Inverter and Battery Price deals in Madurai – Professor’s experience

Dear Admin,

I have purchased

Microtek SEBz 850 VA sine wave inverter with Exide IT 500 Tall tubular battery at a cost of Rs.20,000 .( Installation free)

From Sree Balaji Agencies, P.P.chavadi, Madurai. (Mobile: 7708180597)

I Dont want to purchase Inverter from one dealer and battery from another dealer. That is the reason why I have selected Sree Balaji Agencies.

Thank you for your timely and immediate reply.

I would like to ask you one more question. The technicians who installed the Inverter and Battery told that they will come one week after to pour distilled water in the Battery. Is distilled water necessary for a newly installed battery. Now,the red level is at the bottom. I expect your reply.


P.G.Kathiravan (Professor, Madurai)

ups sebz850 it500 battery


Dear Kathiravan,
Thanks for your feedback.

Thanks for sharing prices!

I assume that the seller has offered

Microtek Pure sine wave inverter ‘UPS SEBz850va’ for Rs.5500/-

Exide IT500 150ah Tall tubular battery for Rs.13500/-

Installation – Rs.1000/-

TOTAL – Rs.20,000/-

That’s a good deal!

Topping up your battery with distilled water is necessary, you can do it yourself, just watch how they they are doing it, then you directly purchase distilled water from battery shop and fill it whenever it is necessary or once in a month during heavy power cuts.

If you face very little power cut situation like 2 hrs per day, probably your battery won’t need any water top ups for at-least 3 months.
If you put your inverter in ‘High charge’ mode, then the back up time will increase and the water loss will be high compared to ‘normal charging’ mode, in such situation you will need to top-up your battery with distilled water once in a month.

This is very simple process that any body can do themselves.


Admin (


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