Su-Kam Shiny Inverter Price

Sukam, one of reliable inverter brand in india has introduced “SHINY” series inverters in Indian market. These SHINY series inverters are PURE SINE WAVE INVERTERS.

Pure sine wave inverters supply pure current and it is absolutely safe for all kind of electronic equipment.


Dealer Price of Sukam ‘SHINY’ inverter series

Sukam Shiny 400 VA pure sinewave inverter – Rs. 3500/-

Sukam Shiny 650 VA pure sinewave inverter – Rs. 4500/-

Sukam Shiny 850 VA pure sinewave inverter – Rs. 5800/-

Sukam Shiny 1500 VA pure sinewave inverter – Rs. 8500/-

The prices listed above are dealer prices. Dealer prices are more or less same on all cities and towns. Some  dealers may claim higher price for this models, So please be careful with such dealers. (in some states, prices may vary due to additional taxes)

To find the dealer of your city , please check out the Sukam official website.

Su-kam Dealer Locator

  • deep

    Updated Price for sukam shiny 850va is 4500rs and sukam shiny 1550va is 6500rs in Delhi as offered by a dealer for a new box with 2 years warranty. Hope this will help someone 🙂

    • admin

      Dear Deep,
      Thanks for sharing the prices, we expect the same from all other readers of this site.

      Delhi prices are low compared to south India, It’s hard to find inverters at this price in chennai or Bangalore.


    i bought shine wave 850 va in 4900 rs from moradabad


    Dear Sir,
    Please tell best model in sukam 850va inverter. i was searched in net. but it shows soooo many models. so please tell good model for domestic purpose. we have 3fans+4 tube lights.

    • admin

      Dear Venkat,
      Sukam Shiny 850 VA suits your requirements.

  • venkat

    can u say approximate cost for Sukam shine(sinewave) 850va invereter in visakhapatnam.

  • satyanand

    sir by ur suggestion i am buying sukham 450 va sign wave

  • satyanand

    sir i bought a new shiny 450 va and exide express 100ah ,its working well , i can switch on 2 fans at a time but i cant switch on TV,whats the problem can u guess?

    • admin

      Dear Satyanand,
      Normally When we switch on CRT TV or Monitor, it consumes large amount of energy and slowly the energy consumption comes down to the wattage mentioned in the tv specification by manufacturer.

      So, if you want to run TV on inverter, first switch off all other load and switch on the tv alone first, after 2 mins switch on your fan and light.

      21 inch CRT TV will consume 80 to 90 watts

      Normal ceiling fan – 80 watts

      Table fan – 60 watts

      Tube Light – 40 watts

      CFL lamp – 15 to 25 watts

      USE CFL instead of Tube Lights.

      Hope this will work for you.

  • gaurav singh

    dear admin …
    i am having ur set of sukam shiny 850 with batterv 165 ah .. my main purpose of this inverter to use pc.which have moniter ..but to my surprise its not working well to take the load . it get fused in seconds.sorry to say very poor performence ! regards

    • admin

      Dear Gaurav,
      Buying Inverter and Battery from same brand is not advisable, we keep on telling this in our articles.

      Sukam shiny inverter is performing well in the market, we advice our readers to use Exide Tubular battery with this inverter.

      Your battery should be checked by a service engineer.

  • Hitesh

    I Bough SuKam Shiny 850 VA ( Pure sin wave)from Bhopal(Madhya Pradesh) on july 2012 @ Rs. 4900 …Hope this will help somebody

    • admin

      Dear Hitesh,
      Please share the shop address with us. It will help our readers from bhopal.

      Thank you

      • Hitesh

        Su-kam Shop Dealer Details for Bhopal Users

        Sukam shiny Price (850 VA pure shine wave @ Rs. 4900)
        and (Plastic Trolly + Inverter) @ Rs. 5400
        Shri OM Marketing
        52-opp. Jain Mandir ,Magalwara Road, Bhopal

  • Hitesh

    I Bought SuKam Shiny 850 VA ( Pure sin wave)from Bhopal(Madhya Pradesh) on july 2012 @ Rs. 4900 …Hope this will help somebody

  • shailender singh

    Dear Frinds

    I want a Inverter at FBD, Pls. advise for best Inverter becs. here very prob. with electricity 10 to 12 hrs. cut per day. kindly give the near about deler dtails at Hardware chowk, Faridabad, Haryana

    • SYED


      • admin

        Dear Syed,
        Though a 600 va inverter is enough for your load preference, we would like to recommend a 850 va pure sine wave inverter as it has many advantages over 600 va.

