Compare Exide Mega or Exide invertor plus battery with SF Sonic


Dear Sir,

My Sf Sonic Inverter battery lasts for only 2 years; Is SF Sonic a Exide Product?

I am hesitant to go for Exide battery again; can you suggest me a best brand?



Dear Pulkit,
I am just recommending the Exide battery, it’s up to you to choose Exide or any other leading brand.

Exide mega would last for 4 years under proper maintenance. It has 3 years full replacement warranty. This battery is best in semi tubular range.

Do not compare Exide Mega or Exide invertor plus battery with SF sonic batteries. Though SF is a product from Exide, we can not compare the quality of SF sonic with Pure Exide batteries.

  • Badri

    I have two questions:
    1) what is the difference between C10 and C20 rated batteries? I see some ppl saying that C10 batteries are best suited for home inverter/UPS purpose. Can you please explain?
    2) The life of the battery depends on the no. of cycles it can handle, that is what I had read in one of your columns. Where can we find this info wrt a battery, (for example: Exide IN1000plus or Exide MegaInva 100AH or Luminous 100AH tubular battery) ?

  • Admin

    Dear KG Ramachandran,
    You can go for 150ah tall tubular with your sukam 800 va inverter. you will enjoy better back up and low maintenance.

    Read this post about top 3 tubular batteries, all the three models and brands are recommended, choose the right model according to the availability and price.

  • Admin

    Dear Manish, we recommend Exide Invamaster IM10000 150 ah tall tubular battery.

    It would cost around ₹12500