Base Tuff Industrial Inverter battery Prices & models

‘BASE’ a 25 year company, has been making wide variety of deep cycle battery models for inverter & UPS application for Indian and overseas market.

We already wrote a post about ‘Base Tuff and Nebula’ tubular battery models with price and complete warranty details, now we come up with detailed information about “Base Tuff Industrial Battery models”

· Low maintenance – Less water toppings

· Good quality materiel used in positive plates – Long life

· The company claims this model as ‘Industrial Tubular Battery’ with 3 years full replacement warranty.

· But we think that this model is most suitable for home and office use,

base industrial battery

Ah rating

Four Models with 40, 60, 80 and 100 AH rating are available. These are perfectly designed for inverter and UPS application.

Model AH @ C20 Warranty Price
BTi 100 100 ah 36 Months 9600
BTi 40 40 ah 36 Months 4600
BTi 60 60 ah 36 Months 6150
BTi 80 80 ah 36 Months 8260

Note: The price listed above is official price list from the company, Normal store prices are 15% less than the prices listed above. Calculate yourself, Bargain, and Get the best Price!


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