Whirlpool Elantra Home UPS Models –Inverter – silver series- square wave – Review


Whirlpool, a well-known brand in India has introduced its Home UPS or inverter systems at low prices.

It has both square wave and pure sine wave models. The square wave models are also known as modified sine wave or digital inverters.

Whirlpool has named its square wave inverter series as “Silver series – Home UPS”. Silver series are low priced and looks great with neat design and feather touch buttons.

Two Models of Whirlpool Silver series Square wave inverters are

1. HUPS-11712 – 600 VA

2. HUPS-11711 – 800 VA

Both models are suitable for normal Home use. We can use Ceiling fan, CFL lamps and Tube lights in these inverters. This inverter is not recommended for long backup for computers and any other sensitive application.

Probably, 800 VA would give enough power to run a kitchen mixer, which would consume 500watts. But we recommend Pure sine wave inverters for running mixers and small motors. In the long run, square wave inverters may damage your kitchen mixers, small water motors and water purifying systems.

whirlpool ups silver 600va


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