Reasons to Choose Sukam Tall Tubular Battery & Inverter

It’s a Big debate, that choosing an inverter and battery from same brand is good or not?

Let us discuss about the on-ground situation on choosing right inverter and battery from same brand.


Some Facts

Some companies make good batteries, but bad inverters.

Some companies are best in inverters and bad in battery manufacturing.

Here I didn’t want to point out any particular company, but I hope the readers would understand the fact.

At the same time we cannot ignore the convenience of buying battery and inverter of same brand. In such situation, the dealer couldn’t escape from taking responsibility, in case of any battery or inverter failure problem.

So, the warranty claim process could be little bit easy and smooth. But we cannot blindly trust any companies’ manufacturing both inverter and battery together.

Very few companies are out there in the market with good inverters and reliable batteries.

Su-kam is undoubtedly on the top of this list.

Sukam has really wide range of models available in both modified sine wave and pure sine wave inverters.

We should admit that the quality of Sukam Pure sine wave inverter is exceptional and way better than its competitors.

Why Very few battery models?

In addition with considering all above advantages, we wonder why Sukam has only limited number of models in batteries.

Sukam has

Four models in Regular deep cycle batteries – 135 ah, 150 ah, 165ah and 190 ah. (Recently discontinued 100 ah model)

Two Models in Tall Tubular series – 150 ah and 180 ah

(Sukam has 10 models in its SMF – Sealed Maintenance Free – Battery series – From 50 ah to 200ah) (I don’t want to include SMF models here, as it is not a big seller in domestic market)

Advantages of Sukam Tall Tubular Battery

Inspite of Limited availability of models in Tubular range of batteries, we are really impressed with the exceptional performance of Sukam Tall Tubular batteries.

It performs even under very arduous conditions and prolonged power cut situations.

Less expensive than Exide IT500

Warranty and Life Expectancy

It has 36 months warranty.

As per our experience, it has 4 years life expectancy. We have seen some sukam Tall tubular batteries which lasted for 4.5 years comfortably. But it all depends on the power cut situation on ground.

Sukam Tall Tubular’s specification matches the Market Leader IT500 battery in many ways, particularly we can expect 1200 cycles at 80% depth of discharge. In simple words – it matches the life expectancy of IT500 Exide.


If you plan to buy inverter and battery from same brand, we would like to recommend Sukam Pure sine wave inverters and Sukam Tall tubular Batteries (150 ah and 180 ah)

sukam falcon sukam shiny

Some Fast Moving Models:

Sukam Falcon 800 VA Pure sine wave

Sukam Shiny 850 VA and 650VA sine wave

Sukam ‘Big’ Tall Tubular Battery Models available in Market

1. SBT 1500 – 150ah

2. SBT 1800 – 180 ah

Price Guideline

Sukam shiny 850 va inverter and Falcon 800 VA would cost around Rs.5500

Sukam Tall Tublar 150 ah battery Price would range between Rs.10500 to 11,000/-

Sukam Tall Tubular 180 ah battery would cost between Rs.11800 to 12300/-

Readers who own this models post your experience and prices – it would be helpful to your fellow readers. Dealers also welcome to post their competitive prices with your contact details.


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