Sukam Smiley 850 VA Inverter – Pros and cons

Sukam smiley is an innovative inverter from the leading home inverter manufacturer in India.

I know that you would ask me, Smiley is one another inverter in the market, what is special about it?

Yes, smiley inverter has something special in it. Especially for tech savvy persons, who want to know what is happening inside their inverter? And who want to control their inverter’s functionality by connecting their laptop wirelessly to inverter.

Sukam smiley 850 va pure sine wave inverter comes with all these dream features.

Aesthetic Design

When I first looked at the inverter, I was so impressed with the aesthetic design of sukam smiley inverter. You can place this inverter in your living room and showcase it to your relatives and friends who visits your house. Believe me, the outlook of sukam smiley is so aesthetic and adorable.


Inbuilt software

This inverter has inbuilt software which enables the functionality to connect the UPS using wireless technology with Laptop and control the energy usage pattern of inverter during high load and zero load situations. This saves battery charge and makes our user experience even better.

Is this a Cheap Plastic Body or Polycarbonate plastic body?

Most people would ask something like this and they have questions about the safety and versatility of the outer body structure of ‘smiley’ inverter and its battery trolley.

Of course it is made up of plastic, but not that cheap plastic you are thinking of.

Outer body of Smiley inverter is made up of a special material called Polycarbonate Plastic.

Polycarbonate plastic is a versatile and very strong material which is used in bullet proof car windows.

Polycarbonate plastic is way expensive than sheet metal

Polycarbonate Plastic body of Sukam Smiley inverter is ‘FIRE PROOF’ and it won’t catch fire even if you spray fire on it.

Fire Retardant – withstand up to 250 degree Celsius

No chance for Electric Shock –‘Shock Proof’ material

So, Sukam smiley inverter is very safe inverter and always a choice of people who concern about safety.

Best suitable inverter for family with small children and kids

More features of Smiley Inverter

Sukam Smiley 850 va inverter is a 12 v single battery (150 ah) inverter. Battery, Inverter and Screw less Trolley comes as a package.

Sukam claims that smiley 850 va inverter’s output is Pure sine wave and saves 40% current compared to square wave inverter. (Not yet confirmed. We will check this in our lab and post the update soon)

All-in-One LCD display

Sukam Smiley is equipped with a multi information LCD display which show every single piece of information like

Battery charge time

System status

Output load %

Battery charge level indicators

Video Alarms and much more


Reasonable Price

Sukam smiley 850 va pure sine wav e inverter comes as a package of


This package cost around Rs.19500 to 21,000/-

Some dealers may over quote during summer.

Sukam – Long Warranty (7 Years)

Sukam is always generous in offering long warranty for its Home Ups systems.

Sukam offers 7 years warranty for transformers in ‘Smiley’ 850 va inverter

But only 2 years warranty for Sukam Smiley LA Battery (normal Lead Acid battery)

Sukam Smiley 850 VA Inverter – CONS

We didn’t find any major flaws in performance of this inverter.

This model is not widely available like sukam ‘Shiny’ model; we expect the company to push this model in the market with little more effort.

Sukam smiley comes as a package and the battery in this package is not a tubular battery, it is normal sukam LA (lead acid) battery. It would last for 2 to 3 years maximum.

This package would be more valuable if sukam offers Tubular battery with 5 years life expectancy.

Drop your comments on this, share your experience with this model and share the price details to our readers, it would be very helpful for other readers to decide on this. Thank you!


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