Luminous Shakthi Charge Inverter Price

Luminous Shakthi Charge Inverter is an extraordinary inverter model made specially for areas with heavy and long power cuts up to 10 -12 hours.

Shakthi Charge inverter is available in two ranges,

1. 900 VA Inverter
2. 1000VA Inverter

Though it’s a square wave inverter model, it is built with special high power charger with charging ability up to 16.5 Amp in 900VA and 22 Amp in 1000VA model.

This inverter work flawlessly even at 95 volt input voltage, which means, it does not need any stabilizer to install in low voltage areas.

This is the one and only model with high efficient charger, we recommend this model for people living in areas with 10 to 12 hours power cut. It charges the battery in half the time than any other model inverter.

Price of Shakthi Charge Inverter would range between,

Rs.5000 to 5500 —–900VA Model
Rs.5500 to 5800 ——1000VA or 1KVA Model


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