Best Battery Combination for 400 and 600 VA Inverters

When purchasing 400 or 600 VA inverters, people ask their dealer to suggest an affordable and low cost battery for their low cost 400 or 600 VA inverters. But most dealers won’t suggest a perfect match battery for 400 VA or 600 VA inverters.

People who choose 400 VA or 600 VA inverters are mostly budget-conscious and they don’t want to shed their money needlessly on a higher Ah battery.

Here we list out some battery combinations for 400 VA and 600 VA inverters (Both square wave and Pure sine wave)

mega invainvertor plus


Best Battery Combination for 400 VA inverters based on their charging current

Exide 65 ah Invertor Plus (FEI0-IN650PLUS)

Price: Rs.5000 to 5300/-

Backup: 3 hrs for 1 Ceiling Fan + 3 CFL

Exide 80 AH Invertor Plus (FEI0-IN800PLUS)

Price: Rs.6000 to 6300/-

Back up: 3hrs for 2 ceiling fans + 3 CFL

Exide 88 ah Invertor Plus (FEI0-IN880PLUS)

Price: Rs.6300 to 6500/-

Backup: 3 hrs for 2 ceiling fans + 1 Tube light + 2 CFL (15 watts)

Best Batteries for 600 VA inverters for optimum performance

Exide 80 AH Invertor Plus (Model – FEI0-IN800PLUS) – Same model suggested for 400 va

Price: Rs.6000 to 6300/-

Back up time: 3hrs for 2 ceiling fans + 3 CFL

Charging Time: 4 hours approximately

Exide 88 ah Invertor Plus (Model- FEI0-IN880PLUS) (18 months full warranty)

Price: Rs.6300 to 6500/-

Backup time: 3 hrs for 2 ceiling fans + 1 Tube light + 2 CFL (15 watts)

Charging Time: 4 hours approximately

Exide Mega Inva 88 AH Semitubular with 3 years full warranty – (Model-FEI0-MEGA880)

Price: Rs. 8000/-

Backup time: 3 hours for 2 Fans + one tube light + 2 CFL

Charging Time: Approx. 4 hours

(3 years full replacement warranty and 4 years life expectancy makes this Mega inva 88ah little expensive than ‘88ah ‘Invertor plus model’)

Exide 100 ah Invertor Plus (Model – FEI0-IN1000PLUS) (1.5 years full warranty)

Price: Rs.8000 to 8300/-

Back up time: 3.5 hours for 1 Laptop + 2 Fan + 3 CFL (15 watts)

Charging Time: 5 hours approximately

Exide Mega Inva 100 AH Semi tubular – (3 years full warranty) (Model-FEI0-MEGA1000)

Price: Rs.9000/-

Back up time: 3.5 hours for 1 Laptop + 2 Fan + 3 CFL (15 watts)

Charging time: 5 hrs approx

(Double the warranty and 4 years life expectancy differentiates the ‘Mega Inva’ model from ‘Invertor Plus Model’)

Exide Invertor Plus 135 AH with 2 years full warranty (Model- FEI0-IN1350PLUS)

Price: Rs.10000 to 10500/-

Back up time: 4 hours for 1 laptop + 2 ceiling fans + 1 Tube light + 3 CFL (15 watts)

Charging Time: Approximately 6 hours

Some Precise Points about battery combination

150 AH Battery can be connected to 600 VA inverter, But it charges the battery little slower than an 850 va inverter. If you suffer more than 12 hours power cut per day, a 150 ah battery won’t get enough charge and you won’t get optimum result.

As per our Lab results, 135 AH battery performs very well and charges fully at quick intervals with 600 VA inverter.

Choose the right battery according to your load preference and budget limits.

All the  models listed above are specially designed for Inverter application and all models are semi tubulars.

Invertor Plus battery models have a life expectancy of 2.5 to 3 years.

Exide Mega Inva model has a Life expectancy of 3.5 to 4 years.

If you plan to use Laptops with inverter, we strongly recommend Pure sine wave inverter for such sensitive loads.


