How ‘bad’ distilled water kill your inverter battery?

I know this is something difficult to believe, but it is true that significant number of lead acid batteries lose their life every year due to addition of bad distilled water that contains high level of total dissolved solids (TDS) which is strictly not recommended for use with lead acid batteries.

What is the recommended Water TDS level for battery use?

Water with 5 ppm TDS or below is recommended for topping up lead acid batteries.

But unfortunately the bottled water you get from roadside shops and petrol stations lacks the TDS level standard recommended for adding with batteries. In our recent research about the quality of the distilled water available in petrol stations and roadside shops shows some shocking results, tds level of bottled distilled water from various petrol bunks exceeds 25 PPM which is unsafe for lead acid batteries.

Due to heavy power outages in most part of our country, use of home ups and inverter batteries has gone up and the demand for distilled water also raised obviously, we have very limited number of companies producing distilled water for chemical labs and lead acid batteries, as usual counterfeit products comes to market without invitation.

Some fraud sellers fill normal municipal water or RO water in used bottles and label them as ‘distilled water’. They have TDS level more than 25 PPM for sure, Buyers should be careful in buying this duplicate distilled water.

Does RO water damage our battery?

I don’t say like that. RO is a different process from distillation. But we have seen many battery service centers use RO water for battery. But they regularly check the TDS level with tds meter to ensure the water tds level is below 5 PPM.

We recommend our readers to use distilled water from reputed battery shops only.

What happens to your inverter battery when you add hard water?

When you top-up your inverter battery with hard water, your battery gradually lose its ability to hold the charge and you will face low back up problem, if you continue to add hard water every time you top up your battery, it will die one day.


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