        Moreover the price difference is also minimal between the two models.

        we recommend,
        Sukam shiny 850 va sine wave inverter – Rs.5500/-

        Microtek sine wave model ‘UPS SEBz850’VA – Rs.5000/-

        Microtek sine wave model 600 VA inverter ‘UPS SEBz600 VA – Rs.4000 to 4300/-

  • dinesh kumar sharma

    i want to purchase sukam (850 VA pure wave) at my office for pc use, What about price in chittorgarh (Rajasthan)

    • admin

      Dear dinesh,
      Sukam shiny 850 VA Pure sine wave inverter would range between Rs.5000 to 5500/-

  • dinesh kumar sharma

    thank u sir,
    i have a consol (1KVA) online ups can i sell this.

  • iti

    What is the market feedback of Su-Kam shiny 650VA inverter?

  • Raj

    hi, for my home needs 650VA inverter is enough, but i want long backup/life battery. can i go with su-kam shiny 650va with exide IT500 battery.

  • TJ

    Admin, Please post review of Sukam Shiney 850VA with Pros & Cons. Thank You 🙂

    • admin

      Dear TJ,
      We will post it shortly! Thanks for asking.

      • TJ

        Thanks………i m waiting

  • jai

    Dear sir please suggest me i want to buy a inverter for two fans and two cfl light but there is a big problem thats light comes here 4 to5 hours only here out of 24hours pls tell me best option for me as soon as possible thanks and regards

    • admin

      Dear Jai,
      Your situation is something Horrible, just 4 hours of power supply per day ??? aahhh!

      No normal inverters could solve your power crisis, normal inverters needs minimum 13 hrs of power supply to charge the battery attached.

      Any way, don’t go for big batteries as it would not get fully charged with just 4 hours power supply from grid.

      We recommend 600 VA square wave Microtek Inverter Model ‘UPS EB600’ – Rs.3500/-


      Exide Invertor plus Model 80 ah battery – Rs.6000/-


      Luminous got one Inverter model called ‘Shakthi Charge’ which would charge the battery with high ampere current, but it needs to pair with ‘Exide IT500 super’ a premium 150 ah tubular battery which would cost (Rs.17000 to 17500 for battery alone)

      read this post for more info


      Another option recommended,

      We recommend to go for Solar hybrid Inverter model with 500 watts solar panel. (This could be expensive, but solves your problem for sure)

      Inquire your nearest Sukam dealer for more details. Sukam is the leading company in solar power solutions.

  • prabhas

    i want to buy an inverter..which one is best ? apc ,microtek ,sukam , lumnious , exide

  • jai

    now sir pls suggest me if light comes out 9 hours of out of 24hrs then which inverter and battery is suitable for me for two fans and two cfl light .

    • admin

      Dear Jai,
      we Recommend Luminous sakti charge inverter and Exide IT500 or IT500 super for you.


    JUST TELL ME WHAT DIFFERENCE BETWEEN Sukam Inverter Torque 850 VA AND Sukam Inverter Shiny 850 VA PLZ REAPLY ME

    • admin

      Dear Syed,
      Sukam ‘Torque’ is a square wave or modified sine wave inverter, it is good for normal household applications. But if you are planning to run LCD, LED and Laptops with your inverter, we would recommend a Pure sine wave inverter rather than a modified sine wave or square wave inverter.

      The waveform of output current from a Pure sine wave inverter is 100% suitable for all sensitive gadgets. It doesn’t mean that modified sine wave or square wave inverters are inferior in quality. They too have certain advantages.

      Pure sine wave inverters are little expensive than modified sine wave or square wave inverter. we recommend pure sine wave inverter model Sukam ‘Shiny’ for our readers, as it is most successful among other models of its class. Most safe for your sensitive appliances too!

