Tubular Batteries Vs Normal Batteries

What is special about Tubular Battery? This question may arise when you go for purchase of Ups (inverter). In most cases even the battery shop owner can’t figure out the exact special features about tubular battery. One thing everybody knows is Tubular is better than normal battery, but in which way it is better? Have you ever wonder why you can’t find the right answer for this question. Don’t worry guys; Let me simply list out the specialties about tubular battery.


Tubular Batteries
Normal Flat plate batteries
 Life expectancy 4 to 5 years (Exide EL+ 8 years)  Maximum 3 years
 Low water loss  Needs frequent water topping up
 Cyclic Life is High  Low cyclic life
 Operate consistently even at high temperatures.  Useful only at recommended temperature conditions.
 Suitable for High end applications. Not recommended for heavy applications.
Complex design. Simple design.
High Price. Affordable price.
Fast charging battery. Charges slowly compared to tubular batteries.
Recommended for high productive applications. Recommended for small homes and budget-conscious people.
Highly reliable Reliable
150 AH Tubular costs Rs.11500 approx. (Other brand) 150 AH Normal Battery Costs Rs.9000 approx. (Other brand)
  • soundarraju

    Good comparison for tubler battery and ordinary battery

  • Raghavan

    Good lucid statement on battery comparison. But wider comparison taking few more brands like Mocrotek, Luminous, Amaron etc branded batteries would be useful for buyers.

  • Philip

    Is it safe to use automative batteries like SF Sonic Jumbo 150AH with an ups-inverter like APC BINE850VA?

    • admin

      Yes, it is safe. But if you suffer more than 8hrs power cut per day, consider buying semi-tubular or Tubular batteries. If you frequently deep discharge the automobile batteries, it will reduce its life significantly.

  • Updesh karan Mathur

    I being a reitired Chief Engineer Mechanical found this information Excellent Ihave decided to go for ordinary Battery as power cut in Jodhpur is maximum for 3 hours

    • Updesh karan Mathur

      I being a reitired Chief Engineer Mechanical found this information Excellent Ihave decided to go for ordinary Battery as power cut in Jodhpur is maximum for 3 hoursI suggest to use IN 1500 plus exide for a single family .

  • deep

    Great and helpful comparision. Info provided on this website is very useful. Good job 🙂

    • admin

      Dear Deep,
      Thanks For The Accolades!

  • Rajesh

    Dear Admin,

    Finally i have settled for the Exide IT500Super 150ahplus battery and purchased it for RS.17000/- today. I need your clarification for my doubt as below

    1. The dealer had 2batteries which arrived just today morning. One battery carton was completely drenched and the outer carton was damaged by spilt acid. So i asked him for the other battery which had not much leakage. But he was arguing that it was a usual case and all batteries loose some acid on transportation. But i went for the battery with less leakage and box not damaged.

    2. Now when i took the battery and when the level indicator was fixed, i found that it showed very low limit nearing red. The dealer said it is usual and there is no need to topup till 3months. I need your valuable suggestion about

    i) the effects on performance of battery due to leakage of acid on transportation
    ii) when i have to topup with distill water ? Is it safe to use the new battery with indicator showing less acid for 3months as suggested by dealer ?

    • admin

      Dear Rajesh,
      It seems the acid has spilled out of battery during transit, No need to panic, actually Exide IT500 super comes with some extra electrolyte, So the little loss of electrolyte will have no impact on your battery performance, You just add some distilled water to the battery and continue using it.

  • Rajesh

    dear admin
    i am waiting for your valuable reply

  • bisworaj

    I’m in need of a new battery. I’ve microtek upse 875 va model inverter. Load shedding in my area is about 14 hrs. I need power for just watching 21 inch flat tv ,for a desktop and afew fans. Which Ah of battery is suitable for me? Tublar or normal flat battery is better?what is the price of 150 Ah normal and tubular exide battery ? Please kindly inform me.

    • admin

      Dear bisworaj
      we recommend Exide IT500 invatubular tall battery for your inverter, it would cost around Rs.14,000/-

  • Joseph

    I like it


    dear admin,
    i’m satisfied with your valuable reply

    • admin

      Thank you, welcome!

  • Logu

    I have bought a new Microtex inverter 1000 watts with tall tubular battery 150 AH. The technician has kept both on the top roof in my bed room. Please advise whether it is safe to keep it in bed room. Bed room has fan near it and AC which is used occasionally.

    • admin

      Dear Logu,
      Even though some batteries are equipped with ceramic vents, we strongly recommend not to keep your battery in bedroom, invisible fumes that originate during charging the battery will escape in to your bed room easily, it would cause health hazard to you and your family members.

