Sukam Shiny and Exide Inva master Price in Bangalore

Hi Admin,

My dealer has quoted following Prices:

Su-Kam Shiny 850va – Rs.4500

Exide Inva Master 150ah Short Tubular – Rs.11000

Exide Inva Master 150ah Tall TubularRs.12000

He recommended short tubular instead of tall. Please suggest what should i buy and is the price reasonable?

Location: Bangalore


suka shiny

Dear Reader,

Price of Sukam shiny 850 VA is reasonable,

Sukam is offering 7 years warranty for its transformer, which is best in class warranty for any inverter model available in the market.

Dealers are selling Sukam shiny 850 VA inverter from Rs.4500 to 5500 in the local market.

Your dealer is offering a reasonable price.


inva master inva master short

As far as battery is concerned, both short tubular and Tall tubular are good performers,

For power cut scenario in Bangalore, a short tubular Inva master is good enough to handle the situation.

But still Tall tubular has some additional benefits compared to short tubular.

· Life expectancy will be higher than short tubular

· Low water toppings – low maintenance

· Space saver

Price of Inva master batteries looks good, but bargain and try to get discount up to 500 rupees from the price quoted by the dealer.

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