Exide Solar Tubular Battery – Pros and Cons

Exide has very wide range of Solar Tubular Battery models in its products line-up. Now many of our blog readers are posting queries about Exide Solar Tubular Batteries.

Many people have doubts about using Exide solar tubular batteries with normal home inverters instead of IT500 or other tubular batteries. In this article we are going to clarify your doubts about solar batteries.

Here we come up with some useful information’s about Exide Solar Tubular Batteries.


Advantages of Exide Solar Tubular Batteries

These Batteries are specially designed for Solar Photovoltaic application.

These batteries Performs consistently, even under severe weather and atmospheric conditions.

Battery discharge rate is specified as C 10 whereas other normal inverter batteries are rated C 20 (c10 is better than c20, you can enjoy extra backup)

Very Low water Loss – Spine tubes casted with low antimony content results in very low % of water loss – which means low maintenance

Very Low self-discharge – Battery will never go empty, even if left idle for long time ( only 3% charge loss as self-discharge per month- so no more worries when going for vacation)

Rechargeable with very low charging current

Full tubular Design results in quick charge acceptance even after very deep discharge.

Battery is built with TORR Tubular Technology.

Spine Tubes are very thick, made with HADI machine using high pressure casting (100 bar) method to ensure void free build quality.

Spine Tube or Positive Plate corrosion results in battery failure, the extra thick spine tubes in this battery ensures very long life and reliability to the battery.

Life expectation under prescribed condition

8 to 10 years for battery models ending with ‘L’ and prefix TT

5 – 6 years for other models

CYCLE LIFE decides the battery life, charging a battery to its full level and using it completely until the inverter beeps and shuts down is called one full cycle (80% depth of discharge dod).

If you charge a battery to its full capacity and use only half of the current and start recharging the battery again, it will be considered as one cycle with 50% depth of discharge. If you continue to use your battery like this without draining it completely, you could enjoy extended battery life like 2 or more years extra.

Exide Solar Tubular Cycle Life @ C10 discharge rate

1500 cycles to 80% Depth of discharge

3000 cycles to 50% Depth of discharge

5000 cycles to 20% Depth of discharge

Now you could understand how a battery in an online UPS system in Banks and corporate environment lasts for more than 10 years. They discharge it to only 20 %, so they get more battery life.

Comparison of Exide Solar Tubular with Exide IT500 Tall Tubular

Exide Solar Tubular Battery Exide IT500 tall tubular
Cycle Life 1500 cycles of deep discharge 1000 cycles of deep discharge
Discharge Rating C10 (better) C20
Life expectancy 5 to 10 years 4 to 5 years

Can I Use Exide IT500 for Solar Inverter? Reasons to choose a Solar battery for solar application.

Yes, Of course, you can use IT500 for solar PV application.

But a solar Tubular battery has certain advantages over IT500 in using it for solar photovoltaic application.

Solar Batteries have a discharge rating of C10, which is better than C20 rating of normal tubular batteries used for inverter application.

Exide solar tubular batteries are rechargeable even with very low charging current. The current we produce from solar panels will not be consistent throughout the day, you may notice some up’s and down’s.

In such condition a Solar Battery is capable of recharging with very little current available from solar panels. But a normal inverter battery could not match the solar tubular battery’s ability to recharge with very little current available from solar panels.


Exide solar tubular batteries are not available for online purchase through Exide official website.

These batteries are rare in the small towns and small dealers in metros.

Battery dealers are not aware of the advantages of Solar Tubular Batteries.

Some dealers are fixing their own prices and making it unaffordable for normal people.

Prices should be transparent and need to be published in official website

Batteries should be available at all authorized Exide outlets to meet the demand and to avoid the price hike by creating an artificial demand.

Can I install Exide Solar Tubular Battery with my Normal Inverter/UPS?

Yes, this battery is designed to operate with solar hybrid inverter systems, which charges the battery using both grid power and solar power according to the availability.

Solar batteries are 100% compatible with normal inverters.

If you have plans to add solar panels to your normal inverter in future, it’s better to go for exide solar tubular battery instead of normal batteries.

Exide solar batteries are best partners for Solar hybrid inverters like Sukam Brainy .

Models available

Exide solar tubular battery is available in 11 different models.

Nine models in 12 v range and two models in 6 volt range.

Ah range – 20 ah to 150 ah (12v)

I hope this long article is little bit boring for many, but I could not edit any portion as I feel all the above information is useful for readers who plan for installing solar home ups system in their home or office.

If you have any question regarding this article, feel free to drop a comment, I’m sure I will get back to you within few hours with all possible solutions.

  • Niks

    Great article! Thanks for taking time to write this article. It will be nice if you write a bit more about solar, as now it is becoming popular.