  • sundar

    Dear admin,
    I have bought a 100Ah amaron battery,so please recommend me a suitable inverter for PC, one light and one fan at home

    • admin

      Dear Sundar,
      Sukam shiny 850VA could be the best choice for your requirement.

  • Simon D

    Hello Sir,
    The information in this site is very useful for all.
    I have been working with battery for longtime.
    I have a doubt about this article.
    In BSNL before this maintenance battery Lead ACID cells were used and minimum life before discarded was 10Years.
    After VRLA batteries, this lifetime is reduced to 5 Years.
    Then how this VRLA maintenance free battery has longer life.
    Could you explain please.

    • admin

      Dear Simon,
      Happy to receive accolades from you. Could you please elaborate your question? Which Type of Battery (Model and Brand) did you use before VRLA batteries?

  • Aishu

    Admin, i want to know the differences between tall tubular (tower tubular) & standard size (low height) tubular batteries.

    • admin

      Dear Aishu,
      Some people want to place their inverter battery in narrow spaces or very little space, in such condition Tall tubulars are useful than normal tubulars.

      Hadi Casting, strong positive plate, special additives, rugged design …blah blah blah! …..both are similar in so many ways but Tall tubular design is some what good looking and little bit more reliable and successful than normal tubular.

  • abhilash

    i have bought exide little champ and genus ups in 11500 is it worth or not

    • admin

      Dear Abhilash,
      Share the Model, VA and AH range of inverter and battery, so that we can give the guideline prices.

  • kishn.chand

    Hello Admin,

    Thanks a lot for your informative article.
    Please suggest me one of below combinations as per price and performance wise:
    1.Sukam Shiny 850VA inverter and Sukam SBT1500 150AH
    2.Microtek SEBZ 850VA inverter and exide Inva Tublar(IT) 500 150AH

    Thanks & Regards,

    • admin

      Dear Krish,
      Both are good combinations, choose one which is available near you.

      • kishn.chand

        Hi Admin,

        Thanks for your suggestions.
        I am opting Microtek SEBZ 850VA inverter.
        But regarding battery,I want to purchase an old battery for some time which is available with one of my friend.
        Battery specification is : Luminous “IL 18000 PLUS 150 AH” 1 year old normal battery with 24 months warranty.I am thinking if I purchase this for aprox 4000…It will be sold at approx 2300 after 1.5 years.Will it be benificial to me.
        Please suggest about the option and price for the same.


        • admin

          Dear Krish,
          1 year old Luminous “IL 18000 PLUS 150 AH” for Rs.4000 seems like a good deal,

          It would last long for 2 more years and you could sell the dead 150 ah battery for minimum 1800 to 2000 rupees.


          Microtek UPS SEBz 850 va + Luminous IL 180000 plus 150 ah is good combination. Go for it!


    • admin

      Dear Jafar,
      You didn’t mention the model of exide tubular for which you got offer, IT500 Exide Tall tubular cost Rs.13500 to 14000 in Tamilnadu (no exchange needed)

      You could sell your old battery for minimum 1500 rupees to any battery dealer.

  • Hari

    I want to run 1 TV{CRT),2 Fans and 5 CFL bulbs (20 w).I want to run inverter for 4 hours at least.Which Inverter and Battery would you suggest

    • admin

      Dear Hari,
      We would recommend an 850 VA pure sine wave inverter with 150 ah Battery.

      Microtek UPS SEBz850 VA pure sine wave – Rs.5000/-

      Exide Mega Inva 150 ah (3years full replacement warranty) -Rs.12250/-

  • Hari

    Thanks for the quick response.
    I have heard that some people give used battery to their customers instead of a new one.Could you please give some clues on how to differentiate between a new battery and a used battery?

  • Samsudeen


    Two months before I bought a Tata solar inverter with two batteries of Tata make (100AH x 2 Nos of 12V). Battery is not tower type. My doubt is whether the battery is tubular or not. How can I know it. What will be the price of additional battery if I want to purchase another one?


    • admin

      Dear samsudeen,
      Provide the battery model, so that we can confirm the price.

  • Hari

    Dear admin,
    Although you didn’t answer my second question,I am very grateful to you for the answer you gave to my first question.
    In fact,you have been doing wonderful job by helping person like me who is ignorant about inverter and battery.
    Keep it up!

    • admin

      Thank you Hari!

  • Amit Kumar

    Dear Admin,
    I want to buy an inveter with battery. My requirement is as follow..
    2 Fan/ 2CFL/ 2 Zero Watt bulbs/ TV(Colored, Normal, 17 Inch)

    Kindly suggest me the product which fits in this model of requirement. I am planning to buy 800VA inverter with Normal battery.
    Is it a good idea to buy tabular battery for home inverter in this requirement or should i go with normal one.

