Tubular Batteries Vs Normal Batteries

What is special about Tubular Battery? This question may arise when you go for purchase of Ups (inverter). In most cases even the battery shop owner can’t figure out the exact special features about tubular battery. One thing everybody knows is Tubular is better than normal battery, but in which way it is better? Have you ever wonder why you can’t find the right answer for this question. Don’t worry guys; Let me simply list out the specialties about tubular battery.


Tubular Batteries
Normal Flat plate batteries
 Life expectancy 4 to 5 years (Exide EL+ 8 years)  Maximum 3 years
 Low water loss  Needs frequent water topping up
 Cyclic Life is High  Low cyclic life
 Operate consistently even at high temperatures.  Useful only at recommended temperature conditions.
 Suitable for High end applications. Not recommended for heavy applications.
Complex design. Simple design.
High Price. Affordable price.
Fast charging battery. Charges slowly compared to tubular batteries.
Recommended for high productive applications. Recommended for small homes and budget-conscious people.
Highly reliable Reliable
150 AH Tubular costs Rs.11500 approx. (Other brand) 150 AH Normal Battery Costs Rs.9000 approx. (Other brand)