Exide Inverter Batteries online Price List 2013–Updated

Exide has increased its online price for all batteries, now it is clearly evident that online price of exide batteries is approximately 10% higher than normal store prices. inverter battery price list exide

Here is the officially announced online price list of Exide Inverter Battery models with all warranty details. we can take it as a guideline price for exide inverter batteries. These price are suitable for all states of India except Maharashtra. Prices for Maharashtra are little bit higher than other states.

Note: Store Prices will be 10% less than online prices listed below. Keep this in mind before you go for purchase.

  • Only semi tubular and automobile battery models are available for online purchase at exide online battery store, still the famous Invatubular model (IT500) and other tubular models are not available for online purchase.
  • Resale value for old Exide batteries are also available in this chart. This is officially announced rebate price for Exide old batteries, so make sure you get proper resale price when you exchange your old battery for new one. No more cheating by battery dealers.

Online Price List of Exide Inverter Battery Models

Exide Invertor Plus (2 year warranty semi tubular)

Exide champion (automobile battery)

Exide MegaInva (3 year warranty semi tubular)

Model AH Rating Price Old battery Rebate price Battery Name Free Of Cost Warranty -Months
FLC0-LC150(IN) 150 AH 9,317.00 INR -2,350.00 INR Little Champ 12
FCP0-CP150(IN) 150 AH 10,621.00 INR -2,350.00 INR Champion 18
 Exide Invertor Plus
FEI0-IN2000PLUS 200 AH 18,787.00 INR -2,910.00 INR Invertor Plus 18
FEI0-IN1800PLUS 180 AH 17,895.00 INR -2,720.00 INR Invertor Plus 18
FEI0-IN1650PLUS 165 AH 17,144.00 INR -2,585.00 INR Invertor Plus 18
FEI0-IN1500PLUS 150 AH 12,770.00 INR -2,350.00 INR Invertor Plus 24
FEI0-IN1350PLUS 135 AH 11,610.00 INR -2,165.00 INR Invertor Plus 24
FEI0-IN1000PLUS 100 AH 9,118.00 INR -1,630.00 INR Invertor Plus 18
FEI0-IN880PLUS 88 AH 7,326.00 INR  -1,445.00 INR Invertor Plus 18
FEI0-IN800PLUS 80 AH  7,140.00 INR  -1,360.00 INR Invertor Plus  18
FEI0-IN650PLUS 65 AH 6,165.00 INR -1,105.00 INR Invertor Plus 18

 ExideMega Inva

FEI0-MEGA1500 150 AH 14,228.00 INR -2,350.00 INR Mega Inva 36
FEI0-MEGA880 88 AH 9,270.00 INR -1,445.00 INR Mega Inva 36
FEI0-MEGA1000 100 AH 10,121.00 INR -1,630.00 INR Mega Inva 36


  • pradip

    Dear Admin,

    I have SUKAM’s HOME UPS 800 PURE SINE WAVE Inverter and exide battery which needs replacing. I am thinking to buy a
    Exide Inva tubular IT 400 OR 500 OR 600. Is that ok with my inverter or else ? And what is best prices to buy those above batteries in Gujarat (navsari) ?

    Please reply asap.



    • admin

      Dear Pradeep,
      Do you have power cuts in Gujarat? Let me know how many hours.

      IT400 and IT500 both will perform well with your inverter, IT500 would be priced around Rs13,500 and IT400 would cost around Rs.12,200/-

      • pradip

        Dear Admin,

        There is hardly power cut in Gujarat. And if it goes it will come back quickly. Thanks to our CM and future would be PM.

        But there is fix once (Monday where I live) in a week power cut for maintenance. It may take 5 to 6 hours sometime to come back depending on work.

        But due to my work commitment i can’t afford even couple of hours. That is why i am looking for good back up.

        For IT 500-13,500/- and less 2500/- for old one, so 11,000/- end price i have to pay around, right. Is this price with all taxes.

        Please reply asap.


        Pradip Mistry.

  • rohan

    Sir,I want to buy a inverter and battery for my home use.My reguirement is 10 Cfl,1 Tv set,1 buffer and 1-2 fans for some time only for 15-20 minutes ,otherwise I will use DC fans at night or in day.I tell you in my locality power cut is very high(rular area).light is available in my village is 5-6 hour,but not regular.I will also take solar plates of 125 watt(8-9 amp. Charging).please suggest me battery Ah and inverter VA for my use according to my need.please reply as soon as possible

  • Sreenath

    I bought an Microtek SW E2 1025AH Inverter and AMARON CRTT 150AH Tall Tubular Battery is this good combination or i have to look for something else.Please tell me.Thank You

    • Sreenath

      Its Microtek SW E2 1025VA

    • admin

      Dear Sreenath,
      The combination works well, don’t worry!

  • Gaurav

    I want to buy an inverter… approx load is 4 CFLs+ 2 fans + 2 TVs + 2 Tube lights. I am thinking of buying a microtek 850 VA Sine wave inverter with Exide Mega 150 AH battery. Plz suggest…

    • admin

      Dear Gaurav,
      Your selection is good enough to handle your load preference, we too recommend the same combination. Go for it!