    • admin

      Dear Amit Kumar,

      2 Ceiling Fans – 160 watts
      2x 15 watts CFL – 30 watts
      17 inch CRT TV – 85 watts
      Total – 275 watts

      i didn’t include the zero watts bulbs in the above chart, the So-Called zero watt bulb will consume nearly 15 watts power, so it’s better you replace it with any led or cfl.

      Though a 600 VA inverter is enough to handle this load, we recommend 800 or 850 va inverter, as it has many advantages over 600 VA inverter.

      Choose Semi tubular or Tubular according to your budget limit. Tubular may suit for heavy power cut situations like 13 hrs per day. Moreover you could enjoy extra one year life time for battery compared to semi tubular. But the price also increase when you opt for tubular.


      We recommend

      Exide Invertor Plus model 135 ah semi tubular battery (2 years warranty) – Rs.10,000 to 10.500/-


      Exide 80 AH Invertor Plus model semi tubular – Rs.6000 to 6500/-

      Choose 80 ah battery if you suffer power shedding of 4 to 6 hours per day. 135 ah model suits both short and long power cuts.

  • nithin

    Dear admin

    iam buying 1kva numeric inverter and 200ah exide normal battery can you tell me what would be exact price

    • admin

      Dear Nithin,
      Numeric has both modified sine wave and Pure sine wave models in 100va range.

      Digital HPH HR 1000 is Pure sine wave Numeric 1000 va inverter

      Dgital 1000 HPH is a modified sine wave numeric inverter

      We recommend Pure sine wave model only, as it produce pure current which is suitable for all sensitive loads.


      Numeric 1000 VA Pure sine wave model ‘HPH HR 1000’ inverter would cost around Rs.5500

      200 AH normal battery would cost around Rs.12000

      • nithin

        IN 2000AH exide invertor plus cost of this battery is 12000 uh

        • admin

          No Nithin, 200 ah Exide Invertor Plus (Model:FEI0-IN2000PLUS ) best Price is Rs.16200/-

          • nithin

            thank you so much for your response sir

            i bought numeric digital HPH HR series pure sine wave for 6000
            and 200 ah Exide Invertor Plus (Model:FEI0-IN2000PLUS ) for 17000 iam in chennai ..is this price reasonable.. can you tell me how many house back up i can get if i use 2 fans and 2 lights and computer ..

          • admin

            Dear Nithin,
            Thanks for sharing prices with our readers.

            Actually the Prices seems okay, but the best price for Exide 200ah Invertor Plus is Rs.16200/-

            And the Numeric sine wave inverter 1000 VA is available for Rs.5500 to 5700/- at dealer outlets.

            The battery price bothers me little,

            Anyways, you got a fair deal!

            (2 fans +2 tube + 1 desktop PC with LCD, we expect 5 hours backup, we recommend to limit your Desktop PC usage and use Laptop instead)

  • senthil


    I have tej 800 inverter bought in 2006 still working.however changed two batteries so far in last 6-7 years.Lastest one just came for 1.5 years (exide invasafe 600 )not sure why exide invasafe did’nt last for even 2 years.

    Now planning to buy new inverter and battery expecting life for atleast next 3-5 years.

    Here is our power requirement

    1. 3 fans.
    2. 4 tube light
    3. 4 CFL lights ( say 8W each)
    4. one laptop
    5. fridge 160 liter

    Please suggest us reliable models i can look for it.After sale service should also be reasonably good.

    • admin

      Dear Senthil,
      We recommend Sukam shiny 1500 va double battery inverter (pure sine wave) with two Sukam 150 ah LA batteries for your load preference.

      Their after sale service is good.

  • pushpender

    I want to buy a inverter , load sheedding would be max in tune of 4 hours ( in 2 cuts of 2 hours each in morning and evening), which battery and invertor should take.

    • admin

      Dear Pushpender,
      An 850 VA pure sine wave inverter with 135 ah semi tubular battery would be a best combination that suits your requirement.

      Sukam shiny 850 VA – Rs.5500/-
      Exide Invertor Plus Model 135 ah – Rs.10,000 to 10,5000/-

      • pushpender

        Dear Admin,
        If i consider the long run will 135 AH suffice or should i go for 150 AH battery and if yes then which one should i opt for .

        thanks in advance.

        • admin

          Dear Pushpender,
          If you are flexible with budget, you can opt for 150 ah invertor plus model.

          You could get extra back up time and extra life.

  • Nirosh K Anand

    Hi Admin,

    Kindly suggest a reasonable Inverter for my below requirements.
    2 Fan
    2 Tube light
    1 CRT TV

    Am facing 8-10 hours Power cut daily.Suggest a Inverter which will be available in Trichy,Tamilnadu.
    Thanks in advance.

