List of Sukam “Pure Sine Wave” Inverter Models

India’s one of the leading Inverter manufacturing company Su-Kam has introduced many new models in it’s “pure sine wave” inverter series.

Pure sinewave inverters give 100% pure power as equal to the power from grid. Pure sine wave form of current is 100% safe for your sensitive equipment’s like  Computer, Laptops, LCD LED TV’s etc..

Induction stove, water heaters, Grinders, Mixers, hair dryers, washing machines, iron boxes etc.. All these House hold items will run smoothly in Pure sine wave inverters. All you need is to select Proper Inverter with suitable VA rating.

Su-Kam’s Pure sine wave inverter Models are listed below



Sukam – SHINY series –pure sine wave – 250 va to 1500va 250 va for single room
1500 va for 4 bed rooms and living room with PC
Sukam – STURDY pure sine wave– 600VA For 2 bed rooms and living room with PC
sukam – FALCON pure sine wave – 800 VA For 3 bed rooms and living room with PC
sukam – SMILEY pure sine wave – 1400 VA For four bed rooms and living room with PC
sukam – FUSION series – pure sine wave – 2.5 – 3.5 KVA For Using AC and water heaters in inverters


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