How to Buy Exide IT500 online?

Exide IT500 is a 150 ah Tall Tubular battery for inverter and other heavy applications.

Exide Inva Tubular battery series is a smash hit among tubular battery models in India, particularly Exide ‘IT500’ 150 ah battery model is the best seller of its class.

The reason behind its success is its reliability, longevity and trouble free long term performance.

IT500 Exide Inva tubular battery

Warranty and Life expectancy

Exide offers 3 years full replacement warranty + 1 year pro rata warranty for IT500, in our experience the battery has a life expectancy of 5 years under proper maintenance.

Though the price is at little higher side than other brand, IT500 is still the choice of vast majority of people in India.

Reasons to Buy IT500 Online

The only problem in buying Exide IT500 is unreasonable pricing by battery dealers during summer and heavy power cut situations. So, most dealers are out of stock during summers either they fix exorbitant price for IT500.

Buying Exide IT500 Online is one of the possible solutions to escape from greedy battery dealers.

As far as India is concerned, online battery shopping sites are very limited in numbers and site that provides service for all major cities is very rare to find.

Why is an online battery shopping site which offers genuine battery service for Car and Inverters.

Their prices are reasonable and they offer doorstep delivery and service, this is the catchy thing about their service.

They also buy your old condemned battery for best price, what else to say? This is the full-fledged battery service available online.

You can select your battery model through their website and place order with all your contact details, they will get back to you with in few hours through phone and deliver your battery on the same day itself.

They don’t just deliver the battery; they will install the battery for you.

Price of IT500 Exide

Price of Exide IT500 (150ah) Tall tubular battery @ Battery Bhai dot com – Rs.16000/- (without old battery exchange)

If you Exchange your old dead battery of same type and AH, then the Price of IT500 would be – Rs.13600/-

(They will offer free delivery and installation, check their website for more details)

Cash on delivery available

Yes, both online payment and COD cash on delivery options available, big relief for people those who had no experience in online payments.

Just select your battery, fill out the shipping address and phone number, they will call you and confirm the order, you get you battery delivered at your door step in few hours. Pay them after you see your product working good.

Service Availability

BatteryBhai service is available in the all major cities in India, Here is the list of cities where Battery Bhai service available.


New Delhi





Uttar Pradesh



Andhra Pradesh







Thane city

Navi Mumbai

West Bengal










How to Place Order?


  • Select the battery type for your application
  • Select AH rating – (IT500 is 150ah battery)
  • Select Brand – Exide
  • Select your City
  • Click Search button

battery selection

List of Exide Batteries (150ah) for inverter application will be shown,

Select ‘Exide Inva Tubular IT500’ From that Result Page

Price may vary for different cities, For Example IT500 price for New Delhi is less than Rs.500 to 600 compared to bangalore.

If you want to exchange your old battery, select the appropriate option and proceed further,

battery purchase


Watch the above 2 snap shots carefully,

After clicking checkout button, you will be asked to furnish your Name, Mail id and Phone number to create a account for you.

After filling out this form, you will be redirected to a page where you need to fill out the Billing and shipping address

battery bhai shipping address

After Filling out the shipping address

You need to select the Payment method

As i already told you, people with no experience in online payments just select COD option (cash on delivery) they will you and confirm the order before delivery, if you fail to attend the call, you need to call them back to confirm your order.

Those who are already experienced in making payments online can select credit card, debit card or net banking option to complete your order.

All leading banks are available in net banking option, no worries!

checkout page battery purchase

That’s it

you have completed your order!


Many of you may wonder, why should choose instead of exide online battery mall ( ?

yes, Exide itself has a online battery shopping site, but IT500 model is not available for online purchase in Exide online battery mall.

Moreover, we have heard many complaints about Exide online mall, that they are not processing the orders quickly or not concern about the online orders they receive. They just forwarding their orders to the dealers near by, if your dealer is not interested in selling battery for official price, he will simply ignore your order, this is what happening in Exide online Battery Mall.

But in, they are following every order with at most care and try to deliver the battery on the same day itself.

Prices may be little higher than our guideline prices, but it is worth to pay for their excellent hassle free genuine service.

We recommend for Online purchase of Car or Inverter Battery.

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