How to Buy Okaya Battery Online – with Price list

Okaya is one the most preferred brand of people who want low cost power back-up solution for their Home or office.

Okaya batteries are low expensive batteries compared to other leading brands like Exide, Amaron, and Luminous etc.

Exide is superior to Okaya, no doubt, but how many people are able to afford Exide?

Here comes the Okaya, Okaya is well known name all over the country, so instead of going some unknown brand or local brand, go for Okaya, it is worth the money you invest.

Now available Online

We already wrote an article about an online battery store which serves almost all metros in India.

Read the article about Batterybhai site here.

Previous Battery Bhai deals with only some leading brands like Exide, Amaron and Luminous.

Now Battery bhai has introduced Okaya , MtechPower and Digipower batteries for Online purchase.

Okaya – Microtek Product

Hope most readers are aware of Microtek inverters, leading inverter brand in India.

Okaya, MtechPower and Digipower batteries are products of Microtek Company.

Microtek manufactures inverter batteries under different brand names to fullfill customer needs according to their economic conditions.


Okaya Models available online

150 AH Okaya Tubular battery models available online

XL6000T, SL600T

okaya Tubular battery models

150 AH Okaya Tall Tubular Battery models

TT5024, TT5030, TT7048

Okaya Tall tubular battery models

Not only 150ah, Okaya is available online in different AH range to suit the customer needs, choose according to your requirement.

(Note: Online Prices are little expensive compared to store Prices, those who want to save time can go for online purchase, they will provide you free delivery and same day installation)

  • Naren

    Hi Admin,

    Good you included a write up on Okays batteries I was interested in okays for my home but after consulting you bought Exide inva tubular for my home as I thought it makes sense to spend some extra money for quality assurance

    However now I need to buy another Battery for my dads office.

    We will use 2 fans + 2 tubes for max 5 hours … So that amounts to roughly 230 watts per hour & 1150 watts for 5 hours

    Now my questions to you are :

    1) should I go for a 135 ah or 150 ah battery
    2) exide is ruled out as we don’t want to spend that much my dad was considering local battery …. Okaya seems like a better alternative to me as it is not very much expensive as compared to local batteries… So can you suggest which one from Okays stable should we choose ?
    3) okays has batteries under two other brand names as well … Digi Power & Mtek power… How do these three compare with each other n which one is superior ?
    4) have you tested any of Okays batteries yourself or got feedback from any actual users? If yes can you please share your findings feedback
    5) any feedback on Okay as after sales support ? I saw some negative feedback on googling.
    6) we got a 4-5 yes old locally made 560wa square wave invertor can we use that with Okays tubular batteries or its necessarily needed to move to a sign wave inverter

    Thanks a ton for ur reply in advance & hope to be able to decide on my second battery as well soon with your help 🙂

    You have a good night !


    • Admin

      Dear Naren,
      Okaya is good, but Exide is best, that’s the difference.

      We recommend
      Okaya TT 5030 – (150ah)Tall tubular with 30 months full replacement warranty – It would last long for 4 years if maintained properly.

      It would cost around 12k

      If you want to cut the cost some more, then we would like to recommend

      Okaya XL5000T – Regular Tubular Battery (135ah) which would cost around Rs.8500/- with 18 months full warranty.

      Life expectancy – 3 years

      For your load preference and backup time requirement, a 135 ah is good enough handle it.
      About using old inverter

      We recommend to exchange your old inverter with new one.

      Old model inverters have outdated technology in battery charging which reduces battery life significantly.

      New inverters (square wave or sine wave) are equipped with PWM (pulse width modulation) charging technology which enhances battery life to its maximum.

  • Admin

    Dear Naren,
    Thickness of positive plate in battery with long warranty is better, compared to other batteries with short warranty period.

    Thickness of Positive plate of battery is directly related to the life expectancy of the battery.
    Even a 400 va inverter is enough for your load preference, but we like to recommend 600 va inverter, as you are planning for 135 ah, 600 va inverter is more compatible with 135ah and 150 ah battery in terms of charge current.