    • admin

      Dear Niks,
      Our next venture is to write series of ‘how to’ type of articles on solar, we are preparing for that right now.

      SOLAR is getting popular all over the world, so we need to maintain quality in our article and we are planning to associate with other technicians to give precise details about setting up a solar inverter system in home and office.

      Our visitors and readers who post comments to encourage us, are the driving force of this blog.

      Thank you!

  • Jiten Modi

    Hi Sir,

    I am planning to buy 850VA pure Sin Wave. But I am confused which company model should I buy (Exide or APC).

    I read about Exide in your website but I was not able to find for APC. So please let me know your views about it.


    • admin

      Dear Jiten Modi,
      We will give 5 stars to APC 850VA pure sine wave inverter and 4 stars to Exide Pure sine wave 850 va inverter, You decide!


      APC pure sine wave 850 VA inverter would cost Rs.5500/-

      APC inverter + Exide IT500 – Best combination!

  • Jaivik

    What will be the approximate price of the 120Ah, 12V solar tubular battery?

  • sivakumar

    sir i am fitted in home solar ups system ,which model is best in home lighting purpose,and it is price details give me please.

  • srikamath

    sir good article. as exide dealer i am suggesting you , please confirm with exide people whether they are giving warranty what they are offering to solar application,for same battery is fitted to inverter . why because same c10 rating another good one battery EL AND EL+ , if fitted to ups and online ups warranty is 48 months and 60 months . so same battery they are not recamanding for inverter application . so please confirm before fitting. thank u

    • admin

      Dear Srikamath,
      Thank you for your comment,

      As far as the warranty is concerned, it applies when the battery is used for solar application, otherwise the dealer himself cut the warranty period to 3 to 4 years while billing the battery.

      As a dealer, you could have good experience with this, we thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  • sanjeev kumar


    • Kumar Kadimisetty


      You should not connect solar panels in a string with such huge variations of power output. The panels will surely get damaged and it will have an impact on the charge controller too.
      Since the inverter is of 24volts type / bus, the 12v 250watt panels have to be connected in series., now the total output power from the panels is of 24volt 250watt. Do not attempt to connect the 80watt panels to this string in any process.
      Most of the time the two batteries connected in a string has to be changed and should of same age and type. In your case its not recommended to connect a a new one with a 2year old one., either the older one will die away fast or affect the new one very rapidly.

  • kunal

    hello sir,
    i had purchaged a exide home ups 650v,and exide mega 88ah battery.
    my querry is ….can i connect one more battery with this inverter for batter and long backup?
    and my second question is how much time required for full charging of this battery?


    Dear admin,

    I am plan to buy Exide solar battery C10 6LMS150L for conventional EB not for solar panels.Because i am buying for better backup as read your above article. I am having KEVIN SB850 sine wave inverter. pl suggest my option is correct or wrong. my usages ( 2Fan,2CFL AND 1LED)

    • Admin

      Dear Srikanth,
      Nothing wrong in choosing C10 battery for normal Home Inverter.

      But the seller will not offer you the long warranty as printed in the battery warranty card.

      Most sellers will limit the warranty to 3 years. They will mention it in the bill itself.

      NO doubt, Exide 6LMS150L is best performer and it will last long for more than 5 years for home inverter application

      Retail Price of Exide C10 6LMS150L – Rs.14500 approx.

  • Admin

    Dear Lokesh,
    Instead of SF sonic inverter, try Exide Original 850 VA Inverter. Price difference is minimal and you will get maximum benefits with Exide inverter.

    Exide Solar Tubular 6LMS120L is a good performer and no need to comment on its durability and longevity.

  • Abhilash Kg Kumaramangalam

    Thanks for your article,very useful information.

  • Admin

    Dear KT,
    Exide Kiran is a Solar Battery for Home use ( with C10 rating).
    This one is not a second grade battery.

    Very soon, We will publish a separate article with all pros and cons of Exide Kiran solar battery.

    To know more info about solar batteries, Read this article
    To understand better about C10 rating, read this following article
    http://upsinverterinfo.com/how-to-solve-low-battery-back-up-problem-in-inverter.html http://upsinverterinfo.com/how-to-solve-low-battery-back-up-problem-in-inverter.html

  • rathan

    Dear admin ,
    i am having 6 solar panels of 125 watts each and 2 kwa microtek inverter 24 v .what is the requirement of battery of what type battery.

  • Utkarsh Agrawal

    Dear Sir,
    What is maximum charging current for solar c10 150Ah battery,
    How many batteries reqd for 5 Kw solar system with 96 V inverter

  • Avinash

    Where do you get Exide 6LMS150L Tubular Solar Battery in Bangalore and at what price? No one seems to stock it. The only ones who ship it into Bangalore are Powerwale, they charge Rs. 17500

  • Varasai Swamiji

    really great analyses. god bless u dear

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