Exide Invertor Plus Batteries Official Online Price List

Exide Invertor Plus – the best-selling semi tubular battery series in India are in great demand throughout the country. But the end users buying this battery often get confused with price difference from one dealer to other dealer. Now, Exide has announced its Official Online Price List of Exide Invertor plus range batteries. No more cheating by fraudulent battery dealers. Here we go with official Price List from exidereachout.com

Note: Please see the updated official Price list (August 2013) for Invertor Plus batteries here

Exide claims that these prices are inclusive of all taxes and there will be no additional charges. Before buying one of the battery listed below, refer the price here and ask for the best price from your dealer. Tell them that you got the prices from upsinverterinfo.com.

Note: These prices are official guideline price from Exidereachout.com, Don’t buy battery for the exact price listed below, store prices will be 10% less than the price listed below. Calculate it for yourself before you go for purchase.  

Hope this will help you in purchasing Invertor plus Exide batteries.



Exide Battery Model Amp Rating Warranty Price (inclusive of all taxes)New battery Price and Old battery Buy back Price
FEI0-IN1350PLUS 135 AH 2 years Rs. 11,610.00 – NewRs.-2,165.00 – Old
FEI0-IN1500PLUS 150 AH 2 years Rs.12,770.00 – NewRs.-2,350.00 – Old
FEI0-IN1650PLUS 165 AH 2 years Rs.17,144.00 – NewRs.-2,585.00 – Old
FEI0-IN1800PLUS 180 AH 2 years Rs.17,895.00 – NewRs. -2,720.00 – Old
FEI0-IN2000PLUS 200 AH 2 years Rs.18,787.00 – NewRs.-2,910.00 – Old
FEI0-IN1000PLUS 100 AH 24 months Rs.9,118.00 – NewRs.-1,630.00  – Old
FEI0-IN880PLUS 88 AH 24 months Rs.7,326.00 – NewRs.-1,445.00 – Old
FEI0-IN800PLUS 80 AH 18 months Rs.7,140.00 – NewRs.-1,360.00 – Old
FEI0-IN650PLUS 65 AH 24 months Rs.6,165.00 – NewRs.-1,105.00 – Old

Exide Inverter Battery Price List 2013 


    interested in one invertor battery IN 1350 plus 135 AH TOWARDS

    • admin

      Dear Reader,
      We are not selling any products here, we are just guiding people to find best inverters and batteries.

  • Bhoori Singh

    Sir, I want to buy one exide iverter battery plus model # 1350. After replace old battery how much u give discount pls, tell us the price.

    Bhoori Singh


    Please suggest me which INVERTER BATTERY I SHALL PURCHASE FOR MY DOMESTIC USE PURPOSE. Pl suggest me the company name and brand of the battery.

  • abdul

    prices mentioned of inverterplus have increased by 5.5% from feb 10-2-2013,please make a note of it.yes of course we offer 11% disc on mrp or 27% in case of exchange ,any requirement for visakhaptnam city,do contact 9966734664

    • admin

      Dear Abdul,
      Thank you for your comment,

      We invite battery and inverter dealers to post their offers in our site, we will publish it for free. The offers should be genuine!

      Thank you!

    • admin

      Prices Listed above are now updated and i am sure this is the current official price list.

  • santosh kumar

    I am purchase luminius inverter 800va, so pls guide me which model or Amp rating batterry suitable for this 800 va invertor

    • admin

      Dear Santhosh,
      For 800 VA battery, we would recommend a 150 ah battery for optimum performance.

  • parveen


    i ahve purchased 150AH exide battery with 850VA invertor on which CEIL is written there is no exide written on the ups. so i want to know is it of exide original

    • admin

      Dear Parween,
      Don’t worry, it’s a Exide Product.

      • karthick

        i also plan to buy same set…can u tell price

  • Pothikai

    Sir please suggest me hw much price 100ah battrie and 850 wats invertor only exide brands

    • arabinda praharaj


      • admin

        Dear Arbinda,
        Your ip says that you are from ORISSA.