    • admin

      Dear Nirosh K Anand,
      We recommend 850 va pure sine wave inverter with 150 ah battery for your load requirement. But a CRT tv would reduce your battery backup time drastically.

      For Inverter

      Sukam Shiny 850 va Pure sine wave – Rs.5500/-

      Battery Sukam Tall Tubular SBT1500 model 150 ah battery or 180 ah battery

      Read this post for more info about the above combination


      other best inverter models in 850 va range pure sine wave

      Microtek UPS SEBz 850 VA – Rs.5000

      APC 850 va pure sine wave – Rs.5500

      Other battery options

      Exide IT500 150 ah tall tubular – Rs.14000

      Amaron Current Tall tubular 150 ah – Rs.12200

      Exide Mega Inva 150 ah semi tubular with 3 years full warranty – Rs.12250

      • Nirosh K Anand

        Thanks a lot for ur info…..

  • Sridhar


    I have a 600VA/650VA inverter (not sure of exact specification). Please let me know if I could use tubular batteries like around 150AH. I was said from battery dealers that 600VA inverter wont charge it. If it is so, also please suggest a 100AH or 110AH tubular battery

    Sridhar T

    • admin

      Dear Sridhar,
      A 600 va inverter is compatible with 150 ah tubular battery, but it could take 1 or 2 hours extra to charge the 150 ah battery to its full capacity compared to 800 va inverter.

      If you have only 6 hours of power cut per day, you could select 150 ah battery for your 600 va inverter, it could handle it flawlessly.


      We recommend Exide 135 ah Invertor plus model semi tubular battery with 2 years warranty and 3 years life expectancy for your 600 va inverter. It would cost Rs.1000 to 10500.

  • kishn.chand


    Thanks for your previous suggestions.
    Can you please tell me the approx price of luminous square wave 800-850 VA inverter for both new and approx 3 yr old inverter.
    I think the major diff between sine and square wave is that in case of square wave noise level is high and battery life is less.Need you opinion for the same too.


    • admin

      Dear Krish,
      We strictly do not recommend buying ‘used’ square wave inverter for your brand new battery.

      Not only a humming noise from fan and tube is the difference, there is a lot more difference to say.

      With square wave inverter, your fan regulator will burn out over time, your laptop battery will go dead in short period of time. You can not use LCD or LED TV with square wave inverter unless you want to fry it off.

      Don’t take chance on your battery life with old inverter.

      A brand New Luminous sine wave 875 VA inverter costs only Rs.5500/-. Go for it!

  • Meena

    The info that u have shared is really useful and i need ur advice in selecting the battery and invertor for house use.. planned for 3 lights and 3 fans.. should i have 150 ah for battery and 600va for invertor ??? how abt SUN battery??… pls reply as soon as possible.. thank you in advance

    • admin

      Dear Meena,
      For 3 Fans and 3 CFL’s, a 600 VA inverter is sufficient, But an 850 VA inverter would be more useful for using Kitchen mixer, consider that option also,

      Buy only Pure sine wave inverter.

      Here we recommend
      Microtek sine wave model UPS SEBz600 VA – Rs.4000 to 4300/-

      Microtek sine wave model UPS SEBz 850 VA – Rs.5000 to 5500/-

      For battery,
      We recommend

      Exide Invertor Plus semi tubular 135 ah (2 years warranty) – Rs.10,000 to 10,500/-

      Amaron Current Normal inverter battery 150 ah – Rs.9500 – 10,000/-

  • Naga

    Dear Admin,
    I have read all comments and ur suggestions its very helpful.
    But i am very much confused which company i can opt for buying.

    My requirements are:
    1-crt tv
    stand by-8-12 hrs expected!

    for this required please recommend me which company i can go for!Su-kam or Microtek UPS and Exide or someother batteries and their spec.Awaiting for your reply soon

    • admin

      Dear naga,
      We recommend 1500 va inverter with two Exide Mega Inva 150 ah batteries for your load and backup requirement.

      Microtek 1500 VA sine wave (UPS SEBz1500) inverter – Rs.7000 to 7500/-

      Two Nos. Exide Mega inva semi tubular 150 ah batteries with three years full warranty – Rs. 12500 x 2 = 25000/-


      If budget is constrain for you, just go for 850 VA sine wave Microtek and One Exide Invertor Plus 150 ah battery. But you need to exclude CRT TV from your load preference.

