Exide Invertor Plus Batteries Official Online Price List

Exide Invertor Plus – the best-selling semi tubular battery series in India are in great demand throughout the country. But the end users buying this battery often get confused with price difference from one dealer to other dealer. Now, Exide has announced its Official Online Price List of Exide Invertor plus range batteries. No more cheating by fraudulent battery dealers. Here we go with official Price List from exidereachout.com

Note: Please see the updated official Price list (August 2013) for Invertor Plus batteries here

Exide claims that these prices are inclusive of all taxes and there will be no additional charges. Before buying one of the battery listed below, refer the price here and ask for the best price from your dealer. Tell them that you got the prices from upsinverterinfo.com.

Note: These prices are official guideline price from Exidereachout.com, Don’t buy battery for the exact price listed below, store prices will be 10% less than the price listed below. Calculate it for yourself before you go for purchase.  

Hope this will help you in purchasing Invertor plus Exide batteries.



Exide Battery Model Amp Rating Warranty Price (inclusive of all taxes)New battery Price and Old battery Buy back Price
FEI0-IN1350PLUS 135 AH 2 years Rs. 11,610.00 – NewRs.-2,165.00 – Old
FEI0-IN1500PLUS 150 AH 2 years Rs.12,770.00 – NewRs.-2,350.00 – Old
FEI0-IN1650PLUS 165 AH 2 years Rs.17,144.00 – NewRs.-2,585.00 – Old
FEI0-IN1800PLUS 180 AH 2 years Rs.17,895.00 – NewRs. -2,720.00 – Old
FEI0-IN2000PLUS 200 AH 2 years Rs.18,787.00 – NewRs.-2,910.00 – Old
FEI0-IN1000PLUS 100 AH 24 months Rs.9,118.00 – NewRs.-1,630.00  – Old
FEI0-IN880PLUS 88 AH 24 months Rs.7,326.00 – NewRs.-1,445.00 – Old
FEI0-IN800PLUS 80 AH 18 months Rs.7,140.00 – NewRs.-1,360.00 – Old
FEI0-IN650PLUS 65 AH 24 months Rs.6,165.00 – NewRs.-1,105.00 – Old

Exide Inverter Battery Price List 2013 

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