        For your information,

        Exide FEI0-IN1000PLUS invertor plus 100 ah – Rs.8200 to 8500/-

        Exide Original 850 va inverter with LCD display – Rs.5500/- (6000 is overPriced)

  • sonny malhotra


    A person known to me has offerd me a tubular on & on battery of 100 ah for Rs. 9500.00 its a local product here. i would like to know how durable it is is the company selling it reliable nd is purchasing it a good deal. i know nothing about batteries. plz give a comrehensive answer as much possible

    • admin

      Dear sonny,
      Both inverter and battery are very sensible electronic gadgets,

      Don’t waste your money on local inverters and batteries.

  • vimalraj


    i would like to purchase 150AH exide battery with 850VA Exide invertor. Can u tell the price ?

    • admin

      Exide invertor plus 150 ah – ₹11500 to 12000/-

      Exide original 850 va inverter – ₹5500/-

  • binodmicky

    sir, How many hours does a 150 Ah
    battery takes to fully charge?

  • Mansi

    Best article, continue your service

  • vikram

    i have microteck 1500 va invertor.pls guide me for which battery, modle, ah & quantity suitable for this. do one battery sufficient for this invertor if yes which model

    • admin

      Dear vikram,
      1500 va inverter should be a 24 v system and you will need two 12v batteries to operate it.

      we recommend Exide invertor plus 135 ah batteries for your inverter.

  • senthil

    very good service Admin…

  • Admin

    Dear ASB,
    We recommend Microtek UPS Sebz 1500 VA pure sine wave inverter.

    Pure sine wave is always safe for all kind of sensitive loads.

    Price Range – Rs.7000 to 7500/-

    1500 VA inverters are 24 V systems, need two batteries to operate.

    Exide 150 ah Invertor Plus is affordable and good performing battery in Exide semi tubular series. It has two years free replacement warranty.
    Price Range – Rs.12,200/-

    Another famous model from Exide with 3 years full warranty is Exide Mega Inva 150 ah and Invasmart 150 ah. Also a semi tubular battery.
    Price Range – Rs.13500/-

    If budget is not a constrain, we recommend Exide Invatubula IT500 (150 ah tall tubular battery) with 3 years full warranty. Best battery of its class – Price range – Rs.15000 to 15500/-

  • Admin

    Dear Prabir,
    If your battery is still performing well, you don’t need to change it, as it is only 22 months old.

    If you feel any drop in battery performance, we would recommend Exide Invertor Plus 88 ah battery which would cost around Rs.6800/-

  • GS

    i am confused between purchasing a microtek inverter or a sinewave microtek ups, what should i choose also what is the diffrence between both of them and what is the price difference between both.
    Also what are the prices of 2.6kva sinewave microtek ups and 1500 sinewave microtek ups. Also what are the prices of 100ah and 150ah exide inverter battery tubular and non tubular both.

    • Admin

      Dear GS,
      Seems like you are not clear about the concept,

      Take time, Read some articles in this site then post your question.

  • Admin

    Dear Saibabu,
    800 to 900 va inverters won’t handle your load preference when you operate all the gadgets simultaneously

    We recommend 1500 VA double battery (24v) inverter for your load preference.

    Exide original 1450 va inverter or sukam shiny 1500 va inverter would serve you better for long term with any problem.

  • Admin

    Dear Sam,
    I see your question like
    ” should i go for Micromax or Nokia?”
    Both Okaya and Exide has its own advantages and disadvantages.

    No doubt that Exide battery’s quality is better than Okaya. But when it comes to Pricing, Okaya is offering 180 ah @ challenging price.

    Choose Exide if it fits your budget.

    Okaya is not that bad as you think!

    Both okaya and Exide are compatible with your Luminous Inverter.

  • Admin

    Dear Balamurugan,
    Read this post to calculate the back-up time of your inverter


  • Admin

    Dear Shankar,
    With your limited budget,

    We would like to recommend

    Exide Invertor Plus 150 ah (or Inva plus new model) – Rs.10000/-
    (2 years full warranty- non tubular deep cycle battery)


    Exide Inva Master 150 ah Tubular battery – Rs.11,000/-
    (30 months replacement warranty)

    Prices in south India may be little higher compared to north.