      Microtek sine wave UPS SEBz850 VA – Rs.5000 to 5300/-

      Exide Invertor Plus 150 ah semi tubular battery with two years warranty – Rs.11,200/-

  • Gomathi

    I have a Sukam 850VA and their proprietary Lead Acid Battery that recently went out of service. Have to now chose a tubular battery ie between Sukam 150 AH and Exide IT 500. My backup time everyday is 2hrs only for fans and lights (sometimes). However, when there is a full day power shut down, will use fan for 6-7 hrs. Su-kam recommends their tall tubular as its easy for them to manage problems after sales. I want to know if quality and performance of Sukam tubular and Exide IT 500 are equal. Besides, their Sukam tubular casting seems to be Gravity while HADI is recommended. Pls. Help

    • admin

      Dear Gomathi,
      Sukam Tall tubular and Exide IT500 Tall tubular, both are good performers , but IT500’s quality is better than sukam’s tall tubular.

      IT500 is better in terms of life expectancy and maintenance.

      IT500 is expensive than Sukam Tall tubular and during summer IT500’s price go beyond 16 k which is unreasonable, in such condition sukam Tall tubular 150 ah is the better choice for most home users.

      • Gomathi

        Thank you very much.
        I live in Chennai around Mylapore area. Is it possible to locate a Exide dealer for me.
        Also, would like to know if the Exide offers good after sales service too interms of maintaining the battery? Right now sukam offers good service and am quite happy with them.

  • Arun

    Very useful site. Clarified lot of concepts.

    I have a quote in Chennai for a Sukam 850 VA Shiny + Sukam 150 AH tubular battery for Rs.19000 (installation, trolley, extra). Some of the comments here seemed to indicate this price was somewhat high. If possible, please let me know your thoughts on this quote.

    Thanks much.

    • admin

      This is looting time for chennai battery dealers

      Demand is so high , your dealers price quote is overpriced by ₹2000 to ₹3000

      Try with other dealer or buy it from same dealer.

      • Arun

        Thank you for the input. Will do some more searching.

        • Arun

          Dear admin,

          I got another quote for a Chennai-based company’s 1KVA inverter + SF StanRed 150 AH SR500+ battery for Rs. 19400. How about this quote?

          The firm seems well established and promise one-day service call for their own inverter as opposed to Su-Kam’s call center based support. Anything to watch out for in the battery?

          Thanks again,

          • admin


            As for now chennai battery and inverter prices gone up, so we can’t comment about the prices.

            Don’t buy second grade products at high price……worthless.

  • Gomathi

    Based on your inputs I procured Exide IT500 yday for 13000. Thanks for your advice.

  • Subhankar Sarkar

    Exide SF division SR500+ battery is a pure tubular battery???
    What is the advantage and disadvantage of this battery, and what is the price of that battery????

    • admin

      Dear Subhankar,
      Exide StanRed500+ is a Entry level 150 ah Tubular Battery with 36 months warranty.

      No. of charge cycles decides the battery life

      Exide StanRed SR500+ (150ah) – 600 to 700 cycles @ 80 % depth of discharge

      Exide IT500 InvaTubular 150 ah battery – 1250 cycles @ 80% depth of discharge

      Exide IT500 is a Premium Tubular battery, with the above comparison you can understand the life expectancy of the Entry level tubular and Premium Tubular battery.

  • Satish

    Hi Admin,
    This is a very good site and you are helping us a lot with your valuable suggestions.

    I am planning to buy Luminous invertor sine wave 875VA.

    My dealer asks me to go Luminous Flat plate battery 135AH.

    Let me know if Luminous invertor sine wave 875VA with 135AH Flat plate battery is a good buy or should I wait for Tabular battery 150AH battery.

    How much difference it makes in terms reliability, Life and cost.

    Please let me know best prices I can ask for this.

    OR should you recommend some other brand?

    My requirement is 3 tube lights, 3 fans and optional TV or Air Cooler or Laptop


    • admin

      Dear Satish,
      Life expectation of flat plate inverter battery is only 2 or 2.5 years.

      We recommend

      Luminous sine wave 875 va inverter


      Luminous Tall tubular 150 ah battery

      Other best option

      Exide original 850 va inverter (not ceil inverter) with LCD display


      Exide Mega Inva 150 ah battery with 3 years full replacement warranty (life expectancy 4 years)

  • Theja

    Hello Admin,
    I came across your site for the first time today and I’m loving it.

    I want to ask your opinion for my need:
    We use around 650 watt of power my house.
    Due to heavy load shedding we get electricity for 1 hour after every 2 hours (i.e. 2 hours blackout, 1 hour electricity alternatively) the whole day.

    Which inverter and battery should I buy? What will be the cost?
    How many hours will the back up last? How long will it take to fully recharge the battery?
    How often would I have to put distilled water in the battery?

    Thank you.

    • admin

      Dear Theja,
      For your load preference and back up hours requirement, we strongly recommend a double battery inverter with two 88 ah or 100 ah batteries for trouble free performance.

