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Su-Kam Shiny Inverter Price

Sukam, one of reliable inverter brand in india has introduced “SHINY” series inverters in Indian market. These SHINY series inverters are PURE SINE WAVE INVERTERS. Pure sine wave inverters supply pure current and it is absolutely safe for all kind of electronic equipment. Dealer Price...

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List of Microtek “Square Wave” Inverter Models

Microtek’s Digital inverter series are listed below. Digital inverters are not Pure sine wave inverters. They give different type of waveform as output. Most people call this inverters as “Square Wave” inverters. Microtek has named their “Square wave” inverters models as “digital inverters” and TPZi...

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List of Sukam “square wave” Inverter Models

Su-kam has a wide range of “Square wave” inverters. They call their square wave models as “modified sinwave” inverters or Digital Home UPS. Modified sinewave inverters are nothing but “Square wave” inverters. Even Microtek also has named their “Square wave” models as TPZi waveform inverters....

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