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Dear admin;
I have a luminous inverter which was provided with the sf sonic(which the dealer told me was a variant of exide) battery three years ago!
for the first two years battery had an excellent backup with three fans + 3 tube lights and sometimes Color TV working for 2-3 hours continuously but now in third year the battery backup is limited to one fan for one hour only!

firstly i would like to ask do i have to replace the battery or the inverter?

If it is battery, then whether i should go for luminous tall tubular or exide tubular or the exide mega 1500?

Requirements :- 150mah as told by many dealers i visited!
need long back up and long life
price range upto 12000.



Dear Pulkit,
It’s time to change the battery.

We recommend Exide Mega 150 Ah for you. Exide mega has 3 years full warranty.

No need to change your inverter.

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