      Exide Original inverter 145o va with LCD Display – Rs.7500/-
      Sukam 1500 va Shiny model inverter – Rs.7500/-


      Two Exide Invertor Plus 88 ah batteries = Rs.6500 x 2 = Rs.13,000/-

      You may hesitate to buy a double battery inverter, but you will get numerous benefits by installing a double battery inverter.

      Installing a bigger ah battery with 850 va inverter is pointless, the battery will not get full charged during heavy power cuts above 10hours per day.

      But a 88 ah or 100 ah batteries attached with double battery inverter will be fully charged even during heavy power cuts like 12 hours per day.

      Here, you are going to invest just Rs.2000/- extra on inverter, not with battery, the battery cost remains same. Think and buy the best!

  • Sukumar

    Hi Admin,

    1.8 months back i have purchased the exide Inv Queen 500+ (150AH) with Microtek 850WA Inverter. currently i facing the back shortage which does not working more than 50 mins for 2 fans alone.mostly we never used our inverter more than 2 haours.

    Can you please suggest what might be problem for lossing the backup life and what kind of battery shall i use for Microtek sine wave 850.

    • admin

      Dear Sukumar,
      Seems Like the battery needs bench charging, call your battery dealer or take your battery to your dealer and ask him to put the battery in Bench charge, this could solve the problem.

  • anuj

    Dear admin,
    I read some comment that gives good information about batteries and inverter..thanks 4 that…

    but i wants to know that which battery is good for my inverter(sukam 600 va,digital)

    My house load is like 2 fan,2 cfl in day time and in night load is 3 fan and 1 cfl,,,

    Battery dealer told me that exide 150 ah flat battry is good..but i wants to buy sukam or luminous 150 ah tubular…is this right choice?

    power cut is about 7 to 8 hour in my city….plz give valuable suggestion

    • admin

      Dear Anuj,
      Sukam has separate name for every model,

      We recommend
      Sukam shiny 650 VA (Pure sine wave inverter)


      Luminous 150 ah Tall Tubular Battery.


      Luminous Tall Tubular Battery Models

      Luminous ILTT 500 Tall Tubular 150 ah battery (24 months full warranty + 6 months Prorata warranty)

      Luminous ‘ILTT 18048’ Tall Tubular 150 ah battery (3 years full warranty + 1 year Prorata warranty)

      We recommend ILTT 18048 for Prolonged Life and Performance.

  • kishn.chand


    This question was asked by one of my friend…I think you were able to see the same.So Please help for below question:
    Can you please tell me the approx price for below combination :
    luminous 850VA inverter (approx 7 year old) and
    luminous IL18000 PLUS 150AH (approx 1 year old)

    I am considering 6k for both.


    • admin

      Dear Krish,

      Luminous IL 18000 Plus has 18 months full warranty + 6 months prorata warranty, Your battery is already 1 year old and it has 1 or 1.5 years life left.

      7 year old 850 va inverter – Rs.1500/-
      1 year old Battery – Rs.3000/-

      We advice not to buy a 7 years old inverter, it is almost standing on its last legs.

      • kishn.chand

        thanks for your quick response…I will suggest my friend for a new one…MicroteK+Exide 🙂


    I am planning to buy 2 Luminous 150AH tubular batteries as my load requirement is 5 tubes 4 fans 1 desk top or one lcd TV for my 1250va Luminous invertor.

    I want to know the difference in normal tubular and tower tubular,which one is better and how.

    Load shedding is prolonged some time between 6-8 hours.

    What is the correct model number and which one is better Luminous or Exide.

  • vishal

    hi i am having normal battery which is just going to wipe off…now the shopkeeperis suggesting to buy tubular battery….. my usage is 2lamp and 1 fan only…. kindly suggest!!!

    • Aral

      I am using Exide tubular, satisfied with performance

      • Bala Krishnan

        Which Tubular model you are using in Exide can you suggest me for 150AH .. Exide Model

  • harjit

    What is reasonable price at Hyderabad for 150AH Su-Kam tubular battery with exchange Exide 180 AH. How much load this battery can take ??

    • Bharat

      Answering this old question as it might be useful to others.

      Load depends upon inverter rating, more than the battery. If Inverter is low load (850 VA for example) you might not be able to run a fridge off it, as the compressor startup current is pretty high. For running a fridge on inverter, you might be better off with a 2.5KVA to 3KVA inverter. Even with a battery of 100Ah, you should be fine. Only that with lower Ah battery, backup time will be lower.

  • Sam

    Hi Admin,

    Kindly suggest a reasonable Inverter for my below requirements.
    1 desktop computer (led monitor) need 2.5 – 3 hours backup

    Am facing 1-2 hours Power cut daily.Suggest a Inverter which will be available reasonable price .

    Thanks in advance.

    • Admin

      We recommend Exide 850 va original inverter + Exide 135 ah Invertor Plus battery combo for your requirement.