    If you plan to connect only ceiling fan and tube lights to inverter, a square wave inverter is good enough for your requirement.

    We recommend
    Microtek EB600 Square wave inverter

    Price – Rs.3000 to 3500/-

    Most reliable model in the market.
    Okaya is better than Mtek or digi power batteries,

    It’s a marketing strategy to push the product under different brand names.
    After sale support of Okaya – no comments

    One more suggestion

    Buy only from authorized dealer outlet, so many used and counterfeit batteries are out there in the market.

  • Admin

    Dear Naren,
    For your load preference, we strongly recommend

    Luminous 675 va sine wave inverter +

    Luminous ILTT 500 (150ah) Tall tubular battery

    For more info on Luminous Tall tubular batteries

  • Admin

    Dear Naren,
    No inverters in the market is 95 % energy efficient,

    Both Luminous and Microtek has the same energy efficiency, may be their specs show different numbers, but we didn’t find any big difference.

    Yes, every inverter will waste 12 to 15 % current during the conversion process.

    • Naren

      Dear Admin,

      Please can you post my yesterdays questions as well as your reply as i am planning to place the order today or tom after getting lil clarity on my questions / doubts with ur kind help!

      Thank you once again, its really a great forum for all jind of doubts / queries we may have related to Battery inverter systems !!!

      Have a great day.


      • Admin

        Dear Naren,
        As i was planning to publish your questions as a separate article in our site, it took two days delay, sorry for it!

  • Admin

    Dear Naren,
    Though your requirement could be fulfilled with a 100 ah battery, i would recommend to go for 135 ah or 150 ah for good battery life and performance.

    Moreover 150 ah batteries have good charge acceptance compared to 100 ah batteries.

    Battery life is decide by the number of charge cycles and depth of discharge.

    Luminous ILTT 18048 would last long for 1250 charge cycles @ 80% depth of discharge

    The same battery could survive for additional one or two years if discharged @ 60 % depth of discharge.

    So, selecting a 150 ah battery is always safe.

    We recommend Luminous ILTT18048 Tall tubular 150 ah.

    • Naren

      Dear Admin,

      Thank you so much for your reply & kind help so far..Hatts off to you for the Commendable job you have been doing of helping fellow readers like me.

      The negotiated quote I have got for Luminous ILTT18048 + Luminous sign wave 675va Inverter is Rs 15,500 ( 11,900 +3600) I will place the order tonight itself :-

      Now, one more request – if you could post my query on – Method of calculating required capacity of Battery in AH for a given power consumption & your feedback steps used by me, it will be awesome ( as I think it will be very helpful for me as well as many others like me )

      Have a great evening ahead !


      • Admin

        Thank you Naren for your interest on our site.

        Do share your experience about your newly installed inverter and batteries,

        We will publish it as an article in our site with giving full credit to you.

        Thank you,

        • Naren

          Dear Admin,

          I placed the order yesterday for Luminous ILTT 18048 + 675 Inverter. Dealer will supply n install anytime bet Sun- Tue. I will surely write about my experiance with Exide Inverter + Battery bought for home as well as Luminous combi for Dads office after 2-3 weeks ( as by then only i will have fair experience with these new purchases ) not only that I am also going to suggest my friends to visit this wonderful forum before making purchase decision for any Inverter + Battery in future !

          Now – i am little confused about one thing – did you mean you will publish article about my experience with my newly bought experience ? ( i think thats not needed ) or on steps to know how to calculate what AH capacity of Battery is needed for a given load requirement ? ( i hope you meant this :-)…. )

          Thanks & have a rocking day !


          • Admin

            Dear Naren,
            We publish the article only with your approval, if you not wish to publish any part of them, we will remove it, Thanks for your continuous patronage.

  • Admin

    Dear Salil,
    If your inverter is performing well with Okaya 150 ah, better you go for the same brand and same model again.

  • Gajenendra

    For 200AH okaya battery which rating of inverter of microtek is suitable