Best Performer Square wave Inverter In 400 VA Range – Our Recommendation

Sukam 400 VA – Model ‘Frendy’

Microtek UPS EB 400 VA

Price: 2500 to 2800/-

sukam Frendy

Best Performer ‘Pure Sine Wave’ inverter in 400 VA Range – Our Recommendation

Sukam Shiny Model 400 VA inverter

Microtek has no pure sine wave inverter model in 400 VA range

Recommended 600 VA Square wave Inverter model

Microtek UPS EB600 VA inverter

Sukam 650 VA Modified sine wave model ‘Torque’

Price: Rs.3500 to 4000/-

microtek 600vasukam torque

Recommended 600 VA Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Sukam Shiny 650 VA Inverter (Best seller) – Rs.5500 to 5800/-

Microtek UPS SEBz 600 VA Pure sine wave inverter (affordable and best performer) Rs.5000 to 5300/-

sukam shiny 650

Feel free to Post your questions regarding this post in the comment box, we will give you the possible solution quickly.

  • UPS

    Admin, please also suggest us the best battery combinations for 800-900VA Sine wave inverter. Also tell us differences like charging time, backup time & battery life between 150AH and 165AH and 180AH.

    • admin

      Dear Reader,
      Thanks for your comment, we will write about whatever you asked in your comment.

  • priya.tabitha

    Please suggest me a Good 600 VA and a best combination of Exide battery. My purpose is have 3 fans and 3 lights-A basic consumption. And one more question is can i have a laptop connection with 600 VA? Pls suggest a inverter brand along with battery also. Battery usuage should atleast last for 4-6 hours with two celing fans at a time.
    I know shopkeepers tells their own product,but I want a product which has less maintenance and less service,as this inverter will be placed in remote village.

    • admin

      Dear Priya,
      We recommend

      Sukam shiny 650 va pure sine wave inverter (or) Microtek pure sine wave ‘UPS SEBz600 Va inverter (Rs.4500) for your load preference.

      For Battery,
      You could choose Exide IT400 115 ah battery or Exide Invertor Plus model 135 ah battery (Rs.10000)

      Exide IT 500 Tall tubular 150 ah battery is also compatible with 600VA inverter, but it takes little more time to fully charge the battery. But for just 4 to 6 hrs backup, there will be no problem in attaching a 150 ah battery to 600va inverter.

      Choose any combination according to your budget limit.

  • tej911

    Thank you for your support sir,
    As you suggested 850va for 150ah (IT500)battery, can you also suggest me the best model in 850va? Also dealer of exide persuading me to buy exide ups. IS EXIDE ups also good? If so,please conclude which one do i have to go finally?

  • Dileepan

    Dera sir,
    Kindly advice me on my purchase of inverter batteries.
    Have short listed sukam 850VA inverter and am confused regarding battery.
    Am being offered
    1)Sukam 850VA Sine Wave UPS with Sukam 150AH Tubular Battery for 20500
    2) Sukam 850VA Sine Wave UPS with SF Tubular Stanred 150AH-SR500+ Battery for 19800
    3) sukam shiny 850va with exide invatubular IT 500 for 22100!
    Which shall I go for? Are the prices offered reasonable in chennai?

    Please guide me at the earnest?

    • admin

      Dear Dileepan,
      We recommend offer no.1 and 3 , But all three price quotes seems overpriced for chennai.
      Better you contact some more dealers for reasonable prices.

      • Dileepan

        Thank you very much sir

  • Srini

    I am using 600 va UPS (local make) and Exide IN10000Plus battery. I am using it for the last 3 years without any prob. Nw the battery is not taking the load and i can use only on tube light or fan. I wanted to change the battery and my budget is 10000 to 11000. What is the best battery u suggest. My requirement is, 2 Fan + 1 tube light + 2 CFL for 3 hours. I was considering Exide IT400 115 Ah tubular battery with the existing UPS. Is is OK?

    • admin

      Dear Srini,
      We recommend following two models from exide, both are semi tubulars and best sellers in market

      Exide Invertor Plus 135 ah – Rs.10,000/- (2 years full warranty)

      Exide Mega Inva 100 ah semi tubular battery – Rs.8800 to 9000/- (3 years full warranty – Life expectancy – 4 years)


      IT400 is best Tall tubular battery for 600 va inverter, choose IT500 If you suffer heavy power cuts like 13 hrs per day.

  • T K Singh

    My maximum load for inverter is 45W. I am thinking to buy Sukam 250 VA shiny inverter (pure sine wave. But in exide lowest rating battery is 65AH. Will 65AH will be ok for 250VA inverter. When i ask the dealer he said i can even connect 150 ah battery to 250VA inverter. Please tell whether 65AH exide battery will be ok for sukam shiny 250 va inverter.

