Luminous Home UPS/Inverter Models available in Market

Luminous, one of the leading manufacturers of inverters and batteries in India has been continuously launching new and upgraded models of Home UPS/inverter in the Market.

As Luminous is marketing its inverters globally, customers are little bit confused about their inverter models currently available in Indian market.

Even, one could feel difficult to find the inverter models available in market through their official website, because their site is a not user friendly and they don’t update their site regularly with current products.

So, here we come up with the list of Inverter models from Luminous India,

Square Wave Inverter Models from Luminous

Luminous has named their Square Wave series as Long-Back up UPS,

1. UPS LB+ Long Back-up UPS Model – Available in 600/800 VA Ranges

2. UPS LB Long Back-up UPS Model – Available in 600/800/875/1400 VA Ranges

3. BRAVO Long Back-up UPS

4. MiniMax Inverter – Available in 175/325/550 VA Ranges

5. Luminous Shakthi Charge inverter – Available in 900/1000 VA Ranges (Quick Charge inverter)


The three models UPS LB+, LB and Bravo are compatible with computers and the other models Minimax and Shakthi Recharge do not support instant switch over from mains to battery during power cut. So, pc would restart when power cut occurs, we can handle this problem with separate normal computer ups and continue using pc with inverter.

Square wave Inverter Photos


luminous-mini-max-inverterluminous shakthi

Pure Sine Wave Inverter Models from Luminous

Pure sine wave inverters are the safest inverters to operate any type of loads including PC, laptops, Kitchen Mixer, LCD TV’s, LED, Plasma TV’s etc.

Luminous has wide range of Pure sine wave models available in the market. Let us see the line-up of different models from luminous,


‘UPS-Sine’ is Pure sine wave inverter model from Luminous available in three different VA ranges

1. 600VA

2. 800VA

3. 1400VA

2.‘Ion-Digital Sinewave UPS’

· Latest model Pure sine wave inverter from Luminous.

· This Inverter is available in 1500VA Range only.

· Have built-in battery management software

· Fast change-over time – Compatible with PC

· MCB instead of normal fuse to facilitate maintenance and equipment safety.

3. CRUZE – Luminous Pure sine wave inverter

‘Cruze’ is one of the famous inverter models from luminous. Best for Home and small office use.

Cruze is available in different VA ranges, 2KVA Cruze at affordable Price has been launched recently.

· Luminous Cruze 875 VAPure sine wave

· Luminous Cruze 2KVAPure sine wave

4. JUMBO GX – Pure Sine wave Inverter

JUMBO GX is pure sine wave series for Power Home Users and small industrial users.

This inverter is for those who want to power up their whole house including A/C, water motors, geyser etc.

This inverter is best for Computer centers, BPO’s, Hospitals, Small offices, ice cream parlor’s etc.

JUMBO GX is available in four different VA range,

1. 3 KVA

2. 5 KVA

3. 6 KVA

4. 10 KVA


Luminous Pure Sine Wave Inverter Photos



Note: As Luminous continuously updates its products, the models listed above are subject to change anytime without notice.

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