Sukam Shiny and Exide Inva master Price in Bangalore

Hi Admin,

My dealer has quoted following Prices:

Su-Kam Shiny 850va – Rs.4500

Exide Inva Master 150ah Short Tubular – Rs.11000

Exide Inva Master 150ah Tall TubularRs.12000

He recommended short tubular instead of tall. Please suggest what should i buy and is the price reasonable?

Location: Bangalore


suka shiny

Dear Reader,

Price of Sukam shiny 850 VA is reasonable,

Sukam is offering 7 years warranty for its transformer, which is best in class warranty for any inverter model available in the market.

Dealers are selling Sukam shiny 850 VA inverter from Rs.4500 to 5500 in the local market.

Your dealer is offering a reasonable price.


inva master inva master short

As far as battery is concerned, both short tubular and Tall tubular are good performers,

For power cut scenario in Bangalore, a short tubular Inva master is good enough to handle the situation.

But still Tall tubular has some additional benefits compared to short tubular.

· Life expectancy will be higher than short tubular

· Low water toppings – low maintenance

· Space saver

Price of Inva master batteries looks good, but bargain and try to get discount up to 500 rupees from the price quoted by the dealer.

  • Venu

    Dear Admin,

    I’m from Bangalore and the powercuts here very rare. Need to run a All-in-one Desktop (65W), One Laptop, 2 CFL (20W), Set Top Box and a router. Please suggest me an economical pair of Inverter and Battery.

    The models in my mind are Su-Kam 850 Shiny with 100 AH Exide Inva Plus.

    A quick response would be highly appreciated as need to buy ASAP.


    • Admin

      Dear Venu,
      The inverter and battery combination in your mind is perfect fit
      for your load preference. Go with it!

      • Venu

        Dear Admin,
        Thank you for the quick response. Thinking to order the Su-Kam 850 Shiny thru Snapdeal for Rs 4275 and they mentioned with 1 year Warranty. Where as Su-kam official website says its 7 Yrs. Will they give 7 yrs warrenty if I purchase on snapdeal.

        Best Regards,

        • Admin

          Dear Venu,
          Actually an Inverter has two main components, 1.PCB (circuit
          board) 2. Transformer

          Sukam offers 7 years warranty for Transformer only, all other components carry 2 years warranty.

          There might me some wrong information posted in snapdeal site regarding sukam warranty. No need to worry about this, sukam will take care of your product warranty.

          • Venu

            Dear Admin,

            Admired at your quick response. Just ordered on Snapdeal for 4275/-. Will have to buy the battery now will do it once I receive the UPS. Just checked for FIS0-IS1000 on Exide Reachout, its 9800/-. And the same product is available on snapdeal for 8000/- (not sure about the authenticity and mode of delivery). Some Classified websites are showing 9100/-. Will have a look at local dealers in Sanjay Nagar, Bangalore. And will post their quotes. Is there any other point in your mind that I can go and purchase.

            Best Regards,

          • Admin

            Dear Venu,
            Inquire with your local dealers first. if not satisfied with
            local dealers then i am always ready to guide you.

          • Naveen

            Hello Admin,

            I am in bangalore and have seen your recommendations, can you share details on where i can go for the following Home UPS combo. I have checked some local dealers and they are quoting more that what you have mentioned

            Luminous 150 ah tall tubular battery (48 months warranty) – Rs.12500/-
            Luminous 150 ah tall tubular (30 months warranty) – Rs.10500/-

            Sukam shiny 850 Va inverter – Rs.4000/-


          • Admin

            Dear Venu,
            Could you elaborate your question?

            Is the above mentioned price list is which you got from your dealer?

  • kumaran

    what is best inverter+battery combo to run 1 desktop with 17lcd monitor and printer 1fan and 1 tube light for minimum 3-4hrs

    my preference is sukam shiny 850va + luminous 150ah tall tubular battery. is this combo enough to handle the load explain.

    Thank u

    • Admin

      Dear Kumaran,
      Your choice is good enough to handle your load.

      Few Tips to get better backup

      # Use Fan in medium or low speed

      # Use CFL or LED bulb instead of Tube light

      # Some Laser Printers may consume high current during start-up, which in turn trip the inverter sometimes. Read the specs of your Printer for power consumption detail.

      • kumaran

        Thank you for ur replay

        My system spec

        Amd Phenom 2 x2 processor

        asus mother board

        4gb ram,radon hd5670 graphics card,binatone modem,speaker

        sukam shiny 850va + luminous 150ah tall tubular battery or sukam shiny 850va + Exide IT500 tall tubular

        In above 2 combo which is best combo that handle my Desktop+ modem alone for 4hrs minimum.Bcozing iam doing ticketbooking business so i need run my desktop for more hours

        • Admin

          sukam shiny 850va + luminous 150ah tall tubular battery – Better choice
          If you want to go for IT500, better you choose Luminous eco volt with better charging current.

          Exide Premium Inverter model 1450 VA which operates with single battery is also a good choice for you.

          • kumaran

            Exide Premium Inverter model 1450 VA 12v-Rs8000

            Exide inva tubular it750 200ah-Rs20,600

            Luminous tall tubular 150ah-rs 14,000

            sukam shiny 850va-rs5000

            My area dealer given me the above price details is it reasonable or High?

          • Admin

            Price of

            Luminous 150 ah tall tubular battery (48 months warranty) – Rs.12500/-
            Luminous 150 ah tall tubular (30 months warranty) – Rs.10500/-

            Sukam shiny 850 Va inverter – Rs.4000/-

          • kumaran

            where can i buy them at this price

            Luminous 150 ah tall tubular battery (48 months warranty) – Rs.12500/-
            Luminous 150 ah tall tubular (30 months warranty) – Rs.10500/-

            Sukam shiny 850 Va inverter – Rs.4000/-

            please give me details

          • Admin

            Dear Kumaran,
            I have sent you an email with details.

