Onsite Warranty for Batteries is Cheating !


Dear Sir,

I’ve heard that exide doesn’t give onsite warranty…& so people keep on nagging me to buy luminous battery instead of exide…
And whats the cost of Luminous 875VA(revised version of 800VA) pure sine wave in market now-a-days…
and finally and again I would like to ask you that..

Is this combination i.e Luminous 875VS sine wave + Exide invatubular IT500-150 AH a good combination for city like Noida….
Or is there any better combination as per current scenario…



Dear Kshitij,

On site warranty is a catchy word in marketing a product. As far as battery is concerned, service technicians from your battery dealer shop will visit your house for water toppings and other maintenance, that’s all. Repairing a battery on site is not a easy joke, they will always take your battery to their shop for testing, bench charging or replacing electrolyte etc. So, we advice you to don’t care about on site warranty.

Luminous or Exide, both brands are doing well in the market. We recommend Exide IT500 or IT500i for Luminous Cruze 875VA Pure sine wave inverter.

Cost of Luminous Cruze 875 VA inverter would range between Rs.5000 to 5500/-.

Read this post to know more on Luminous inverter models

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