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I am from andhra pradesh. I would like to buy an inverter. Load is

3 fans
3 tube lights
1 tv or 1 computer

I zeroed in on Sukam inverter 850 VA (Shiny series) or Luminous inverter 875 VA.

I have contacted the dealers. They have quoted the following prices:

Sukam 850VA(Shiny or falcon) + Sukam battery (100 AH) + installation —> 13,000 rupees

Luminous 875 VA + Luminous battery (100 AH) + installation –>
13,000 rupees.

Dealer has suggested luminous is better compared to sukam as it has
1. MCB technology i.e the fuse gets switch off during overload. While sukam has fuse which may burns out during overload

2. Luminous 120 AH battery is of tubular technology and it is more reliable. With luminous 120 AH battery he quoted the total price (inverter + battery + installation) as 14000 rupees.

Also service wise they are both same.

I have the following doubts:

1. Is sukam batteries are reliable. I found in internet they are not so reliable and doesnt have good battery life

Can you please suggest. I was very confused which ones to take. Can you please reply me soon. Its urgent for me. Thanks in advance.

Finally I thought of going to Exide invatubular IT 500 battery. But for inverter may i know which one to take.

Is it

1. Sukam 850VA(Shiny or falcon or smiley etc)

2. Luminous inverter 875 VA

or Is there any other inverter brand good compared to both of them.
Can you please suggest. I am totally confused

– Rohit


Dear Rohit,

Microtek, Sukam, Luminous, APC – all these companies make best inverters, but their batteries are not in standard to compete with Exide Inverter Batteries. So, as for now, choosing Exide IT500 or IT500i would be the best choice for you.

As I already said, all the four companies I have listed above are the best brands to choose. Microtek inverters are widely available and has good service network. Buy Pure sine wave inverters only.

Thank you.


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