      Battery has 2 years full warranty

      Exide Original 850 va inverter – Rs.5000 to 5500/-
      Exide 135 ah Invertor Plus Battery – Rs.10500 to 11000/-

      650 inverter is sufficient to handle your load, but still we recommend 850 va inverter for more benefits. Price difference is little.

  • Hari

    Hi Admin,
    I find your answers are very useful, I need your suggestion to choose UPS/Inverter for me
    My usage: 4- tubes, 3 Fans, 1 40″ LCD TV, 1 22″ LCD monitor, 2 laptops, 2 routers ( not all fans and tubes are operational at a time) and need backup for atleast 3-4hrs
    I am planning to go for Exide 1450va inverter ( is this a UPS or inverter)
    Exide Inva tubular IT500 150a 2 batteries, which is costing around 38000/-

    Is this combinations fine for my needs or over or less?
    And exide inverters/Ups is ok? I want UPS not inverter..

    BTW I am in Hyderabad.

    • Admin

      Dear Hari,
      Inverter – Converts DC to AC
      Typical Inverter is one which converts DC12 v from battery to 120 or 220v AC current, normally it does not equipped with battery charger, this kind of device in not more common in India, you can find this kind of device in US, UK and Australia.

      The power backup device which we use in India are Inverter+charger, which is normally called as UPS

      UPS has inverter function and it also equipped with battery charger. It draws power from battery during power cut hours and it charges back the battery when grid power restore.

      So, all the device (99%) we use in India for Home power back-up are UPS

      People in India get used to call UPS devices as ‘Inverters’ – Nothing wrong in it.

      Hope this helps understanding the difference between UPS and Inverters.

      Coming back to your configuration

      Exide 1450 VA Inverter is better choice for your load preference, and two Exide IT500 batteries would give you robust support to whole system.

      you said, it costs Rs.38,000/-

      Make it clear that this 38 k is for the whole package of Inverter+batteries or just for two IT500 batteries?
      Nothing wrong in installing higher AH batteries more than our requirement, it will give better life for batteries for sure.
      If you are from Hyderabad, Online battery Purchase option is also available.

  • Admin

    Dear Devendra,
    Exide IT500 costs around Rs.16500 in online Purchase, you could buy it at dealers outlet at Rs.15500/-

    Alternative for IT500

    Amaron Current CRTT 150 ah

    Luminous inverlast ILTT 18048 (150 ah)

    both batteries are Tall tubular

    Both batteries have same 36 months full replacement warranty like Exide IT500.

    Price range – Rs.12500 to 13500/-

    Do share your experience and prices with our readers.
    Good Luck!

  • Admin

    Dear Devendra,
    Thanks for sharing the price details and your views on battery.

  • Dharshan M P Coorg

    hello admin

    I am having APC 800VA 500W square wave inverter with BASE 100AH Battery.It is giving not more than 1 hour back with 2-3 CFL.The battery mechanic has told to replace the battery.So im planning to replace 100AH with 135 AH battery.So kindly suggest me Which brand Battery should i Purchase for the above mentioned inverter. Load is 2-4 cfl’s 2 fans and a Desktop 17” monitor…Thanks in advance.

    • Admin

      Dear Dharsan,
      We recommend Exide Invertor Plus 135 ah battery for your 800 va inverter.

      Price – Rs.10500 approx.

  • Subrat

    Hi Admin,
    Pl advise the combination of battery & inverter for use of following appliances;
    2 ceiling fans, 4 x 20watt cfl lights, one 0.5hp pump & one 180ltr refrigerator ( all will not operate simultaneously). Avg requirement – 2hrs weekly thrice. pl suggest.

    • Admin

      Dear Subrat,
      If you wan to run refrigerator with inverter, we would recommend Exide 1450 VA double battery inverter + two Exide IT500 tall tubular 150 ah batteries.

      Exide 1450 va inverter – Rs.7000 to 7500/-
      Two Exide IT500 batteries – Rs.15500 x 2 = Rs.31000 approx.

      Total = Rs.38,000 approx.

      If you are ready to exclude refrigerator from your load preference, we would recommend

      Sukam shiny 850 va pure sine wave inverter – Rs.5000 to 5500/-
      Exide Invertor Plus 135 ah battery – Rs.10,500/-

      Total= Rs.15,500/- approx.


      Exide IT500 is expensive, good performing battery with 3 years full warranty, life expectancy of battery – 5years
      Exide Invertor Plus 135 ah battery is reliable and value for money, warranty – 2 years , life expectancy – 3 years+

      • Babuni

        Thank you admin for the valuable suggestion.

  • Babuni

    Hi Admin,

    My peak requirement is about 375watt at any time (05.hp pump or 4x20watt cfl bulbs + 2ceiling fans + one 165ltr refrigerator & one CTV. pl suggest the inverter & battery type suitable to my requirement.


