Inverter and Battery Price deals in Madurai – Professor’s experience

Dear Admin,

I have purchased

Microtek SEBz 850 VA sine wave inverter with Exide IT 500 Tall tubular battery at a cost of Rs.20,000 .( Installation free)

From Sree Balaji Agencies, P.P.chavadi, Madurai. (Mobile: 7708180597)

I Dont want to purchase Inverter from one dealer and battery from another dealer. That is the reason why I have selected Sree Balaji Agencies.

Thank you for your timely and immediate reply.

I would like to ask you one more question. The technicians who installed the Inverter and Battery told that they will come one week after to pour distilled water in the Battery. Is distilled water necessary for a newly installed battery. Now,the red level is at the bottom. I expect your reply.


P.G.Kathiravan (Professor, Madurai)

ups sebz850 it500 battery


Dear Kathiravan,
Thanks for your feedback.

Thanks for sharing prices!

I assume that the seller has offered

Microtek Pure sine wave inverter ‘UPS SEBz850va’ for Rs.5500/-

Exide IT500 150ah Tall tubular battery for Rs.13500/-

Installation – Rs.1000/-

TOTAL – Rs.20,000/-

That’s a good deal!

Topping up your battery with distilled water is necessary, you can do it yourself, just watch how they they are doing it, then you directly purchase distilled water from battery shop and fill it whenever it is necessary or once in a month during heavy power cuts.

If you face very little power cut situation like 2 hrs per day, probably your battery won’t need any water top ups for at-least 3 months.
If you put your inverter in ‘High charge’ mode, then the back up time will increase and the water loss will be high compared to ‘normal charging’ mode, in such situation you will need to top-up your battery with distilled water once in a month.

This is very simple process that any body can do themselves.


Admin (

  • senthilkumar

    Dear sir,
    pls suggest me 1000va microtek pure sine wave inverter battery combination in Exide company 150 ah capacity.
    which one i have to choose Exide inverter plus or Exide mega inva or excide inva red plus or Excide inva tubular.

    1000va microtek pure sine wave inverter +exide inverter plus 150 ah -RS-16900.
    1000va microtek pure sine wave inverter +exide inva tubular IT 500-RS-22,000

    • admin

      Dear Senthilkumar,
      We strongly recommend you to go for 850 va pure sine wave inverter, it is most successful and reliable.

      Microtek UPS SEBz850 va pure sine wave inverter – Rs.5000/-


      Exide Invertor Plus semi tubular 150 ah (2years full warranty)- Rs.11,000 to 11.500/-

      Exide Mega Inva semi tubular 150 ah (3 years full warranty) – Rs.12,300 to 12500/-

      Exide Inva Tubular IT500 150ah tall battery (3 years full warranty + 1 year Prorata warranty) – Rs.13,500 to 13,800/-

      All the above models are reliable and doing well in the market, choose any one according to your budget, you need to bargain to get product at this rate, tell them that our website has recommended their shop, they will offer you the best price for sure.


    Dear Sir,
    Pls suggest me i have plan to buy the same above mentioned model sebz850 and exide inverter plus 150ah shop owner have quoted me total amt rs.17000 shall i go through that deal or to bargin pls reply

    • admin

      Dear Baski,
      Exide Invertor Plus 150 ah battery- Rs.11,000/-
      Microtek Pure sine wave UPS SEBz850VA inverter -Rs.5000/-
      Installation – Rs.1000/-

      Total – Rs.17,000/-

      It’s a fair deal, but i feel that you could reduce 1000 rupees from the total by bargain.

  • Ruben Thomas

    I would like to buy an inverter in Madurai, Tamilnadu. The power cut right now is approx 8 hours a day. I would like to run 2 fans & 3 tube lights. What is the best option possible & the best place to buy? I am pretty flexible on the budget.
    Kindly suggest.

    • admin

      Dear Ruben Thomas,
      We recommend Microtek Pure sine wave model UPS SEBz 850 VA inverter + Exide IT500 inva Tubular Tall battery for your load preference.

      Actually a 600 VA inverter with 135 ah battery itself handle your load flawlessly, as you said you can expand your budget we recommend sine wave 850 va inverter + Exide IT500 150 ah battery combination.
      We would recommend you to read one of our madurai visitors experience and configuration we suggested for him.


      As per the information we get from Madurai users, Microtek pure sine wave model SEBz850 VA inverter is available for Rs.4900/- @

      Apple electronics, Town hall road Madurai


      Yogesh electronics, Town hall road Madurai

      We would also recommend
      Sree Balaji Agencies, P.P.chavadi, Madurai. (Mobile: 7708180597)

      Do read the post i have mentioned above for more info

      Bargain and get the best Deal!