      • Gaurav


  • Raju

    Hi Admin,

    First of all, thank you very much for your valuable information and suggestions.
    Could you please help me with the below query?
    which is better of microtek SEBz 850VA, Microtek SWE2 875 VA and the approx cost of each?


    • admin

      Dear Raju,
      Both inverters perform well, but when it comes to reliability, we prefer UPS SEBz850VA.

      UPS SEBz850va – Rs.5000
      SWe2 875 VA – Rs.5300

  • praveen


    i have microtec 600EB inverter ,i am in(Tamilnadu)were the power cut around 11 to 14 hours ,i am using around 2 to 3 fans at 1CFL light,Can you tell me what type of battery or should i change my inverter please give me the combination

    • admin

      Dear Praveen,
      We recommend 135 ah Exide Invertor Plus model Semiltubular Battery (Rs,10000) for your 600 va square wave inverter. This combination will give you optimum result.

      For power cuts more than 13 hrs per day , it is really hard to get the battery fully charged, so you have to limit your usage or you could buy solar hybrid inverter with at-least 240 watts panel and 100 ah c10 rating solar battery.

  • Abhinab

    Hi Thansk for the usefull information you guys are providing. I have a powercut of 3-4 hrs per day but in two phases 2hrs or so in a gap of 4hrs. The dealer has suggested sukam 850 with an exide 88 battery for my needs of two fans two tubelights and a TV+ one more three pin output. Is the combination suitable and its total price is around 13K is it right. I am in Hyderabad.

    • admin

      Dear, Abhinab,
      We recommend sukam shiny 850 va Inverter and Exide 88ah ‘Invertor Plus’ model battery.

      Sukam shiny 850va – Rs.5500/-
      Exide 88ah invertor plus battery – Rs.6300/-

      Installation – Rs.1000/-

      Total – 12,800/-

      (confirm the inverter model with your dealer, we recommend Pure sine wave inverter)

  • Selva kumar

    Hai friend,

    I m selva kumar from tamil nadu, now in our village power cut is more than 15 hours.

    So, Please suggest the correct battery and Invertor for my below requirement.

    Fan – 3 Nos
    CFL Light – 3 Nos
    Fluorescent lamp – 4 nos
    TV – 1 no

    Also, please suggest the Battery and Invertor Make and model.

    I expect your quick reply please…

    • admin

      Dear Selva Kumar,
      WE recommend the following configuration for your load requirement and maximum backup

      Microtek sine wave model UPS SEBz 850 VA Inverter – Rs.5000 to 5500/-

      Exide 150 ah invertor plus model (2years full warranty) – Rs.11200/-

      (Avoid using CRT TV above 15 inches for long duration with inverter)

  • Girish

    Hello Admin,

    Looking at your feedback, i am planning to go for this combination,

    Microtek sine wave model UPS SEBz 850 VA Inverter – Rs.5000 to 5500/-

    Exide 150 ah invertor plus model (2years full warranty) – Rs.11200/-

    Please advice.

    • admin

      Dear Girish,
      Your selection is good,

      If you choose Exide Mega Inva , you could get extra one year battery life.

      Invertor Plus also serves good – life expectancy 3.5 years.

  • Girish

    Do you suggest having trolley is best or having trolley is waste of money?

    • admin

      Trolley is waste of money if you have any space constraints.

  • Girish

    Hello Admin,

    My budget is 15000. Can I go for APC Sinewave UPS and Exide tubular battery. Could you please share APC UPS price.


    • admin

      Dear Girish,
      APC BI850SINE model costs Rs.5500, it is one of best pure sine wave inverter in 850 va range in market.

      We recommend Exide Mega Inva 150 ah battery

      It’s not a tubular battery, but it has 3 years full replacement like a tubular battery.

      Life expectancy 4 years, out performs most tubular models in market.

      Value for money!

  • Ganesh

    Hi admin,

    I bought apc bi850 sin wave inverter and apc 150 ah @c20 rating

    I got confused in c10 and c20 ratings,kindly explain the difference
    And let me know my configuration is good

    • admin

      Dear Ganesh,
      Don’t worry, you got a good combination.

      All inverter batteries in market are c20.

      C10 batteries are normally used for online Ups and Solar inverters.

  • murthy perumalla

    i am having a 625 microtek invertorm with exide inva safe 400 smf battery. now the battery is not working and the technician informed there is a need to change battery immediately. it has completed 24 months life. suggest best battery for my invertor.

    • admin

      Dear Muthy perumalla,
      Exide Inva safe 400 is a 100 ah battery,
      If you want to replace it with same ah rating, we would recommend

      Exide Mega Inva 100 ah with 3 years full replacement warranty and 4 years Life expectancy

      For 625 va inverter, we would recommend the following model too

      Exide Invertor Plus 135 ah model battery with 2 years full replacement warranty


      You could get Rs.1200 for your old battery.