    • admin

      Dear TK singh,
      For Sukam shiny 250 VA inverter, 35 ah to 80 battery will give optimum performance, above 80 ah, the battery would take long time for recharge.

  • T K Singh

    Sorry to trouble you gain. In our city Sukam 250VA or Sukam400VA are not available.

    Available models are

    (1) Sukam Shiny 650VA
    (2) Sukam Falcon 600VA and
    (3) Exide 600VA.

    Out of this three which one is best. I think sukam shiny 600VA is more popular than other two.

    Is there any difference between Sukam shiny and Sukam falcon.

    Can u also comment on New exide 650 VA ups. Dealer said, out of three, exide is available and he can arrange sukam shiny of falcon, but it will take time.

    One more thing, can i connect exide 65AH bateery to 600VA inverter?, apart from backup time is there any more disadvantage like battery life or overcharging?

    • admin

      Dear TK Singh,
      Out of the three models we recommend Sukam Shiny 650 VA. Exide 650 Va inverter is good, but we would give 4 stars for Exide UPS and 5 stars for Sukam shiny, you decide your preferred model.

      You can use 65 ah battery with 600 or 650 va inverter, no problem with charging or any other compatibility issues with this combination. could be little inefficient in providing backup for long time, 80 or 88ah may give even better backup.

  • T K Singh

    Thank you for your advice

  • T K Singh

    One exide dealer is insisting to buy Exide Express Battery for inverter as it has better build quality. Exide express battery usually meant for vehicle. Can u tell which battery is good for inverter Exide Express or Exide Inverto. Both express and inverto has same warranty period. In tubular or semi-tubular having at-least 3 years replacement warranty AH range 80 to 120, price under 10 K. In tubular suggest from exide only which is most popular.

    • admin

      Dear TK Singh,
      Both Exide xpress and Exide Invertor Plus are good performers, we have seen Exide Xpress batteries working fine with inverter application.(we expect 3 years life when using it for inverter application with heavy power cuts).

      Another option

      Exide Mega Inva 88 ah model FEI0-MEGA880 – Rs.8000/ with 3 years full replacement warranty)

      Exide mega inva 100 ah model FEI0-MEGA1000 – Rs.9000/- with 3 years full warranty

      Mega inva is semi tubular battery with 3 years full warranty, best seller and best performer.

  • chitti

    Hi. Sir
    I have plan to take Exide inverter 875va and amaron150ah short tubular battery. Please tell me these combination is good or not
    In my place the power shut down in max of 3 to 4 hours.
    My requirement is 3 fans,1 tubelight,3 cfl and 1 LCD 22” TV,1desktop pc(19”lcd montr) So, kindly suggest a suitable please.

    • admin

      Dear Chitti,
      Exide 850 VA sine wave inverter + Amaron current short tubular 150 ah battery

      It’s a good combination, works better with good life expectancy.

      Make sure that you are buying Exide Inverter (Exide ceil is another model available in market which is less expensive)


      To maximize your backup time, we recommend to limit your desktop PC usage, it’s a extreme power hungry gadget.

      850 VA inverter is sufficient to handle your load preference.

      Guideline Price

      Exide 850 va inverter – Rs.5500/-

      Amaron current short tubular 150 ah – Rs.11,500/-

  • Saju

    Hi sir,
    I have a shop running 9 cfl,2 tube and 2 fans.Can you please suggest the suitable inverter for my purpose.
    600va luminous with 80ah battery is enough for my purpose.

    • admin

      How many hours power cut do you have?

  • John Smith

    Hello Admin,

    I just plan to get a ups for my room.

    Since i need the ups for i fan and couple of cfl (But it is enough to get ups for one cfl )

    We are having 8 hours power cut.

    Suggest me the lower end UPS with better for my requirement with Price details

    Awaiting your valuable reply

    • admin

      Dear Smith,
      Though your requirement is very limited, we can not suggest an inverter below 400 va for 8 hours power cut

      We recommend 400 va inverter Sukam frendy model with Exide Invertor Plus 80 ah battery.

  • John Smith

    Thanks admin, It have been very helpful and also i get the exact price details here.

    I prefer to so with one of your re commented combination Microtek UPS SEBz 600 VA Pure sine wave inverter + Exide 88 ah Invertor Plus

    Again thanks for your service.