  • srikanth


    I want to buy UPS. i would use 1 cfl bulp, I tube light and 3 Fans. When i checked the calculater in your website. it recommends 650 VA. so please suggest me and cost details

    • admin

      Dear Srikanth,
      We recommend Sukam Shiny model Pure sine wave inverter 650 VA and

      Microtek Pure sine wave UPS SEBz600VA (Costs Between Rs.4000 to 4500)

      For Battery,
      We recommend Exide Inveretor Plus Model 135 ah (2years warranty – 3 years Life expectancy) – Rs.10,000/-

  • Sandeep

    I’m confused between Microtek, Luminous & Su kam inverters. My requirement would be back for around 4 hrs on a daily basis. I will be running 2 fans, 4 – 5 cfls’s, 1 LED tv & 29 inch CRT TV. Request your suggestion. Also can you pls provide the various battery combinations. For ex : 850 VA – 120 AH etc.

    • admin

      Dear sandeep,
      You need to avoid using 29 inch crt tv with 850 va inverter, we don not recommend that. If you want to use 29 inch crt tv with inverter, better you choose a double battery 1500va inverter model.

      If you decide to exclude 29 inch crt tv from your load chart, we would recommend

      sukam Shiny 850VA pure sine wave inverter and Exide Mega Inva – 150ah


      Microtek UPS SEBz850VA(Rs.5000) pure sine wave inverter with Exide Invertor Plus 135 ah (Rs.10000)


      Sukam Falcon 800VA pure sine wave inverter + Sukam Tall Tubular 150 ah battery


      Sukam shiny 850 VA + Sukam Lead acid Battery 150 ah

      For budget conscious people

      Microtek UPS SEBz 600 VA Pure sine wave inverter (Rs.4300) + Exide Invertor Plus 80 ah (Rs.6000)

      All the above combinations suits your requirement. 4 hours power cut is not a big deal for these combination of inverter and battery. Choose any one of the combination listed above according to your budget.


      Exide Inva Tubular Tall Battery model IT500 is the best seller and performer in its class compared to other brands, if you could afford one, Go for it ! (Battery Costs Rs.13500 to 14300/-)

      • Sandeep

        Hi Admin,
        Thanks a lot for your quick response !!
        There arent many SuKam dealers in mysore, the website lists only 1 dealer and he told me that sukam Shiny 850VA will be discontinued & he is quoting 20k for Sukam Falcon 800VA pure sine wave inverter + Sukam Tall Tubular 150 ah battery. I have also shortlisted Luminous 875 VA pure sine wave + Luminous 120ah battery (16.5k). Is the Luminous combo a good choice(keeping in mind the budget constraint as well) ?

        • admin

          Dear Sandeep,
          Sukam shiny will not be discontinued in near future, some dealers say whatever they think without any citation.

          We strongly recommend

          Microtek UPS SEBz850 VA Pure sine wave – Rs.5000/-


          Exide Invertor Plus 135 ah semi tubular battery – Rs.10000 to 10500/-

          Above combination works very well and it is most affordable + value for money!

          Leave that dealer who gave you unfair price quote, search for Exide Dealers nearby..

          Mysore Exide Dealers list with contact numbers

  • rajashekar

    hello sir, can u plz suggest for my requirements
    1. One lcd computer back up for 3-4 hrs
    2. T.v with set up box
    3. 1 ceiling Fan and cell phone chargng if possible.. I need power to work mainly for p.c. And a fan. Suggest Budget friendly plz..

    • admin

      Dear Rajasekar,
      WE recommend

      Microtek Pure sine wave model ‘UPS SEBz850VA’ inverter – Rs.4900 to 5300/-

      Exide ‘Invertor Plus 135 ah’ semi tubular with 2 years full replacement warranty – Rs.10000 to 10500/-


      Above combination is affordable and most reliable models in market. The battery’s life expectation is 3 years.

  • Barro

    Hello admin,
    I have installed yesterday a 1500va on 2 batteries each is 200 amps totaling 400 amps
    I have between 8 and 10 hours electricity per day and I am running
    1 TV 52 inch LED
    1 satellite reciver
    5-6 blobs energy saving totaling around 150 volts
    Wifi unit
    Few socket for charging mobiles

    Before buying I was successes 1000 va or 1200 va
    But I went to 1500va

    Is this alright I have fixed it just less than 18 hours ago and luckily the electricity is on since then and it’s has changed fully the batteries

    The reason I am posting this is to know if this is good or I need to change something, so I can do it as early as possible while I can

    • Admin

      No need to change anything. It looks fine.