      Do mention our site to your battery dealer during purchase and probably you could get best price without heavy bargain.

  • Sir,
    I want Purchase Inverter and battery,And Want Use Two selling Fan,One Tv, 3 CFL/10 Watt and A PC…

    Please Suggest Battery=? AH And Inverter=? VA And Price…

    Amaresh Patel

    • admin

      Dear Amaresh,
      We recommend 850va pure sine wave inverter with 150 ah battery.

      Exide 850 va inverter (not ceil inverter) – Rs.5500/-

      Exide mega inva 150 ah 3 years full warranty – Rs.12500 to 12800/-

  • Ruben Thomas

    I have decided to buy Microtek sine wave inverter + Microtek 150 ah battery from sairam power solutions Madurai. Including installation he is quoting Rs 18, 500. I read the professor’s response as well. Will the price difference be due to the difference in price of battery between exide & microtek ? From reading other responsees I find the price to be low in Bangalore. What is the best price for above combination. I am trying to reach Sri Balaji agency as well. I live in Coimbatore and want the inverter installed in Madurai.

    • admin

      Dear Ruben,
      Microtek inverters are top quality products and don’t expect the same from microtek batteries.

      We strongly recommend to go for Exide or Amaron tall tubular 150 ah batteries.

      Amaron CRTT 150 ah tall tubular battery costs ₹12500 to 12800/-

  • Aman


    I am from Pune(Maharashtra). I am planning to install a inverter for my home. I have done research (your site and other links on internet) and I have finalized Exide IT-500 AH (Tubular-tower) battery for backup.

    I plan to use 3 fans + 4 cfl + 1 TV (LED) on this inverter. I will not use all of them simultaneously and mostly use fans for approx 4 to 5 hrs.

    1. For inverter I am confused if I need to buy “Microtek 24 X 7 SW 900 VA” or “Microtek SEBz 850 VA”? Which would be better one? Can I also go for Su-Kam Shiny 850 VA also instead of above too(it is little bit costly than other two)?
    2. Dealer is quoting approx. 18.5K for complete set(microtek inverter and battery) + installation. Does the price sound reasonable?

    Please suggest.

    • admin

      Dear Aman,
      Microtek sinewave SEBZ850 va + Exide IT 500 For ₹18500 seems reasonable for pune.

      Also consider Exide original 850 va inverter with lcd display and 3 charging modes with sliding switch.

      Exide has improved its inverter with better charging current which is best in sine wave models in current market.

      Exide inverter’s 15 amp charging current in high mode is the best of its class as for now.

      Remember that Exide original and Exide ceil are different products.

      • Aman

        Thanks Admin. Your response really helps.
        The dealer suggests that instead of Microtek to go for pure sine wave from Luminous.

        Is Lumnious Pure Sine Wave 875 VA a similar product to Microtek SEBZ850?

        The only reason he says is that Microtek charges at higher rate than Lumnious.

        He still does not have the new Exide Inverter you are suggesting.

        Please advise.

        • admin

          Dear Aman,
          Both Microtek sine wave SEBz 850va and LUMINOUS sine wave 875 va are quality products, select any one according to the availability.


    Hi Admin,
    I am Jagadeesan from Vedasandur, Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu.

    First and foremost CONGRATS to for guiding and giving peace of mind to many people requiring inverter and battery assistance. I am hoping you guys can do the same for me too.

    In Vedasandur right now the power-cut is exactly 11 Hrs per Day. 3 Weeks Before, it was 14 Hrs power-cut and in-between days there were 13 Hrs power-cut and 12 Hrs power-cut as well. So I calculated Required Backup Time for the worst case scenario of 14 Hrs power-cut. Because for the whole year except for a month or less, average power-cut per day would be 12 to 14 Hrs.

    Appliances (Power Required) (Backup Time Per Day)
    1.Tubelight 40W 8 Hrs
    2.Tubelight 40W 7 Hrs
    3.CFL 20W 8 Hrs
    4.CFL 20W 8 Hrs
    5.CFL 20W 11Hrs
    6.CFL 15W 5 Hrs
    7.CFL 14W 6 Hrs
    8.CFL 5W 6 Hrs
    9.CFL 5W 4 Hrs 30Mins
    10.Ceiling Fan 68W 14Hrs
    11.Ceiling Fan 68W 14Hrs
    12.Table Fan 55W 14Hrs
    13.PC (LCD Monitor) 140W 9 Hrs (APC Powerchute gave the Load Info)
    14.FWP Phone 15W 14Hrs
    15.Mixer 500W 11 Mins

    Total Load Preference -> 1025 Watts

    Please tell me the required ‘Inverter capacity’ & ‘Battery capacity’ to handle the above mentioned Load & Required Backup Time flawlessly. Please give the best option available in the market as I am quite feasible on the Budget.