    Keep rocking. Cheers


  • veesundar

    I am using a 600 VA whirpol, sinewave inverter with Exide IN880 battery for the past 5 years and thinking of replacing the battery. Can the 600 VA whirpol inverter work with Exide IT400 or IT500 battery? Which is the best battery option for the 600 VA inverter?.

    • admin

      Dear Veesundar,
      Happy to hear that your ‘Exide Invertor Plus 88 ah IN880 battery’ has lasted for 5 years

      We recommend

      Exide Invertor Plus 135 ah battery – Rs.10,500/-


      Exide Mega Inva 100 ah battery – Rs.9000 to 9200/-

      Above two models will perform better with 600 va inverter. IT400 (115ah) is also a good choice.

      • veesundar

        Thanks for the valuable suggestion. Keep up your good work.

  • Girish KN

    Hi Admin, I’m pleased to have found this very informative website. Thanks!
    Question: I’m planning to buy inverter for my 2bhk house in Udupi, Karnataka. My basic requirement of power is for 1 Fan and a cfl bulb (15w) during regular power cuts for upto 4hrs during summer and occasional full night power cut. Please suggest me best inverter-battery combo. I’m an online shopper. Is there a considerable benefit in online shopping for these items?

    • Admin

      Dear Girish,
      WE recommend
      Exide 850 VA pure sine wave original inverter


      Exide Invertor Plus 88 ah or 135 ah battery

      Online shopping is recommended for purchasing Exide Inverter.

      For battery, we recommend to purchase from dealer outlet.

      Search Ebay india site with keyword “Exide Inverter” or Exide 850

      You will see results like Exide Inverter 850 and Exide 650 VA inverter

      Use ebay discount coupons (search google for coupons, almost all banks are offering coupons upto 7.5% )

      Price after applying coupon

      Exide 850 VA Inverter – Rs5200/-
      Exide 650 VA Inverter – Rs.4500/-

      Though 650 va inverter is sufficient to handle your load preference, we like to recommend 850 va inverter model. The price difference is minimal, you get more benefits with 850 va inverter.

      Battery price guide

      Exide 88ah Invertor Plus – Rs.6800/-

      Exide 135ah Invertor Plus – Rs.10,500/-

      88 ah battery is sufficient for your load preference. You could choose 135 ah battery for additional benefits.

      • CuriousForUPS

        Admin’s support and suggestions are execellent on this website

  • Shriram

    I have 9 CFLS + 2 Tube Lights + 2 Fans. Which capacity i need to use.
    Also, do i need to have special wiring to support the inverter.
    For example – I might be having TV + addional fans that i have.

    When power goes off – How can i ensure only these points are given power.

    • Admin

      Dear Shriram,
      We recommend 850 VA Pure sine wave inverter for your load preference.

      For battery, you could choose 150 ah or 135 ah according to your back up time requirement.

      As far as wiring is concerned, you need to hire a electrician to do a separate wiring to power up the gadgets that you are planning to connect to your UPS.

      After completing the separate wiring and installing inverter with battery, you could test it by manually switching off your mains to ensure all your ups power points are getting power supply from Inverter in battery mode,

  • Admin

    Microtek SEBz 600 VA Pure sinewave inverter


    88 ah Exide Invertor Plus battery

    Best combination for your load preference.

    Total cost would be around Rs.10500/-

  • Admin

    Dear Vinai,
    Don’t confuse Mtech and Okaya batteries with Exide and Sukam batteries.

    Exide is premium class battery brand, but also expensive.

    As you have very rare power cuts in your area, we recommend Exide Inva Plus 150 AH battery with 24 months warranty, it would last up to 4 years for your power cut situation.

  • Admin

    Dear Chakri,
    We recommend
    Exide 650 VA Pure sinewave inverter
    Exide Inva Plus IP1350 – 135 ah battery

    This combo will suffice your requirement.

    Battery and Inverter has 24 months warranty.

    Battery life expectancy – 3 to 4 years

  • Prem Kumar

    Dear Sir,

    Could you please suggest me about inverter and battery for 2 laptop 1 fan 1 HP printer and 2 CFL for atleast 5 hour


    • Admin

      Dear PremKumar,
      We recommend

      Sukam Shiny 850 va pure sinewave inverter – Rs.4000/-
      Exide Inva Master IM10000 Tall tubular 150 ah battery – Rs.12,000/-

      This combination will be good enough to handle your load preference.

