Okaya Tall Tubular Inverter Battery Models-Prices

Okaya is a cost effective solution for inverter batteries for Home and Office.

The company has introduced wide range of models in its Tall tubular inverter battery series.

Okaya Tall tubular batteries are now available in

150 ah &

160 ah

Why 150 AH?

Okaya Tall tubular has 5 models in 150 ah range and only one model in 160 ah.

150 ah is always the most preferred one, hence okaya has launched 5 tall tubular models in 150 ah range itself with different warranty period options.

Consumers could choose the right model that suits their budget and load preference.

Okaya Tall tubular battery

Features of Okaya Tall Tubular

Built with ‘Hadi Tubular Technology’, which is very versatile technology in tubular battery manufacturing.

Ceramic Vent Plugs and water level indicators filter out unhealthy fumes from battery while charging.

Low antimony content – very low self-discharge

Battery cycle life – 1200 cycles (as claimed by the company), which is equal to all top models in the market.

Okaya – 150 AH Tall tubular Models available in Market – with Price details

Model AH Range Warranty Colour Approx. Price
HT 7048 150 ah 36 months full replacement+ 12 months prorata Blue Rs.12,800/-
HT 6048 150ah 30 + 18 Blue Rs.12,000/-
HT 6036 150 ah 18+ 18 Blue Rs.9800/-
TT 5024 150 ah 24 + 24 Blue & Black Rs.11000/-
TT 5030 150 ah 30 + 18 Blue & Black Rs.12,000/-
TT 6024 160 ah 24 + 24 Black Rs.12,200/-

Understand the Warranty

You might have found difficult to understand the warranty details given above, here is a simple explanation about it.

30 + 18 months warranty means

30 months free of cost full replacement warranty


18 months Prorata warranty

If your battery fails under free replacement warranty period, you will get brand new battery as replacement.

Prorata warranty is just a discount on new battery purchase.

If your battery fails under prorate warranty period, you won’t get replacement or repair service, they just offer some discount on your new battery purchase.

Discount depends on the time when you apply for claim.

Discount would be something like 12 to 25 % approximately.

Some models are missing?

Okaya has discontinued some models, so we didn’t include those models in this list.

Different Look and color

Okaya is changing the outlook of its batteries periodically to improve the battery appearance.

okaya propower So don’t get confused when you see Okaya tall tubular with different outlook compared to the pictures published here.




Okaya – Propower – Tall tubular batteries

Okaya – TT5030

Okaya – TT5024

Above two models are available in both Blue and Black color.

The black color model is named as Okaya – ProPower

160 ah model TT 6024 is available only in Black Color, than means Okaya Propower.

NO confusion – blue, black or any other new color, all are same, just see the model number before purchase.

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