    I would also like to know the Market Price for both Inverter & Battery and also Please provide Authorised battery dealer outlet and Inverter dealer outlet in Vedasandur, if not possible then Dindigul.

    I have a another query as well. If Inverter & Battery can be bought from same authorized dealer then everything from purchase to installation and service would be fine but if its not the case and If I am forced to Buy Inverter & Battery separately from different authorized dealers, then How shall I go through with that scenario?

    Thank you for this much needed help in advance.



    • admin

      Dear Jegadeesan,
      We recommend

      Exide 1450 VA Inverter (not exide ceil inverter) with LCD display (double battery system) – Rs.7500/-

      (tamilnadu summer prices may be 15% higher than normal market prices)

      Now Exide Inverter has been improved very much to compete with other leading brands like sukam, APC, Luminous and Microtek.

      Exide Inverter has the best 15amp charge current at high charge mode which is best of its class. It charges the IT500 inva tubular battery with 15 amp charge current which results in quick recharge.


      For Battery,
      We recommend
      Exide Mega Inva 150 ah semi tubular with 3 years full replacement warranty


      Exide IT500 invatubular Tall 150 ah battery with 3 years full warranty + 1 year prorata warranty.

      (IT500 is in high demand and unavailable in most parts of Tamilnadu, prices also unreasonable, so we recommend ‘Mega inva’ instead)

      If you get a good price deal as a combo pack,it is better to buy inverter and battery from same dealer, demand free installation.


    Thanks for the reply.
    Can you suggest a microtek inverter for the same?

    Appliances (Power Required) (Backup Time Per Day)
    1.Tubelight 40W 8 Hrs
    2.Tubelight 40W 7 Hrs
    3.CFL 20W 8 Hrs
    4.CFL 20W 8 Hrs
    5.CFL 20W 11Hrs
    6.CFL 15W 5 Hrs
    7.CFL 14W 6 Hrs
    8.CFL 5W 6 Hrs
    9.CFL 5W 4 Hrs 30Mins
    10.Ceiling Fan 68W 14Hrs
    11.Ceiling Fan 68W 14Hrs
    12.Table Fan 55W 14Hrs
    13.PC (LCD Monitor) 140W 9 Hrs (APC Powerchute gave the Load Info)
    14.FWP Phone 15W 14Hrs
    15.Mixer 500W 11 Mins

    Total Load Preference -> 1025 Watts

    • admin

      Dear Jegadeesan,
      We recommend

      Microtek 1500 va sine wave (UPS SEBz1500) with

      Two Exide Mega inva 150 ah semi tubular batteries (3 years full replacement warranty)


        Thanks again. So Sorry to bug you again and again!

        I like to know if I can go for 2 X IT750 200AH Batteries for a Load preference of 1025 Watts, and if so What Microtek Pure Sine Wave Inverter can charge the 2 X IT750 200AH Batteries in 3 hours, because for the whole day of 24 hours, ONLY one time from ‘3.00PM to 6:00PM’ there is a
        continous grid supply for 3 hours. That’s why I want the batteries to get charged within 3 hours time.

        Also, Can you please tell me the price of InvaTubular 750 200AH battery and the appropriate Microtek Inverter which can quick charge 2 X IT750 200AH Batteries in 3 hours.

        Also, Since my Relative is a dealer, I am confident Both the batteries and the inverter you are going to suggest will at-least be available to me. As I am not Budget conscious, Please let me know the best option available.

        • admin

          Dear Jegadeesan,
          A 200ah (80% discharged) battery would take 11 hours to attain the full charge state, So it is impossible to charge a fully drained 200ah battery in 3 hours.

          So, limit your usage or add solar panels support for charging the battery.


          We recommend
          Exide original 1450 va inverter with LCD display (not ceil inverter) with two IT750 200ah batteries.

          Exide inverter has three charge selection modes and high 15 amp charge current, best suitable for Exide Invatubular batteries.

          • N.JAGADEESAN

            Thanks yet again for that quick reply. I have a query on the installation of IT750 batteries.

            As you said one battery would take 11 hours to attain the full charge state, For charging 2 batteries to full charge state, Should those 2 batteries be connected in parallel or in serial during installation?

          • admin

            Dear Jagadeesan,
            Connect the two batteries in series and make it 24v battery bank, a 1450 va Exide inverter is a 24 v system that requires two 12v batteries connected in series.

            Two completely drained batteries connected to 1450 va inverter will get balanced equal charge and reach the full charge state in approximately 11 hours.

            Don’t worry!