  • Admin

    Dear Rajendra Kumar,
    800 to 900 VA inverters have high charge current compared to 600 to 675 VA inverters.

    Any how, we can connect 180 ah batteries with 675 va inverters, but the charge time will be much longer compared to 850 va inverter.

    If you have frequent and intermittent power cuts like 10 Hrs per day, then don’t go for batteries above 150 ah with your 675 va inverter.

  • Admin

    Dear Devendra,
    I would recommend Exide Original 850 VA pure sinewave inverter for your battery

    Unlike its competitors, Exide original inverter has 3 charge selection modes which would maximize the compatibility with the battery.

  • Admin

    Dear Das,
    ACDelco Low Maintenance Inverter(LMI) battery is a quality product from a multinational company.

    NO doubt about its quality, make sure about the service availability in your area.

    As batteries are heavy weight items and more prone to acid spills during transit, it is a hard process when we go for warranty claim if the dealer is not available near-by.

    It is your inverter which decides the maximum load to connect, not your battery. We recommend 850 va Pure sine wave inverter.

    If you want to charge your battery with solar power, bettery you buy solar hybrid inverter which operates with both grid power and solar power. But somewhat expensive too 🙂

  • asrar

    hi admin..i want to purchase battery for e ricskhaw..do i go for tubular one or plate battery

  • jitendra kumar sahlot

    Dear admin…..thanks to u for this valuable advices…i want to purchase a inverter for my house…we have four members in our family…we have requirement of 3 fans, 2 led tubelights, 2 cfl, one led tv, if posbl one refrigator…..please suggest suitable inverter and battery for this…..i am.planning for sinewave microtek 900 va inverter and exide tall tubular 150 ah battery for this. Is it right?
    What is d difference between tubular and normal.battery?
    Tell me d suitable model for inverter and battery in both condition without refrigator or with refrigator…normal.power cut in my village is 3 hours….sometimes it 2 hour.and sometimes 5-6 hours

    • Admin

      Dear Jitendra Kumar,
      Your choice of 900 va pure sine wave inverter and 150 ah tall
      tubular is good enough to handle your load preference.

      But you should exclude refrigerator from UPS line.

      Tubular batteries have more life span and durability compared to normal flat plate batteries.

      we recommend Exide Inva Master 150 ah tall tubular battery – Rs.12000 approx price

  • MANA


  • JK

    hi admin,

    I want to buy inverter with tubukar battery, l want to run 4 fans,4 lights, can you get me the economical option using below mentioned battery ( exide , amron or luminous..)inverter combinations – , however pl advice which is better battery & customer satisfied one

  • Shah

    Where to find the AH capacity of battery. Is it written some where?

  • surya

    hiii admin …….
    i want to buy an inverter with battery ..
    my usage is -1 LED,4-CFL,ONE LAPTOP,3 SILING FAN. please suggest me which is bettter for me.


    I using Exide inverter..some time it not charging even the existence of curent supply what is the reasons..????

  • Vikas Deepak

    Which is better performance luminous or marathon tubeller battery??

  • raja sekhar bandila

    : Hi sir
    I suffer more than 12 hours power cut per day, Normal inverters could not get full charge with this severe power cuts,

    I want to go for Solar inverter,

    My load preference is 3 Fans, 3 CFL’s and 1 LCD Tv during Day time.
    Please suggest me the good solar inverter at an affordable price.

    Please share the details of the dealers of Solar inverters i VIJAYAWADA city, ANDHRA PRADESH state.

    • Admin

      Go for Sukam Brainy solar hybrid inverter.

      Install 400 watts solar panels for best results.

  • BS Vijay Anand

    What are the health hazards of tubular batteries? Which is the safest battery type for a PC in a
    not-so-ventilated room for 5 to 8 hours or so?

  • Priyanshu Mrinmoy Das

    Dear Admin,
    Kindly clear my doubts too. I have a Genus inverter model: 1400HC-HZ. This inverter was used for 2 batteries together. But now I want to use it with single battery only. So can I use it with single battery too directly or need some changes.

  • Pawan Kumar

    Hi sir,
    I am planning to buy a 150 AH battery. In my area power cuts are frequent(appx 8-10 hours per day). On internet everywhere it’s mentioned that TUBULAR is better than FLAT PLATE, but local battery sellers say tubular is better for less power cuts like in cities( appx 2-3 hours a day).for longer power cuts flat plate is better. Is it correct?
    Please suggest me right choice.

  • Gnanadev Akula

    what is the difference between a tubular battery & a sealed maintenance free battery ? which one is better for my inverter at home. The present one is surya 150 AH battery and is 4 years old