Sukam Brainy Solar Inverter – Price with Panels

Dear Sir, I inquired about  Sukam Brainy solar hybrid inverter in Hyderabad.

They provided me with a price quote of Rs.45,000/- which includes three 80W solar panels (total 240 watts), 150ah Lead Acid battery and trolley.

I have a power cut of 3 hrs (1.5 hrs in the morning and 1.5 hrs in the afternoon).

The dealer says it can support 5 Fans + 5 Tubelights for 2-3 hrs backup.

My requirement is

3 Tube lights or CFL

3 fans

40 inch LCD Tv with set top box.

Please confirm me that this price quote is reasonable or I can go with any other option?




sukam solar inverter



Dear Ravi,

The price for brainy hybrid inverter + 150ah sukam LA battery + 3×80 watts panels (240watts) should be below 40K including all wiring and installation charges.


Brainy is the most advanced hybrid inverter in the market with long warranty, the price guideline given in our previous post is for brainy inverter with 150 ah battery and one 80 watts panel.

we should admit that, with only one 80 watts panel we could not enjoy the benefits of solar energy and it won’t give enough charge to battery.

For your limited power cut situation, we would like to recommend three 80 watts panel (240 watts) and 150 ah battery, with this configuration you could use 2 fans and one CFL (25watts) from 6 am to 6 pm even without the support of grid. Eventually you will be saving money on your electricity bills.

It doesn’t mean that you could use only 2 fans and 1 CFL with this configuration, you could run all your preferred loads listed in your query with and without support of grid, the inverter will automatically switch to grid power when solar power is not sufficient to meet the demand.

After all you could save money on your electricity bill.


You could install sukam brainy without solar panels and operate it with grid power, if any budget constraints is there, we would recommend to install brainy without panels for now and plan to install panels in future.

Sukam Brainy inverter + Sukam 150 ah LA Battery – Rs.17500/-

240 watts polycrystalline panel (other brand with MNRE approval ) – Rs.14500/-

Installation charges extra.

sukam brainy solar 1

sukam solar brainy


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