  • sriharsha


    First I would like to thank for your posts .
    I have a query..I am planning to install a 500w monocrystalline solar panels in my home.a factory outlet in my district is selling it for 50rs/watt.the issue is i have a 600va sukam inverter + 150 ah exide invatubular IT500 battery.They are offering the solar charge controller for free.can u suggest any addition to the existing setup.

    • admin

      Dear Sriharsha,
      For 500 watts solar panels,

      Its better to add one more IT500 battery to your inverter (connect in parallel), so that you could save the current generated by solar panels and save some money on your electricity bill.

      Make sure they are using thick wires from solar panels to charge controller (12 v system would generate excess heat, if installed with thin wires)

      Price of solar panels seems okay (Rs.50/watt including charge controller)


      Ask for MPPT charge controller instead of PWM technology charge controller. MPPT (Maximum power point tracking) charge controller generates 30% more current compared to PWM charge controller.

      MPPT charge controllers are expensive than PWM charge controller.

      • sriharsha

        Thanks for your reply..

        I have forgotten to ask one more question…
        the current exide IT500 battery is of C20 rating can i buy exide C10 solar battery and connect them together….!
        Thanks in Advance…

  • Simon

    One dealer Sunwin computer@Near Townhall at Madurai tells a price of SEBz850VA sinewave for Rs5000 and Microtek Battery 150AH for Rs11,500.
    He also suggest for OKaya Make @ Rs 9000.
    Shall i go for Okaya Battery

    • admin

      Dear Simon,
      Microtek sine wave SEBz850VA inverter for Rs.5000/- ( @ madurai ) seems reasonable. Go for it!

      For battery

      We would recommend
      Exide Invertor Plus 150 ah (2years full warranty)
      Exide Mega Inva 150 ah (3 years full warranty and 4 years life expectancy)

  • sri4genius

    Dear Admin,

    I want your Brainy Hybrid solar inverter for my house. My need is for 4 fans and 4 tube lights maximum. I have installed 1.5 Ton SHARP AC with inverter technology with 800 watts. During day time, I want use this AC with solar power without going through battery. Night I can use Grid power. Is it possible? Cud u pl quote your price for MONO crystalline panels with details. Could you please sugges a good dealer at Erode?

  • saba battery works

    dear admin
    hai i need applcable for rest of india 08/02/2013 battery & inverter price list how to download price list

  • Dinesh

    Dear Admin,
    I am very much impressed with this blog and the way you respond to it.
    After which i purchased a Exid Inva Tubular battery IT 500 (150 AH) for 14500/- at Bangalore. Earlier i was using Sonic SF 135AH, after 3 years the backup was lasting for an hour so decided to changed it. I am not a professional still with my Engineer knowledge i did connection myself.
    Inventor used is Microtech 600VA model 600EB, My problem is the battery is not getting charged properly. Only 1 hour I am getting the backup.
    Is there any easy way to check whether the is problem with inverter or the battery which was sold to me is defective.
    Appreciate your responds .

    • admin

      Dear Dinesh,
      600 va inverter is more compatible with 135 ah battery than a 150 ah battery. But we don’t think that this might be a compatibility issue.

      A 600 VA inverter will charge the 150 ah battery little slower than a 850 va inverter. Check whether the battery is getting fully charged or not.

      If you suffer more than 10 hours power cut, your battery will never get full charge. But we could expect 4 hours back up continuously from 150 ah battery even at 10 hours power cut situation.

      Put your inverter in High charge mode and wide voltage mode, then allow the battery to get full charge, check the back up time .

      If it fails to give the recommended backup, take tour battery to your dealer and ask him to give a bench charge for the battery. It would solve the problem.

      Also check the inverter’s full charge cuttoff voltage, it should be like 14.5 v @ high charge mode.

  • badshah14


    I want to buy a Inverter and Battery for my office. So 1500VA Microtek inverter with 2 battery of Global Tubular is enough to run 12 computers.

  • badshah14

    It costs around 23000/-

  • Chandramouli Krishnamurthy

    I am looking to buy the Microtek 1100VA Sine Wave Inverter and the dealer recommends the Exide Tubular 180Ah battery for a longer backup time. The load will be about 4/5 lights (CFL 18 W each), a computer and a CRT TV. The price quoted by the dealer is Rs.6200/- for the inverter and Rs,15,683/- for the battery. The prices are in Madurai, Tamilnadu. Could you tell me if the choice is correct and if the prices are reasonable

    • Admin

      Dear Chandramouli,
      You need to mention the exact battery model,
      so that we could give the guideline price for battery.

      Rs.6200 for inverter is way too expensive.

  • Mathiseelan V


    I am looking for Exide150AH 12V, please may i know price please