Luminous Solar Inverter – 850 VA – Beat 15 hrs Power cut

Many states of India still suffer 15 hours of terrific power cuts, the people from both urban and rural area are facing this intermittent power shedding throughout the day.

I feel Helpless when people from middle class families ask for some affordable solution to long and intermittent power problem.

When Power from grid is available for only 9 hours per day, a normal 850 va home inverter with any kind of battery will not get enough charge to provide full backup.

May be some alternatives are there, Luminous Shakti charge inverter could charge a battery with double the current than a normal microtek inverter.

But still we cannot assure more than 15 hour back up per day with any kind of normal home inverter.

Beat the heat with Luminous Solar Home UPS

luminous solar ups

Charging time is the problem with normal 850 va inverters in market when it comes to handle long power cuts like 15hours/day.

This problem could be solved by using solar panels with our normal sine wave 850 va inverters, But converting a normal sine wave 850 va inverter to solar inverter should be done properly by a experienced technicians.

I would rather go for Brand New Luminous Hybrid Solar Inverter than converting my existing normal inverter.

Too many strong reasons are there to exchange your old inverter for New Luminous Solar UPS, let us see some of it.

Price of Luminous Solar Inverter is also seems reasonable compared to sukam solar UPS brainy.

We can connect up to 4 x 100 watts (400) panels with luminous solar inverter, which means we could use current generated from solar panels in day time for our normal day usage.

Let us assume, we use

1 LCD 32 inch TV with dth – 100 watts

2 Ceiling fans – 160 watts

Total – 260 watts

So, we need 260 watts/hr current during day time, if we install four 100 watts panels (12v) and 150 ah battery with Luminous Solar UPS 850va, we could operate all the load listed above with current generated from solar panels, the excess current will be stored in the battery.

So, your battery remains fully charged all the day when sun shines. After sun light goes off, you could use the current saved in the battery to provide backup during night power cuts,

If Power cut occurs frequently and intermittently during night time, the luminous solar inverter will charge the battery with grid power whenever it is available.

Note: Do not use more than 300 watts/hr during day time if you face 15 hours power cut, if you do, you will be discharging your battery and might end up in Low battery warning from UPS.

So, If a Luminous Home UPS is installed with 400 watts solar panels and 150 ah or 200 ah battery, It will never let you down even in bad power cut scenario.

Luminous Solar Panels

solar pv luminous

Buying good quality solar panels is a big task nowadays. So, many cheap second grade Chinese imported panels are flooding the market.

Better you choose the branded Luminous solar panels for your Luminous solar Home UPS.

Normally your Luminous dealer will offer Luminous Solar UPS with Luminous solar Panels and Luminous solar tubular battery, if you find the prices are reasonable, then go for it.

If you suspect the dealer is over quoting and trying to sell with high margin, then better you buy only Luminous Solar Home UPS alone from that dealer and find a better solar panel dealer elsewhere.

Don’t impose any cost cutting in solar panels, install 400 watts solar panel with Luminous Solar Inverter, it will pay you back in some years.

Luminous Solar tubular Battery – 150ah C10

luminous solar tubular battery

A Luminous 150 ah C10 rated Solar Tubular battery would cost around Rs.16000, it comes with 5 years warranty.

Exide solar tubular batteries are also performing well.

We do not insist our readers to use only solar tubular c10 rated batteries for Luminous solar home UPS, you could use a normal C20 rated flat plate inverter battery of 150 ah or tubular battery.

Solar tubular battery would last long and perform well with low maintenance.

  • Admin

    Dear Chintu,
    Total cost would be around Rs.39,000/- excluding wire cost and installation.

  • Admin

    Dear GRS,
    We recommend Sukam Brainy solar inverter for your requirement.

    Price: Rs.8500/- (Online Price)

    This inverter model is the most advanced in the present market. Most reliable too.

    You can connect up to 250 watts solar panels with this solar hybrid UPS from sukam.

    Price does not includes solar panels or trolley.

    • Bindu Satija

      hi, I need to buy inverter & batteries for my home. Can you suggest some good one. I read your post and found solar could be the better option as it gives great backup without depending much on electricity. I asked in market about the price of regular inverter & batteries & they gave me the budget of 25000/- which includes one 1400va inverter and 2 batteries. If in this budget i can get solar it would be great as here electricity is a big issue. my requirements are around 200 watts/hr with atleast 10-12 hr backup

      • Admin

        Dear Bindu,
        we recommend

        Sukam shiny 850 VA Pure sinewave Inverter – Rs.4000/- (online price)
        Sukam Solarcon – 16A 12V Hybrid solar charge contorller – Rs.3000/- (online Price)
        2 x 100 watts Su-kam solar panels – Rs.12000/- (online Price)
        150 or 180 ah Su-kam Tall tubular battery – Rs.10,500 to 12,500/-

        Installation – Rs.3000 approx.

