Price Estimation–Exide Battery + Microtek inverter


I am planning to install an inverter in my home.

i received an estimate from a local dealer

its an 800v godrej inverter with enron 150 ah tubular battery( they say enron is a bangalore based company, offering 3yr onsite replacement guarantee)

as per the estimate the cost of the unit (ie. inverter + battery+installation charges) is rs19000/-

they assured me that the batteries can comfortably last for 5yrs if maintained properly. they also said that enron 150 ah batteries are full tubular unlike semi tubular batteries offered by exide, amaron etc…for the same price.

when inquired they said that the exide full tubular batteries are expensive and can cost rs22000/- plus.

is this is a good deal? kindly reply

– Afzal


Dear Afzal,

It’s a bad deal. Keep away from such a dealers.

You are not from small town, you are from Bangalore and have many more option, then why stick with this overpriced dealer.

Batteries new to market are not reliable, do not trust them even they claim their batteries are fully tubular. Their quality don’t even match with Exide semi tubular batteries. Buying such batteries are just like a suicide.

I don’t have anything to comment on Godrej inverter, but we recommend top selling inverters like Microtek, Sukam and Luminous. NO price difference in buying any one of this inverter.

We strongly recommend to go for Exide Batteries. Exide semi tubulars lasts long for 3 to 3.5 years, they have 2 years warranty.

Small Estimation

Microtek inverter 850 VA pure sine wave ‘UPS EBz’ Price @ Bangalore – Rs.4900/-

Exide 150 AH semitubular “invertor Plus” battery price @ Bangalore – Rs.10000/-

Wiring and installation charges – Rs.1200/-

Total – Rs.16100/-

Hope this will help you.

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