) + With 12V/ 100 AH Tubular Battery (Hi Power, Southern battery) (3 yr war.)+ With rack and interconnections (casing for battery)
    : Rs16000 + RS800(5% tax).
    Finally I bargained for Rs 16000. I yet to finalize please let me know about this deal.

    Meantime I asked about 650VA they said that since price difference is not much now a days they are not supplying.

    • Admin

      Dear Nitin,
      Normally battery dealers will quote around 16 k for 850 va pure
      sine wave + 150 ah tubular , but your dealers quote for 850 va + 100 ah is to expensive.

      For your reference, here we list out the chennai prices of some leading brand inverter and batteries.

      Sukam shiny 850 va pure sinewave – Rs.4275 (cash on delivery)

      Microtek SebZ 700 VA Pure sine wave inverter – Rs.3855/-

      Microtek sebZ 1100 VA Pure sine wave – Rs.5375/-
      ————————————————————————————– 100 AH Tubular battery Prices

      Exide Inva Master Tubular 100 AH – Rs.8200/-

      Luminous 100 AH Tubular – Rs.8200/-
      From the above price list, you could have get an idea about the approximate price for 850 va + 100 ah configuration.

      Hope this Helps.

      • nitin

        Dear Admin,
        Thanks a lot for your reply. It really helped me.

  • Ravindra

    Hello Sir,
    I’m planning to buy an Inverter and after going through your articles zeroed-on on “Sukam Shiny Inverter (1500 VA)” with Exide Inva Tabular Batteries (200 AH).

    My requirement is 4 fans, 4 lights, 1 TV, 1 Laptop and one Fridge needs backup for 7-8 hours once in week. Apart from that regular mobile charging etc.

    Please suggest whether it’s a good buy.

    Also in future I would like to go for “SolorCon” to connect it to the existing solar panel that I have.

    Please advice.

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Admin

      Dear Ravindra,
      Sukam shiny with Exide Inva Tubular batteries is a best
      combination, and in future you can convert it to hybrid solar inverter setup by adding solarcon to it, no problem, Go for it!

  • Pawan Pant

    Dear Admin,

    I want to buy Luminous ILTT 18048 OR Exide IT500 OR Amaron Current CRTT 150 ah,
    with this i want to buy Su-kam 1500 VA shiny OR sukam 850VA shiny Invertor OR anyother best suited inveter.

    My budget is not very much i want to make it economical , So Which combination to choose.
    One more question is 1500 VA or 850 VA, which one should be good. ?

    plz let me know.

    • Admin

      Dear Pawan,
      sukam shiny 1500 VA Inverters are 24volt systems and
      needs two batteries to operate. As you are on tight budget, i would like to recommend the following combination

      Sukam shiny 850 VA pure sine wave inverter – Rs.4000/-


      Exide Inva Master IM10000 Tall tubular battery 150 AH (better choice for those who seek sturdy as-well as affordable battery)

  • RJ Singh

    Exide has new Tube Master tubular TM500 for Rs 9000 and old time tested IT500 for Rs 13500 appx. Which model one should go for as exchange value after deduction of R3000 for old battery is rs 6000 and 10500 and is almost double. Is Tube master also from HADI technology not sure and also what exactly is the difference as claimed by some dealers as thickness of plates. If difference of life is a year or so than TM 500 make wiser choice being best value for money. Please do recommend.

  • Sathyanand Punna

    Hi admin,

    I bought amaron 880VA pure sine wave inverter with exceed tall tubular battery IT500/150AH for ₹15400. Is this good for that price? Pls give reply.



    • Admin

      Dear Sathyanand Punna,
      I think you forget to mention the Amaron
      Inverter Price.

      IT500 Exide tall tubular 150 ah for 15400 Rupees is OK.

      If you mention your location, we could tell the price with little more accuracy.

      • Sathyanand Punna

        Dear admin,
        The price of amaron 880VA pure sine wave inverter is ₹5600, and the battery is not exide sir. It is Xceed tall tubular 150AH battery ₹9800. I’m from Hyderabad, telangana sir.
        Pls give reply sir.

        Thank you
        Sathyanand Punna

        • Admin

          Dear Sathyanand Punna,
          Price of inverter is not reasonable.
          One of the Top selling pure sine wave inverter model Sukam shiny is available for Rs.4000/- online.

          5600 for 880VA inverter is some thing over priced.

          Battery Price is just OK.

  • Admin

    Dear LK,
    This combination is OK. But battery price seems expensive by Rs.1000.

    In bangalore you can find the same model for less.

  • Admin

    Dear Praneeth,
    Eastman batteries are branded, no need to worry.

    To know the facts about battery backup time
    i recommend you to read this article first

  • Admin

    For Normal Home Use, why do you want to buy such an expensive battery.

    We recommend Exide Inva Master IM10000 150 ah tall tubular – Rs.12500/-

    Life expectancy 5+ years

  • Deepak kumar

    Sir yesterday i brougt luminous sakti charge 900 but it is not charging and smart charge is blinking

  • P K Balegar

    Sir, how is SURYA Tubular battery from Salem, TN, 150AH for Inverter?

  • Admin

    Dear Kumar,
    Thickness of the plate is the difference.

  • Admin

    We recommend Exide IT500 150 ah tall tubular battery.


    I want to buy Luminous ILTT 18048 OR Exide IT500 OR Triball CRTT 180 ah,
    which is best

    • Admin

      Dear Samaya,
      You sorted out the best tubular batteries available in the market.

      All three models you mentioned are equally good for Home use.

  • Nitin Agrawal

    Hi , Do you have any feedback on OKAYA or Escort Tubular batteries ….



  • Apurva Saxena

    Dear admin,
    I went to a shop to buy a 150ah exide battery but confused with EXIDE INVA MASTER 150ah and EXIDE CEIL TUBULAR CT500 150 ah……please tell which one is better as i could not find technical specs of the above model even on……i hope exide inva master is a tubular battery……….actually the shop i visited convinced me to buy exide inva tall 150ah telling me it is tubular but somehow i decided to check online and then decide… my surprise when i searched it online it was listed in flat plate type battery and only difference is that it has thick plates and some more improvements.
    We should be thankful to you for initiating such a discussion as there is lots of misleading information in the market.

    • Admin

      Hi Apurva,
      We recommend Exide inva master 150 Tall tubular.

      Thanks for your comments.

  • Kumar Pragati

    Plz suggest between exide 200ah and luminous 220 ah

  • Nilapriyan

    Dear sir,
    I have 100wp pv panel,battery40AH,inverter300VA with it enough to load (1fan+3 lights(40w))with back up 3 hours

  • Shubham Singh

    Dear sir,i have a 220AH battery of luminous,which would be the best ups inverter to charge it?

    • Admin

      Dear shubham singh,
      For 220 Ah battery, we would recommend sukam Falcon plus for better charging and long life.

      Falcon plus has better charging ability even at very low input voltage.

  • Naughty Ladka

    Hello admin
    Happy to see such discussion here .
    I was misguided by retailer and I ended up buying luminous 180 ah battery ,but I need more backup coz here 10 hours power cuts occurs and on occasions light goes for 1-2 days .(shopkeeper told me high capacity will not charge ,you buy 180ah reason was he was not having 220 ah).