Easy step to Find out Duplicate Exide Battery!

Now in battery industry, duplicates are the biggest threat for buyers with limited knowledge about batteries.

Duplicates are everywhere, it’s our responsibility to buy a genuine battery from battery dealers directly. In previous posts we have already said, ‘Avoid third persons or electricians to buy battery for you’, go to battery dealers outlet directly in person to purchase your battery.

Here we come up with simple step to verify whether your Exide battery is original or duplicate.

Exide has announced a new online battery registration service to facilitate exide users  to register their batteries online with exide’s official website to simplify the process of warranty claim in case of any battery problem.

Another reason for launching this service is to find duplicates and control counterfeit products in market.

How To Validate Your Exide Battery?

1.First get your original Bill for Battery,  your battery’s serial number will be printed on the bill or warranty card of battery. If you find difficult to get the serial number from bill or warranty card, you can get it from your battery itself. The unique serial number is imprinted on the top of your battery.

2. Go to Exide Official Battery registration Page https://crm.exidereachout.com/irj/portal/anonymous?guest_user=batregex ( site may be down sometimes )

3. Fill in your serial number and click ‘validate’ button, if your battery is genuine you can continue with registration process, in case you are a victim of counterfeit product it will show you a message.

4. Continuing with registration is optional, you can just validate your battery with serial number.

Hope this information help you!

Important Note: Don’t panic if the website rejects your registration number, its normal. Just try to call Exide Toll free Call center and give your battery serial number and dealer details, they will confirm your battery’s warranty and send you a registration confirmation number.

Toll Free Exide Call Center Number for Service : 1800-103-5454 (call between 8am to 8pm)

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