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Reasons to Choose Sukam Tall Tubular Battery & Inverter

It’s a Big debate, that choosing an inverter and battery from same brand is good or not? Let us discuss about the on-ground situation on choosing right inverter and battery from same brand. Some Facts Some companies make good batteries, but bad inverters. Some companies...

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Best Battery Combination for 400 and 600 VA Inverters

When purchasing 400 or 600 VA inverters, people ask their dealer to suggest an affordable and low cost battery for their low cost 400 or 600 VA inverters. But most dealers won’t suggest a perfect match battery for 400 VA or 600 VA inverters. People...

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Easy step to Find out Duplicate Exide Battery!

Now in battery industry, duplicates are the biggest threat for buyers with limited knowledge about batteries. Duplicates are everywhere, it’s our responsibility to buy a genuine battery from battery dealers directly. In previous posts we have already said, ‘Avoid third persons or electricians to buy...

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How to Solve Low Battery Back Up Problem in Inverter

Question My Exide 150 ah battery gives power back up for two hours, but the seller promised that the battery would give backup for at least 4 hours, Is my battery failing? Answer Not exactly, first of all you should know some facts about ‘Discharge...

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