  • Mukund Chaudhary

    Dear Admin,
    I have chosen “Su-Kam 850 VA Smiley Pure Sine Wave UPS Inverter” and it costs me 5150 from Snapdeal. However I am confused with the selection of Battery. Please help me in the selection of Battery (I prefer tubular battery only). If possible please give me an estimated price of them.

    Can I choose Su-Kam with some other brand as well.

  • Admin

    Dear Nagaraj,
    Instead of APC, we would like to recommend some Indian Brand
    for your requirement.

    Sukam shiny 1500 VA pure sine wave inverter – Rs.6500/- (online price)
    Check the Price here —————————————-

    For battery
    Exide Inva Master IM10000 150AH Tall tubular – Rs.12500 x 2 = Rs.25000
    In this configuration, Instead of 135 ah Tall tubular batteries, you get 150 AH tall tubular batteries and better backup time.

    Sukam also has tall tubular batteries, less expensive than APC and Exide.

  • Aji Mathew

    Dear Admin,

    Recently I ordered Sukam Shiny 850va through online but unfortunately when I opened the pack I received Sukam Smiley 900.I already mailed them to change the inverter.
    Now I already installed the Sukam Smiley 900 with Exide Inva Master Tubular battery 150AH .
    Can you suggest should I keep smiley or should I go for shiny.Which one is better? Smiley is working well without any disturbance untill now.

    • Admin

      Dear Mathew,
      Sukam smiley is better than Sukam shiny ……you are lucky!
      keep it!

  • Kumar

    Dear Admin,

    I am from bangalore. I have got below quote
    Exide inva red @ 12000
    Sukam shiny 900 Va @ 4600
    Trolley 750
    Load – 2 CFL + 1 Fan + 1 (2.1 ) Speaker, 1 TV , 1 router , 2 laptop ..

    Need to finalize today. please advice.

    • Admin

      Dear Kumar,
      Sukam shiny 900 – Rs.4600 and Trolley -Rs.750 is OK.

      But why do you want to go for a short tubular battery for 12k, when a Tall tubular battery from Exide Is available for 12.5 K?

      We recommend Exide Inva master IM10000 150 ah tall tubular battery (Rs.12500/-) for long lasting performance.

      Exide Tubemaster is also a budget friendly Tall tubular 150 ah battery which cost around Rs.11000

      • Kumar

        Thanks Admin.. I was looking for advice. You gave me at right time..
        is there any difference other than warranty between invamaster and tubemaster ?

        • Admin

          Dear Kumar,
          So far, Tube master has passed all quality checks and it looks rigid in build quality and performance.

          It’s long term reliability is yet to be proved.

        • Admin

          Dear Kumar,
          NO big difference, life expectancy would be little more with Inva Master.

          But, proper maintenance would prolong the life expectancy of Tube master just equal to Inva master.

  • Tushar Panpate

    Dear Admin,

    I have got quote for inverter and battery,
    Sukam 900Va/Liminous850VA/Microtek900VA—-Rs.5000
    And Exide Battery IR 350+ 100Ah————-Rs.9200.
    or Exide Battery IR 500+ 150Ah—————-Rs.12300.
    Prices quoted are in Bangalore.(inclusive of delivery and installation charges).

    Please guide on the above and also suggest any other better deal, you can forward those details.
    Need your inputs asap.

    • Admin

      Dear Tushar,
      All the inverter models listed by you will cost around Rs.4200 to
      4500 in bangalore local market.

      For battery we recommend Exide Tube master TM500 150 ah tall tubular battery. It would cost only Rs.10500 to ₹11,000 in bangalore local market.
      If Installation charge might come around ₹1500, according to the existing wiring condition of your home.

  • Srinivas Valluri

    Dear Admin,
    I have got the following quote from local dealer in Bangalore. My initial thought was to go with Zelio 900va and I was told by dealer that customers are experiencing issues with Zelio and he suggested eco volt pure sine wave inverter.

    I’m confused with the following options as well on which one to go with.

    My typical usage is 2 fans 2 lights and a settop box + 32″ Led TV + WiFi router + 2 CFL’s +

    Backup time needed is 4-5hrs

    Option 1

    Eco volt 1050va – 5500 /-
    Luminous ILTT18048 150 AH – 13200/-
    TROLLEY 650/-
    Inclusive of installation and delivery.
    I was told this is the final price

    Option 2

    Sukam Falcon plus 1100va (not sure on pricing, please advice)
    Exide IT500 150 ah – 14900/-

    Please advise ASAP


    • Admin

      We recommend option 2

      Falconplus 1100 va is now available online,

      • Srinivas Valluri

        Thanks, I only see falconplus 1050va in snapdeal. But where would I get 1100 va online ???

        • Admin

          You can check shopclues and Amazon for 1100 va falcon plus

          • Srinivas Valluri

            I don’t see Falcon plus 1100 va but i found Falcon +1600Va/24V [ With an offer the price is 6200/- in but my doubt is will a Exide IT500 (150 ah) battery is compatible with 1600Va inverter ?
            thinking why to pay 6190/- SuKam Falcon+ 1050Va from snapdeal ]

            Admin – Please suggest

          • Admin

            100% compatible. But remember that for 24v inverter , you will need two batteries.

          • Srinivas Valluri

            Admin, Thanks for guiding .. I bought Exide IT500 150 AH for 14,900 from local dealer and purchased Sukam Falcon + 1050 VA from snapdeal at 6750. Just waiting for installation tomorrow. Will post further on usage