List of Microtek “Square Wave” Inverter Models

Microtek’s Digital inverter series are listed below. Digital inverters are not Pure sine wave inverters. They give different type of waveform as output. Most people call this inverters as “Square Wave” inverters.

Microtek has named their “Square wave” inverters models as “digital inverters” and TPZi waveform inverters.

Square wave inverters output voltage may be very high as 280 volts which is not safe for for some sensitive loads and costly equipment’s like LCD’s LED’s PLASMA TV’s.

It’s capable of running Desktop pc’s and Kitchen Mixie’s, But it is not safe to run induction loads on square wave inverters.

Microtek 600 VA square wave inverter costs Rs 3500 at Dealers shop and the 600 VA Pure sine wave model costs Rs. 3800 to 4000 only. The 500 rupees doesn’t make any big impact on your budget, So it’s a smart choice to go for Pure sine wave inverter.

Budget conscious  people always choose Microtek 600 VA squarewave inverter  for its unbeatable performance and reliability.

Here is the List of Microtek’s Square Wave Inverter Models.

      • UPS EB 400VA to 2000VA
      • UPS E2 400 VA to 1550 VA
      • UPS 24×7 DG 650 to 1600 VA
      • SOHO Digital Inverter – 2.5 & 3 KVA



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