  • Nalini

    I need to buy inverter. I need five hours of backup using one fan, tube light and 2 desktop systems. Can u tell me which inverter to buy and how many batteries it will need and pls tell me approximately how much it would cost?

    • Admin

      Dear Nalini,
      For 5 hrs backup for 2 desktop systems, we would like to recommend

      Sukam shiny 1450 VA double battery pure sinewave inverter – Rs.5700/- +
      Two Luminous 150 ah tall tubular batteries with 30 months warranty – Rs.10500+10500 = 21000/-

  • Jasmeet

    I have a 500VA inverter that I bought in 2001 and its not a sine wave inverter.Please suggest what Exide battery should I buy that is compatible to inverter.Also if I can get list of authrorized dealers in Noida.

    • Admin

      Dear Jasmeet,
      We recommend the following battery models for your 500 VA

      Exide INVAMASTER 7500 – 135 AH (short tubular battery)
      Exide INVAMASTER 4000T – 115 AH (tall tubular battery)

      (One More suggestion: If possible, better you exchange your inverter for a new 700 VA Inverter, it would cost you only extra 1500 or 2000 rupees, modern day inverters are smart in terms of battery charging and prolong the battery life significantly, Inverters older than 5 years are definitely outdated and they can’t be compared with new inverter)

  • Admin

    Dear Satyam,
    For your load preference and 15k budget , we would

    *Su-Kam shiny* Puresine wave 850 VA inverter – *Rs.4000/-* Online Price. +
    *Exide Tube Master* TM500 Tall tubular with 18 months replacement warranty – *Rs.9500 to 10500*/-

    Sukam shiny 850 VA Inverter is Pure sinewave inverter with 7 years warranty on transformer and 2 years on other internal components.

    It is available for Rs.4500/- in dealer outlets and for Rs.4000/- through Online shopping

    check the price of sukam shiny here http://upsinverterinfo.com/recommends/sukam-shiny-850va-pure-sinewave-inverter ————————————————–

    Exide Tube master TM500 is best companion for sukam shiny.

    Read this post for more on Exide Tube master tall tubular battery
    Hope this helps!

  • Manik Chatterjee

    Manik Chatterjee from Kolkata

    I have purchased Microteck inverter 850VA and Exide Battery 150AH. At present the life of the Inverter and the Battery is 5 years 3 months. At present it found that the back up power is not continue. If the main power cuts the back up power is not activated, and when main power is on the power charger indicator light is not blinking. So, I want to know what is the actual problem, would I change the battery or the inverter is getting faulty. Please advise.

    • Admin

      Dear Manik Chatterjee,
      First you need to check your inverter.

      Call Microtek Toll free number 18002000255 and ask for your nearest service center details. They will guide you further.

  • Shashidhar B Iragar

    i have exide in1500 plus 150 ah Battery and planning to buy

    Microtek UPS SEBz 1100VA Sinewave inverter – is it compatible !

    • Admin

      Yes, it is compatible.

  • Admin

    Dear Asif,
    We recommend Sukam Falcon Plus 1100 inverter + Exide Inva master tall tubular 200 ah battery.

  • Rajesh Lokhande

    I have 1100 va invertor and excide Express MHD 1800 battery, but last few days i am facing charging problem the service engineer says this is a automobile battery and not suitable to invertor, please told me this is true

    • Admin

      Exide MHD 1800 is a heavy duty battery which is compatible to use with inverters.

      Your inverter should be checked and if possible get your battery to nearest exide dealer outlet for ‘bench charge’ . This will solve the problem.

  • Mohammad Ayub

    Iam using exide mhd1500 with APC home UPS since five years. back up is lasting only 30 mins. Power cut is not much in my area. How many months further can i use this battery. Is there any advantage of using a low performing battery ? Is a low performing battery consume more power for charging.please advice what would be the right time to change the battery

  • pralhad shivkar

    i need on fan 2 tube & one tv .so please rec mended which ups 7 Battery to use