      The battery has 30 months replacement warranty.

      Inverter has 7 years warranty on transformer and 2 years warranty on other components.

  • Rizwanullah Salafi

    Dear sir’

    please suggest me about inverter and battery for 1 cpu+ lcd moniter + 1 ceiling fan + 2 CFL + 1 epson 13 watt inkjet printer at least 4 hours.

  • kiran

    Dear Admin,

    Please suggest me inverter and suitable battery with price (place MYSORE) for 2 computers (gaming computer) + 3 CFL+ 1 ceiling fan +1 CRT TV backup upto 4-5 hrs

    • Admin

      Dear Kiran,
      If you want to run all this gadgets simultaneously during
      power cut, then double battery is the only choice for you. Go for Sukam shiny 1500 VA inverter with two 150 ah batteries.

      If it does not fits your budget, we would recommend Su-kam Falcon Plus 1050 VA inverter with 165 ah battery.

      • kiran

        Thanks for the reply sir can u suggest me in Exide or luminous brand and its price

        • Admin

          Dear Kiran,
          You can check out the online prices of Exide and
          Luminous inverters from the link which we have provided in the top navigation bar.

  • Admin

    Dear Das,
    You can go for Microtek 600 VA UPS squarewave. It would cost around Rs.3200 Online.

    Go for 65 AH Exide Champion Battery.

    Microtek 600 VA UPS – Rs.3200 online
    Exide Champion 65 AH – Rs.5200 online

    Check the price here

    Do not use High charge mode in the inverter when u use 65 AH batteries with 600 va inverter.

  • Kalyanvsinfo Chakri

    Dear sir
    very informative site.i am having inverter sukam tribal 650va my exide(100Ah) battery bulged and last life . i want to purchase 120Ah/135Ah will my inverter supports 100Ah/120Ah/135Ah? pl let me know thanking you in advance.

    • Admin

      Yes it is 100% compatible with 135ah battery.

  • Srikanta mohapatra

    i want 4ceiling fan + 4 cfl minimum 6hr backup. plz suggest. i m thinking for mtek E2+925va inverter and amaron 150ah battery. will it sufficient for my requirement.

    • Admin

      Yes, it will handle the load.

      If you want 6hrs continuous backup, try not to operate all your load at once.

  • Shakti Prasad

    I want to run 1 computer (80w) + 1 personal fan (40w) + 1 LED (9w). I have a MICROTECH 700w Inverter I am thinking of 88AH battery. will it sufficient for 4-5 hr backup ?

    • Admin

      Dear Shakti Prasad,
      For using desktop PC in inverter backup for 4 to 5 hours continuosly
      , we would recommend 150 ah battery.

  • sujit

    sir, ihave a 12v amaron 100amp battery.i want to buy a inverter for this much amp inverter i have to buy?

    • Admin

      900 va pure sinewave inverter would be better.

  • Nisha Bisht

    sir i have 650av inveter which battery i can use

    • Admin

      150 Ah short tubular is best in terms of performance and price.

  • star90s

    sir i have apc 400watt /650va ups sir please tell me that can i change this battery and convert the battery into 150ah can it is possible

  • Admin

    Dear Ikenna,
    650 Va inverter does not have the capacity to charge your 200 Ah battery,

    If you want 200 Ah battery means you should opt for 900 Va or 1100 Va inverter.

    We recommend Luminous 1100 Va zelio model and Sukam 1100 Va Falcon plus model.

  • Kalyanvsinfo Chakri

    Dear sir after a long time thanks for u r suggestions pl suggest me
    1) presently i have attached 3 solar panels of 100w/12v to my 650va + 100ah battery(exide inva tubular) how many panels still can i attach.
    2)can i add one more battery 100ah to my 650va will it supports ?

  • Arun Anu ManaPurath

    sir i have wep 600va ups sir please tell me that can i change this battery to high backup battery

  • shinoy p b

    Sir, can i use 60ah car battery with 700va inverter ?is there any overcharging problem ?and also can i connect car battery to inverter?

    • Admin

      Yes, of course you can. Make sure you use normal mode for charging.

      • shinoy p b

        I would like to run one laptop in this car battery [65],is there any durability problem for battery?if it is not a concern ,then what is the best car battery [65ah]?

        • Admin

          It would last for two years atleast !