        Total cost – Rs.32,500 approx.

        Check out the Prices of above listed gadgets —————————————-

        This Configuration will serve you better during long powercuts like 10 to 12hrs.

        And never go for unknown brand, Go branded, Go solar!

        • Bindu Satija


          Solar options are available in my area.. Someone suggested me to go for sukam 900VA inverter with Sukam 180Ah Tabular battery. Is it correct combination for 10-12 hour backup with 2 fans & one light switched on?

          • Admin

            Yes. it is correct combo.

  • Admin

    Dear Shashibushan,
    We recommend sukam brainy 850 VA hybrid solar inverter for you.

    Sukam brainy is one of the best solar hybrid inverter available in Indian market. Moreover, Sukam provides good after sale support for this product. Most recommend solar hybrid inverter !

    Sukam brainy normally comes as a package of Trolley+150 ah Flat battery with 2years warranty+ 80 watts solar panel.

    But you can buy sukam brainy solar inverter alone without trolley battery or panels.

    Price of sukam brainy 850 va solar hybrid inverter (without trolley, battery and panels) – Rs.8500/-

    You could buy any branded 12v solar panels to use with this inverter.

    Brainy is compatible with solar panels up to 300 watts (sukam recommends only 240 watts )

    One single (12v) 100 watts panel would cost around Rs.5500/-

  • prashant

    Dear sir please provide me the solution of power back up of 1KV for 6-8 hour with solar inverter.

  • mani

    dear admin
    i have visted numb rof site for solar inverter -pannel working and calculation.not found resolution as simple as you.want to work in solar industry.request your guidence and help

    • Admin

      Sure….i am always ready to help u

  • sreeni

    Hello Admin,

    Which Solar Hybrid inverter to buy?
    Sukam 850va or Luminous 850va?

  • Manoj

    I already have Luminous inverter set up at my home, But I want this to be converted in solar system, I think it need solar plate and charger controllar, How much it cost?

    • Admin

      Dear Manoj,
      All you need to convert your existing Inverter into Solar
      Inverter is

      2 No.s 100watts 12V solar panels – Total 200 watts – Rs.12,000
      Sukam solarcon automatic charge controller 12V 16 Amp – Rs.3000/-

      If your existing battery is 150AH or above, no upgrade needed.

      • sanjay

        i need it too,
        i have already luminous invertor with two battery 190 ah at my home
        please give me solution & price to convert into solar invertor.

  • Yogendra Ranga


    Kasliwal Power Products
    Yogendra Ranga
    Mani Mahal, M I Road

  • Yogendra Ranga

    We can provide you entire solution as per your need at Rs 47800/-
    Complete Product Brand : LUMINOUS

    Freight Extra at actuals
    Installation at consumer End.

    Yogendra Ranga
    Kasliwal Power Products

    • chinna reddy

      Hiiii sir, i am fm hyderabad. In my home we have installed sukam inverter with 12ah, 150v, battery in 2013 with 4-6hrs battery back up. We have connected this inverter to 4fans, 3tube lights, 2 cfl bulbs, 3mobile charging slots but we use 2fans, 2tubes at time most of the time.
      Now battery is discharging very fast and showing red light immediatly after power cut. Local dealer suggested to exchange the old battery with new one and after discount he is charging around 11k. Just now i read this article.

      I have some doubts pls clarify with best anss.

      1.can we use this inverter to solar r not?? convert this inverter to solar! cost estimation, with cear idea.

  • Admin

    Dear Brahma,
    Sukam has recently launched a Home Solar Inverter called
    Brainy ECO (1100 va),

    It is most advanced and highly recommended product in 1 Kva range.

  • Neel Sagwekar


    I’m leaving in Virar, Thane-Maharashtra, I would like to install solar inverter for my home on which I can use 14w 2 CFL, 1 fan.

    Which setup will be useful for me, also please send quotation to my email id i.e.

    Kindly send your agency or dealer contact number or address if its available in Virar, Thane


    what is the price in Bangalore for below.

    850va solar inverter + 150ah c10 battery + 300 watts solar panels?
    850va solar inverter + 200ah c10 battery + 450 watts solar panels?

    • BVenkat Ramana


      my name is ramana from bangalore. i have 150ah 2 Turbular Elite +Plus battries and luminous 1050 Eco volt S/W ups, have any possible to connect 250W solar panel in this batteries pls let me now.

      i am planing to to bay a solar panel 250w to 300w and charge control also.

      • Admin

        We recommend to buy sukam solarcon automatic charge controller to convert your normal inverter into solar inverter.

        • BVenkat Ramana

          thanks. now i can use sukam solarcon automatic charge controller and 300w solar panel for 150 ah batteries is it